Winhost Vs Webhost4life Vs Arvixe

Winhost Vs Webhost4life Vs Arvixe

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Winhost Vs Webhost4life Vs Arvixe Vs Vs.


Arvixe LLC. offer Windows & Linux web hosting service and it’s been one of the fastest growing web hosting company in the industry. Arvixe windows web hosting starts from $5.00 per month and you can receive unlimited disk space and unlimited monthly bandwidth. Arvixe offers shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated servers for different levels of customers need.

Winhost offers easy to use Windows ASP.NET Hosting services. Starting at a mere $4.95 per month, WinHost provides Microsoft Windows developers all the features they need for their ASP.NET applications.

Webhost4life is one of the fastest growing web hosting providers in the market. Webhost4life provide the latest hosting technology and services that meet your business needs whether you are a small, medium or large-sized business.

Hosting Features:

Features Arvixe Inc. Webhost4life WinHost
Price $5.00 $4.95 $4.95
Disk Space Unlimited 10GB 2000 MB
Monthly Data Transfer Unlimited Unlimited 50 GB
MS SQL 2008 Unlimited 2000 MB 100 MB

Okay, from the features comparison, we can easily find Arvixe web solution offers much more disk space than Webhost4life & WinHost web hosting companies. Webhost4life can offer much more disk space and SQL space than Winhost web solution.

Hosting Support:

Arvixe & Webhost4life offer 24/7 live chat, phone & ticket support. Winhost only offers 24/7 Email support. With my truly experience, Arvixe Inc. support team are real professional and faster than the other companies. I’ve tried to contact with their Live Chat support team and their response are so fast and professional which made me impressed.

Control Panel:

Interesting, both of the web hosting providers don’t use cPanel control panel. They’re using their own control panels.

Hosting Awards:

Arvixe web solution started business since 2003 and it has become one of the most popular windows web hosting in the industry, more and more web master would like to host their ASP.NET websites with them. Arvixe LLC. offers 60 days money back guarantee and monthly payment web hosting, you can feel no worry to host your websites on their servers.

Winhost is a new but fast growing windows web hosting company, in Nov 2009, it was selected to be the most popular .net web hosting by

Webhost4life started business since 1999. With 10 years developing, now Webhost4life has become one of the most famous web hosting in the market. And In 2007 & 2008, webhost4life is proudly to be selected as one of the top 5000 fastest growing private companies in America by INC. Magazine.


Compared from their customers feed back, almost all of the Arvixe customers are satisfied with their web hosting service. Honestly speaking, Arvixe web hosting can be your best choice for Windows or Linux platform. Webhost4life was a good web hosting before they sold out, now Webhost4life is not recommended to the new web masters any more. Whatever, Winhost is also good .Net web hosting but they’re still new and their hosting features are too restricted, so winhost is only suited for the new webmasters who don’t need too much disk space and bandwidth. Personally recommend Arvixe web solution as your first web hosting providers.

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  1. More disk space and bandwidth probably just means they over sell their servers. If they are offering unlimited data transfer then they are either: 1. Lying, 2. Not profitable, 3. Affecting other customers on the same server. I’d rather have a bandwidth cap.

  2. Hosting at are impossible to “go down” or “over sold” or “over loaded”.

    They have load-balancers and 100s of computers. If 1,2,5,10 go down… it’s no problem. Everything continues to work with the other computers.

  3. Our specs are out of date. For our $4.95/mo hosting plan (i.e. the WinHost Basic plan), we have raised the limit of disk space to 2gb and the MS SQL 2008 SQL disk space is now 200mb.

    With regards to disk space and bandwidth, end users should know, there is NO SUCH THING as unlimited disk space and/or bandwidth in a shared hosting environment. If there was, then there would be no need for dedicated servers or cloud hosting. Statistically, most sites do not use lots of disk space and bandwidth. Due to the disconnect between marketing and reality, hosts that offer large amounts of disk space/bandwidth tend to “oversell” their servers. That is, if all sites use all the resources given, then the server would not be able to handle it. Hosts that oversell are betting that all the sites on their servers will not use the full amount of disk space and bandwidth that they offer.

    Customers should also read the fine print of a hosts terms and conditions that allow the host to terminate services for any customer that uses excessive resources. Rememeber, hosting is a business so if a site is using up lots of server resources that ultimately cost the host money, the host needs a way to cancel the account. This is why, hosts that oversell add these types of clauses into their terms and agreement.

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