Which web hosting type is suited for you?

Which web hosting type is suited for you?

Web Hosting Types

Which web hosting Type is Suit for You?

There are many different kinds of web hosting, which one is suit for you?

For a new starter, that’s real hard to choose a good and correct web hosting. Welcome to visit our web hosting review website and after reading this article, I wish it can bring some useful information to you.

Regularly, There are 3 kinds of Web Hosting Types!

Shared hosting, VPS hosting and Dedicated Server.

Of course, for the dedicated hosting, you can install anything with your website requirements, but it should cost much more money. For the Shared web hosting & VPS hosting, some of the applications cannot be run, so choosing a good web hosting service provider that’s real important.

Before signing up a new web hosting account, it’s better to contact with the hosting company to check whether they can support the features with your website requirements. Although most of the hosting companies have the money back guarantee, if you have chosen a wrong hosting server, which could lose a lot of your time.

Shared Web hosting

If you want to start small and build your site or you have limited experience with managing a web hosting account, please choose Shared web hosting.

Shared web hosting can be satisfied by most of the websites requirements. Please don’t trust with those hosting companies announced offering unlimited Disk space & bandwidth, because the web hosting companies know most of the websites doesn’t need to take much bandwidth and storage, they can announce to offer unlimited bandwidth & traffic to attract your eyes. If you’ve used lots of traffic, they’ll force you upgrade to higher hosting packages. Whatever, you cannot say they’re cheating, but only one advertisement.

The shared web hosting price starts from $3 to $30 one month, if higher than $30, you may consider to move to a new web host.

VPS Hosting

For the VPS, the performance will be better than the share hosting, since the hosting server will be divided into several virtual directories and every hosting account can share its own resources. As usual, there are 4 to 10 users on one VPS server, if there are more than 20 users on a VPS  web server, you can consider to move to another company.

The VPS hosting price usually starts from $30 to $150 one month. If higher than $150, you can consider to move to a new web hosting company, since $150 can purchase a whole independent dedicated server.

Dedicated Server

The dedicated server hosting can have best server performance definitely, since only one user on the server and there’s no any other else can affect with your websites. What kind of website requires to be run on the dedicated server? The website have large traffic or the website application needs much server resource and those websites need to have best hosting server performance.

Okay, one of the most important for you to choose a web hosting that’s the hosting price cannot be over your budget!

After reading this article I wish it could be helpful for you to choose a Good web hosting! If you’re not sure which one is good, check our TOP 10 web hosting list!

Good Luck!


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