CGI Hosting, Best CGI Web Hosting – 2014

CGI Hosting, Best CGI Web Hosting – 2014

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CGI Web Hosting

An Introduction of Best CGI Hosting:

Nowadays, most of the web hosting service providers can support CGI web hosting. Who’s the best? Thanks for arriving our web hosting reviews website and here I’d like to deliver the best CGI web hosting to you! If you’re interested in, welcome to Follow Me on twitter.

What’s CGI?

Common Gateway Interface(CGI) – a protocol for calling external software via a web server to deliver dynamic content (and .CGI which is associated file extension).

CGI is the Common Gateway Interface which allows you to create Web pages on the fly based on information from buttons, checkboxes, text input and so on.

What’s CGI web hosting?

CGI web hosting refers to web hosting provider who supports Common Gateway Interface (CGI).

Some Things to Remember About CGI:

  • 1. CGI is not the program itself
    CGI is simply the interface between the Web page or browser and the Web server that runs the program.
  • 2. You must have CGI access to run programs on your Web page
    Many of the less expensive and free hosting providers do not allow CGI access on their servers. Contact your hosting provider for more information.
  • 3. Any program or script that will run on your Web server, can be used as a CGI program
    Most people use Perl to write their CGI scripts, but other languages include C and C++, Tcl, and UNIX shell scripts.

Best CGI Web Hosts – 2014:

hostgator CGI Hosting
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bluehost cgi hosting
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justhost cgi web hosting
Justhost – 3rd choice for CGI Hosting!

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Why Choose CGI?

Many of the uses of CGI can be duplicated by newer technology such as JavaScript and ActiveX. The primary benefit to using CGI rather than browser-based scripting is that you can be sure that all of your readers (with very few exceptions) will be able to use the program. Java, JavaScript, and ActiveX can all be turned off within the browser, and many browsers simply don’t support them.

Also, it is becoming more common for company firewalls to disallow these technologies to work in their system (often for security or bandwidth reasons). Because CGI scripts are run on the external Web server, they are not limited by browser or firewall limitations.

Why Not Use CGI?

The biggest drawback to CGI Scripts is that they can put a lot of load on a Web server. Poorly written programs can fall into endless loops tying up server processor time. The Web browser will time out (usually after around 5 minutes), but often the server will continue to run the program until a system administrator comes in and shuts off the faulty script. The browser-based scripting tools mentioned above have the advantage of running off the reader’s computer. They use the processor locally rather than on the Web server itself, and so are less intense on the Web server.

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