Arvixe MsSQL Hosting, Is it worth for you to purchase?

Arvixe MsSQL Hosting, Is it worth for you to purchase?

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Arvixe Mssql Hosting


In the previous article, I’ll introduce some information about the Mysql database and best Mysql hosting for you to check. Now I’d like to talk something about Mssql web hosting.

As we know, Mysql is mainly used for Linux web hosting and Mssql database server is compatible for Windows server. There are 3 different versions of MsSQL databases – MsSQL 2000, MsSQL 2005 and MsSQL 2008. Since the MsSQL 2000 is too old and having many bugs which can be easily to be hacked and if your website is still running on the MsSQL 2000 server, I do recommend you upgrade it to the newer MsSQL server.

Who can be the most reliable Mssql hosting?

I’ve to say there are so many MsSQL web hosting on the internet and if you’re a new start, it’s easily dropped into trouble to choose a best web hosting. I’ve reviewed and used many different hosting service of different companies and in my opinion, there are 2 of the best web hosts who’re worth for me to recommend to you – Arvixe and HostGator MsSQL web hosting.

Arvixe is one of the best MsSQL hosting provider in the industry. As you see, Arvixe’s cheapest MsSQL 2008 hosting starts from $5.00 per month only and they allow you create unlimited Mssql databases, there are few web hosts can do this and they can support visual studio, it means you can connect to the SQL server remotely from your local computer.

HostGator just launched their MsSQL web hosting service half a year ago. I think you should be familiar with HostGator, since they’re so big and famous, now HostGator is already hosting more than 5 million websites around the world. Of course, most of HostGator customers are using MySQL Linux hosting, since they’ve done fantastic jobs on their Linux platform, I do believe they can do the same good job on their Windows web server.

Arvixe MsSQL Hosting Advantages:

If you’re already an existing customer of Arvixe, you can find their web hosting service is much more different from the others, since they’re always there hearing what their clients are concerning about. Arvixe can grow so fast in the past especially in recent 2 years, since they can deliver the best client support service in the industry. Arvixe shared hosting is reliable and affordable, you cannot find any other web hosts who can offer the same features as those.

60 days long time money back guarantee and monthly payment is accepted – Most of the web hosts only offer 30 days money back, but Arvixe have the confidence to provide 60 days long time money back, since they believe once a new client choosing their service and the client will like using their server. And only a few web hosting can support monthly payment billing order, Arvixe is definitely the one web hosting who you cannot be missed.


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