Best WebMatrix Hosting Solutions Under $5.00 a Month

Best WebMatrix Hosting Solutions Under $5.00 a Month

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What’s WebMatrix?

WebMatrix is a free, intuitive, flexible and all in whole web development for Microsoft Windows Servers, and fully supports for ASP.NET, MVC, PHP 5.X, JavaScript and HTML5.

If this is your first time to hear WebMatrix, then let’s bring you a short introduction of its history. WebMatrix was first released in 2003, but the product was discontinued due to it was not accepted by the market. Until 2011, in order to support huge amounts of open source CMS applications, also to find a convenient web development for ASP.NET and PHP web pages, WebMatrix began to reborn. Now WebMatrix has become one of the most popular web deployments for web developers world-wide.

Who’s the best WebMatrix hosting?

If you don’t know which web host could be the most affordable and reliable for WebMatrix, here we’d like to recommend the 2 of best ASP.NET hosting companies to you – Arvixe web solutions and DiscountASP.NET. Why we choose the 2 hosting companies? The reason is super simple, both of them have done excellent jobs in their areas.

DiscountASP.NET is one of the top ASP.NET hosting company for many years. DiscountASP.NET launched business since 2002 and now they’ve become one of the best Windows hosting provider in the industry. DiscountASP.NET has a team of years of experience in-depth of handling ASP.NET hosting service, whatever you need for a .Net website, you may find DiscountASP.NET is always able to meet with your needs. DiscountASP.NET offers only one single and powerful Windows hosting plan and the price starts from $10.00/month, if you sign up directly from their site, their regular hosting price is $10.00/month and if you sign up via our site, you just need to cost $5.00/month for the first year. Please aware this special promotion is available for our site readers only.

Arvixe INC. is the other most reliable ASP.NET hosting company for Microsoft WebMatrix. Arvixe’s growing speed is real amazing in the past years, especially in recent 2 and 3 years. In 2011, Arvixe was awarded by Inc. Magazine as the 209th fastest growing private company in U.S. for over a 3 year total growth more than 1487% (2007-2010). Why Arvixe can grow so fast in the past years, the reason is real easy to understand, since they understand what are the needs of their clients and they can offer most reliable server performance and efficient customer support compared to other competitors. Arvixe’s cheapest WebMatrix hosting price starts from $5.00/month and you can use the coupon code we provide to save up to 30% discount for the first payment, it means you just need to cost $3.50/month to have a WebMatrix hosting account.

Best WebMatrix Hosting – 2015:

DiscountASP.NET WebMatrix
rating 5.0 of 5
#1 WebMatrix Hosting
Hosting Plan:

Special Price: $5.00/Month
12 Months: $10.00/Month
24 Months: $10.00/Month

Ticket Support:




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Arvixe WebMatrix
rating 5.0 of 5
#2 WebMatrix Hosting
Hosting Plan:

6 Months: $7.00/Month
12 Months: $6.00/Month
24 Months: $5.00/Month

Arvixe Support:

Phone: 1-888-927-8493

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WebMatrix Hosting Resources:

How to install WordPress in Windows with WebMatrix?

More and more blog sites would like to use WordPress as their first web application and here we’d like to give you a brief introduction about how to use WebMatrix to install WordPress.

1st, you’ve to install Web Platform Installer. You can visit and click “Download Now” to install the application to your local computer.
2nd, you’ve to install WebMatrix via Web Platform Installer.
3rd, you can install WordPress once you to run WebMatrix on your local computer.
4th, you can configure your WordPress site. Now WordPress is already run on your pc, it will ask you to name your blog and give your email address, and then it’ll give you a randomly generated password for the admin account.
5th, Congratulations! The WordPress is already installed on your local computer, you even don’t need to have a web hosting account, domain name to run your WordPress site locally. Once you’ve updated your WordPress site locally, you just need to click “Publish” button on WebMatrix to upload the files by FTP transfer.

Why choose DiscountASP.NET for WebMatrix Hosting?

DiscountASP.NET is the Golden Partner of Microsoft and they’re always ranked as No.1 ASP.NET hosting provider by many web hosting reviews sites. They’re also the first Windows hosting company who can support WebMatrix on their server platform. DiscountASP.NET is always 100% focusing on the hosting needs of .Net developers and committed to ASP.NET Hosting Innovation. DiscountASP.NET continually breaks new ground as a technologically innovative marketing leader to meet the needs of the .Net developer community.

DiscountASP.NET is always the 1st ASP.NET hosting provider to launch the newest Microsoft technologies in the industry. They’re the 1st company to launch SQL 2012 hosting, WebMatrix hosting, TFS hosting, ASP.NET 4.5 hosting, ASP.NET MVC 4.0 Hosting, IIS 7.5 hosting, etc.

DiscountASP.NET is an Award-Winning ASP.NET Hosting company receives numerous awards from popular Magazine or top web hosting reviews sites. If you’ve done a bit more research about this company, you can find there are few negative comments about their hosting service on the internet, it means they’re a top rating hosting company that is worth for you to give it a try.


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