WordPress Hosting Comparison – Arvixe, GoDaddy, Simplehelix and Bluehost

WordPress Hosting Comparison – Arvixe, GoDaddy, Simplehelix and Bluehost

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Wordpress Hosting

WordPress Hosting – Arvixe, GoDaddy, Simplehelix and Bluehost


If you’re not sure who can be the best web hosting solutions for WordPress, now I’d like to compare several most famous WordPress hosting service providers. If you’re interested in, welcome to read below and follow me on Twitter. Thank you!

WordPress Hosting Comparison:

For quite a while now, I’ve been working with Arvixe web solutions for more than 3 years and I always promote Arvixe as first web hosting recommendation on our website. You may ask why we recommend Arvixe as your first wordpress hosting, the reason is simple, they’re simply the best web hosting on the internet currently. If you’re planning to setup a new wordpress website or planning to move to a new hosting provider, then Arvixe is real your best choice. In the past 3 years, I’ve referred hundreds of users to Arvixe web solutions and I’ve received many feedbacks from those and here I’d like to list some of feedbacks randomly:

“I made website move last week. Everything W.H.4.L.R says is accurate! So far my experience with Arvixe web solutions has been awesome!” – Lisa Ted

“Hi there,
I moved to Arvixe for my WordPress hosting needs based on your recommendation.. To say I’ve been impressed is an understatement.” – By Paul Wendy

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Arvixe WordPress Hosting:

If you choose to host your wordpres blog website with Arvixe web hosting company, I think that’s a clever choice. Compared from our visitors feedback and independent reviews about the web hosting in the past years, Arvixe web solutions is proudly to be the No.1 web hosting on our top 10 web hosting lists. Arvixe can receive the highest satisfaction rating and their wordpress hosting plan is super affordable. The cheapest Arvixe wordpress hosting plan starts from $4.00 per month and you can use the coupon code I provide to save 20% cost. If you’re not sure who can be the best wordpress hosting option, then I recommend you can choose Arvixe web solutions as your first choice.

GoDaddy WordPress Hosting:

GoDaddy is definitely the largest domain registrar in the planet, but if you want to choose GoDaddy as your wordpress hosting service provider, I don’t think they’re a good choice. Why? Since we have many complaints about GoDaddy web hosting performance is too slowly and their customer support team seems to be not existed. If you want to register a new domain name, GoDaddy will be a very good choice, but if you want to choose a wordpress hosting provider, then GoDaddy is not a clever choice.

Simplehelix WordPress Hosting:

SimpleHelex is focused on the magento hosting provider and their web hosting prices are always much more expensive then the other hosting companies. The cheapest web hosting plan of SimpleHelix starts from $20 per month, if you’d like to choose an affordable wordpress hosting provider, SimpleHelix is not a good choice.

Bluehost WordPress Hosting:

Bluehost is another most famous Linux web hosting company in the industry. If you’re looking for a reliable wordpress hosting provider, Bluehost is also a very good choice. Bluehost started business since 1996 and till present, they’re already hosting more than 1 million websites on their servers. Bluehost is the same owner with another very famous web hosting company – HostMonster, you may find most of their web hosting features are very similar the same. The 2 web hosting companies both provide one single powerful shared hosting plan only, but HostMonster is a bit cheaper than Bluehost.

One of the weakest point of Bluehost is they only allow the customers upload 50,000 files max on one web hosting account. If your wordpress website files are over 50,000 in total, you have to delete the extra files or move to another web hosting company.

Arvixe Vs SimpleHelix Vs GoDaddy Vs Bluehost – Who can be the best WordPress Hosting?

After reading the simple wordpress hosting comparison article, I think you should have received the result. Personally recommend Arvixe web solutions as your first WordPress hosting choice. Arvixe wordpress hosting includes Unlimited disk space, Unlimited monthly data transfer and multiple websites hosted.. And Arvixe offers 60 days long time money back guarantee. If you found Arvixe is not so good as you wished, you could get your full money back within 60 days. Thanks!



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