Arvixe Web Hosting Affiliate Program Review

Arvixe Web Hosting Affiliate Program Review

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Arvixe Affiliate

Arvixe Web Hosting Affiliate Program Review


Today I’d like to talk about the Affiliate program of Arvixe web solutions. If you’re preparing to join Arvixe web hosting affiliate program, this is the correct place you’ve arrived and here I’d like to bring the newest & most honest reviews about this famous web hosting company. If you’re interested in, welcome to join our Google plus circle for more information.

Arvixe Introduction:

Arvixe is one of the most famous web hosting who can provide Linux & Windows servers. Arvixe was setup since 2003 and it has become one of the fastest growing web hosting company in the industry. Arvixe windows shared web hosting starts from $5.00 per month and the Linux shared hosting starts from $4.00 per month.

Arvixe Web Hosting Coupon:

Arvixe Web hosting Affiliate Introduction:

I did join Arvixe web hosting affiliate program a long time ago and here I’d like to share my individual experience with this famous web hosting affiliate program. Now, more and more web hosting companies offer the free web hosting affiliate program to the web masters who want to make money online, but please note not every web hosting company can be trusted, some of the web hosting companies only cheat to the affiliate marketing partners, some of them never paid the commission or ignore with the sales you’ve generated. You can make up to $135 per sale from Arvixe web hosting affiliate program, this is a real generous affiliate commission rating. You can see the details as below:

  • 1-6 sales gets you $70.00 each
  • 7-12 gets you $90.00 each
  • 13-19 gets you $115.00
  • 19+ gets you $135.00 per sale!!

From the 19 and the later sales, you’ll be able to make $135 per sale. Of course, for the most affiliate partners, I think it’s hard to sell more than 6 sales a month and you’ll be only able to receive $70 per sale. Although, $70.00 is also higher than the other web hosting companies, such as HostMonster & Bluehost only provide $65 per sale, HostGator only offers $50 for the first 6 sales. From the affiliate commission rating, I think it’s already worth for you to join their affiliate program.

Arvixe Web hosting Affiliate Can be Trusted or Not?

Before joining the Affiliate program of one web hosting company, it’s very important to check whether the web hosting company can be trusted or not, since there are many web masters are being cheated by some scamming web hosting companies. Who’re the scamming web hosting, as I know, Mochahost & WebHostingPad are the 2 most famous web hosting scamming companies, the 2 companies always cheat to the web hosting affiliate partners, they’ve never paid the affiliate commission to the partners – They’re sucks and staying further away. Is Arvixe affiliate program reliable? With our experience, we found they’re worth for me to recommend to the new web masters who’d like to make money online. Arvixe can support monthly payment web hosting and you may find their web hosting packages are easier for selling than the other web hosting companies.

Is there any weak point with Arvixe web hosting?

As you see, I’ve joined Arvixe affiliate program for a long time and I’ve been contacting with their support team numerous times and we find they’re a real responsible web hosting companies. But I did find there’s a weak point which they need to pay more attentions – Their live chat response are too slowly. I’ve tried to contact with their live chat support team several times and sometimes I need to wait for more than 5 minutes to get one operator to assist with me, I think that’s very bad and they must pay more attention on this issue, since no one would like to waste 5 minutes to wait on the line.

Do your recommend Arvixe web hosting / affiliate program?

Yes, of course! We always recommend Arvixe web hosting to the new web masters, though we did leave the affiliate links during the recommendation, but it cannot say I’m working for the money and recommend them to the others. That’s not correct, we’ve a very strict value to evaluate one web hosting company is good or not. We’ve searched a lot about the complaints about Arvixe web hosting, but unluckily, we cannot find any complaints about their web hosting service. If you’re searching for a reliable windows or Linux web hosting, Arvixe will be one of your best choice! And with our honest affiliate program experience, you can feel no worry to join their affiliate programs.

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