How do you think about Live chat support of Webhost4life?



How’s Webhost4life live chat support team?

If you’re a client with Webhost4life already, I believe you’ve contacted with their live chat support online. How do you feel with their support? Comparing with other hosting companies, I think Webhost4life live chat support can be the best support team. I’ve tried to contact with their live chat support team several times and their response made me impressed. They can deliver the answers I need in the shortest time, there’s no any other web hosting companies can compare with their support team.

If you’d like to add live chat service onto your personal website, you can contact with their support team to add the live chat script for you, it should incur $5.00 per month to install the live chat script.

For the new clients, if you’re not sure which hosting package can be satisfied with your requirements, you can contact with their live chat support team to inquire about the requirements of your website and they’ll deliver the best web hosting solution to you.

Webhost4life new live chat support team real sucks:

Compared with the old live chat support team, the new live chat support team seems to be idiot. Why there are so many big differences? As you see, Webhost4life was sold out and their management team is already changed, but they still offer 2 groups of the support team. If you’ve tried to contact with their new support team, you’ll be able to find they’re having a big difference with the old support. The new support team knows nothing, but just want to find excused to put you off.

Do you still recommend Webhost4life to the web master?

Honestly speaking, I don’t recommend Webhost4life to the new web masters any more, since their management team has been changed and everything was changed. Webhost4life was a very good Windows & Linux web hosting before they sold out, now there are too many complaints about their web hosting service, then I cannot continue to recommend their web hosting service any more.

Is there any other web hosting companies which you can recommend?

Yes. I’ve reviewed dozens of web hosting companies and here I’d like to recommend 2 web hosts for you to check – Arvixe & HostGator!

  • Arvixe Inc. is one of most reliable ASP.NET hosting in the industry. The company started business since 2003 and till present, they’re already serving more than 800,000 websites with over 300,000 separated customers world-wide. Arvixe is an affordable web hosting service provider, their windows hosting starts from $4.00 per month and you can get unlimited disk space, unlimited monthly bandwidth, unlimited MsSQL databases.. Arvixe is definitely your best ASP.NET hosting option.
  • HostGator is one of the fastest growing web hosting in the planet! HostGator started business since 2002 and till present, they’re already hosting more than 3 million websites on their servers. If you’re looking for a reliable Linux web hosting, HostGator can be your first web hosting option.


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