Windows Versus UNIX

Windows Versus UNIX

Windows Vs Unix

Posted by Alex Corcoran

Not everyone who is looking for a web host is looking for the company to hold their hand through the technical side of things.

For a great many website owners, the decision is not left to web hosting reviews like it would be for others but instead down to a battle between rival operating systems UNIX and Windows.

The operating system, of course, is the software that allows the computer to function and manage all of the other hardware and software that is installed on it.

Most of the web servers in the world today run on one of the many variants of UNIX. The UNIX operating system, originally developed by universities for servers and networking, has seen many different versions written by programmers around the world under the open-source protocol.

Linux and BSD are the most popular forms of UNIX and come in many varieties, such as Red Hat Linux, Debian, SuSE, and FreeBSD. Most of these different versions (and much of the software that runs on them) can be obtained for free, which makes UNIX hosting cheaper for a traditional or WordPress hosts than other operating systems and allows them to offer lower prices.

UNIX hosting platforms are generally considered to be stable, secure, powerful and fast. Most web programming applications can be performed by software that is available for a UNIX platform.

Microsoft has developed its own operating system for servers as a special version of its Windows operating system, Windows Server 2003.

It is a commercial product which requires the operator to purchase a license, which increases the cost of operation for the web host and usually results in higher hosting prices.

Windows is designed to be user friendly, but it is generally considered to be less powerful and secure than UNIX for operating in a network environment. ASP, ASP.NET, and ColdFusion are scripting languages which will only run on a Windows server, as will the Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access database programs. These are popular for certain web programming applications, and if you are planning on using them to build your website, you will need to find a Windows host.

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