10 things you have to check before choosing a web hosting provider

10 things you have to check before choosing a web hosting provider

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10 Things You’ve to Check
Before Choosing a Web Hosting Provider

As for the newest statistics, there are over 200,000 web hosting companies on the Internet and it’s a real terrific job for most site owners to choose a reliable a web host.

Which web host is worth for your trust? To a new beginner, you may have spent lots of time to search for related reviews about each hosting companies, but every review site may give you a different recommendation about the best web host. And finally, you’re still not sure to choose which company to host your sites.

Luckily, you’ve arrived our site and at here, we only recommend reliable web hosting solutions to web developers and our site readers. We’ve reviewed over 200+ hosting companies and we’re very clear with each company’s advantages and their hosting features. We’ve clarified different categories for every hosting company which can help you save lots of time to find adequate web hosting service solutions.

How to choose a right web host?

It does have many aspects you’ve to pay attention before selecting a web host, such as you’ve to check how much disk space you can receive, its price, server performance, site loading speed, plan features, customer support, etc. And here our editors have collected 10 points which should awake your attention before purchasing a new hosting account. If you like this post, thanks for following us on Twitter or sharing the article with your friends.

1. Check the storage and bandwidth

Before purchasing a new hosting account, you should have a clear idea about how much disk space you real need. Most of web hosts on the market offer unlimited bandwidth and storage in their shared hosting service, whatever, the “Unlimited” feature is always too good to be true. If your website requires over 10GB disk space, here we recommend you may choose a VPS account instead of shared hosting. The shared hosting is only available for small web masters who don’t need much bandwidth and disk space, since the hosting companies understand most of small site owners don’t need much server resources, so they dare to provide “Unlimited” features in their shared hosting packages.

2. Email accounts and forwarding

Now most of web hosts can offer unlimited Email accounts to their customers, but the amounts of Email forwarding always have a limit. You’ve to confirm with your web host about how much Email forwarders you can receive, once you need to send large amounts of emails, the company will force you to cost extra fee.

3. Server security and backups

We don’t have methods to test the security of a web hosting company before using their service, but we can search for related information from forums or review sites. And we’ve to check whether the company can offer daily website backups, if not, just stay away and go to find another. A company cannot offer backups on their web servers, it means the company is too small to offer such feature.

4. Reliability and Site Speed

The website loading speed is becoming more and more important to every masters. Most of web masters want to shift web hosting provider because their sites have encountered a speed issue.

The speed is more important to those eCommerce sites, if your website’s loading speed is over 4 seconds, you may lose half of your potential customers.

5. Control Panel

Most of small site owners don’t have much script knowledge, so we do need a user-friendly control panel. With our experience, cPanel is very powerful and easily to get started with. If you’re only running a WordPress blog site only, then a web host with cPanel is definitely your best choice.

6. FTP Access

We always need to upload and download some files from web servers, so we’ve to find a web host which can support FTP access. Though some of web hosts offer file upload or download in their hosting control panel, it’s still not that convenient as FTP.

7. Traffic Stats

No matter what kinds of websites you’re running, we always want to check how many visitors have arrived our sites in the past period. It does have many stats tools to check a website traffic, but with our experience, AWStats is one of the best on the internet. AWStats is a free stats tool which can be installed on any web servers. If your web host doesn’t offer the tool yet, just contact with their support team to install it for you.

8. Customer support

A company only offers reliable web hosting service, fast site loading speed is further not enough, it also requires to have efficient customer support service. Most of small site owners don’t have much knowledge to manage their websites and they always need to contact their web hosting providers to seek help. If a web hosting company cannot offer quality customer support service, even there’s a new user coming, but will be leaving finally.

9. Hosting Price

The price is always one of the most important aspects we’ve to consider in shopping a product. Before choosing a web host, you should have a clear idea about how much money you can spend maximize. If you’re looking for a shared hosting provider, then the price should not be over $5.00 per month. Indeed, it does have many web hosts offer shared hosting service at a very low price. The price is real important, however, we cannot ignore with other aspects such as features, server reliability, and customer support of the web hosting company.

10. Money Back Guarantee

Most of web hosts offer at least 30 days money back guarantee, and some of them even offer anytime money back guarantee. Anytime money back seems to be very good, but with our experience, if you’ve subscribed a web hosting service with anytime money back guarantee, when you want to terminate their service, you’re only able to get very little money back – That’s true:)!


After reading this article, we believe you should have a clear idea about how to check and choose a web host for your website. Honestly speaking, we’ve reviewed numerous web hosts in the past years and finally we found Arvixe web solution is the best one which is worth for us to highly recommend to every web developers.

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