Best Forum Web Hosting Services Under $5.00 Per Month

Best Forum Web Hosting Services Under $5.00 Per Month

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Forum Web Hosting

An Independent Review of Best Forum Web Hosting:

This review article of best forum web hosting based on the server performance, reliability, forum website speed, feature, customer service and price, as well as the reputation of each hosting company among online communities and forum websites.

Before choosing a new hosting provider, our editors always advise our website readers or web developers to check the user reviews of that web host first, since not all the web hosts are worthy of your trust. Honestly speaking, it does have many web hosts that are disgustful, such as Mochahost, iPage, FatCow and much more. In my sight, those web hosts are nothing good but just want to earn cash from their customer pockets. Once you’ve become their customers, you’ll become meat in the chopping board. Those disgustful web hosts don’t care about what the need of customers are, and never concern about server performance, page speed, nor customer service, every day in their thoughts just care about how to exploit the money from their customers.

Who’s the best web host for forum websites?

After reviewed 80+ famous Linux-based web hosting companies worldwide, Arvixe and WebHostingHub are awarded as the best forum web hosting service providers rely on their cutting-edge technology, high-level performance web servers, efficient customer support and unmatched prices, as well as excellent reputation in the industry.

If you’re unfamiliar with Arvixe and WebHostingHub, let’s bring you a short introduction about the 2 world-famous web hosting companies first.

Arvixe is a company that always focuses on providing high quality web hosting services to customers. Founded in 2003 by Arvand Sabetian, the company has become one of the most popular web hosts among web developers and web designers. As for the newest statistics, there are over 1 million websites owners in 180+ countries are choosing Arvixe web solutions as their web hosting service providers.

Who is WebHostingHub? WebHostingHub is a sister company of another world-famous web host – InMotionhosting. The company was founded in 2004 by a group of talented IT professionals, and its headquarter is located in Los Angeles, United States. Over 10 years of fast growth and rapid development, there are more than 1 million domain names and websites are managed by WebHostingHub.

Best Forum Web Hosting – 2014:

Arvixe Forum
Arvixe Inc.
Arvixe Inc. – 30% off forum hosting coupon “WH4L”

As a leading provider of web hosting service for personal sites and small business sites, Arvixe continuously invests over 1 million US-Dollars per year to upgrade their hardware and infrastructure to the latest technologies and equipment. All of their web hosting packages are 100% compatible with forum websites or applications, and the cheapest shared web hosting package for forum applications starts from as low as $4.00 a month. With Arvixe forum hosting service, you can get a free domain name, plenty of disk space & bandwidth, and create unlimited MySQL databases in 1 hosting account (Read review).

WebHostinghub Forum
WebHostingHub – Best small business hosting for forum websites

As a well-known company in the industry, WebHostingHub has established itself as a leading Linux-based web hosting service provider in a short time. Unlike many other hosting companies always provide many levels of web hosting services to consumers, WebHostingHub only offers one single shared hosting service to customers so many years. The regular price of WebHostingHub shared hosting package is $4.99/mo. and if you’ve used the promotional link we offer to sign up new hosting account with them, it’ll just costs you $3.99/mo. (Read review).

Why we choose Arvixe as the 1st choice of forum hosting provider?

The reason is real simple, since those guys do have done excellent jobs in these years. Honestly speaking, you’re hard to find a web host that can be as good as Arvixe web solutions. As an award-winning and reputed web hosting provider, Arvixe offers the most reliable forum hosting services at competitive prices.

Another, Arvixe has installed cPanel with Softaculous on all Linux web servers, which allows customers to install many forum applications such as PhpBB, vBulletin and BBPress in a few clicks. No matter what you need for running a fast, stable and secure forum website, Arvixe is always there to meet with your requirements.

All of their web servers have been optimized to provide the best environment for running a forum website and you can get much more powerful features which are impossible to receive from other hosting companies. The features of Arvixe forum hosting:

The features of Arvixe forum hosting:

Arvixe is a featured-rich and reputed forum web hosting provider that offers the most reliable web hosting service to customers at budget cost. A free domain name is included in any hosting packages, and each hosting account allows users to create unlimited MsSQL or MySQL databases. You can check more features about their forum hosting package as below. osCommerce Hosting Features

Forum Hosting Features

check All of their web hosting services are 100% compatible with Forum applications
check Plenty of disk space and bandwidth to host your Forum websites
check Each hosting account includes a free domain name for life
check 300% faster SSD hosting / free Cloudflare CDN
check Latest cPanel with multiple Forum scripts auto installation – PhpBB, vBulletin, BBPress..
check 24×7 US-Based technical support with years of Forum hosting experience
check 99.9% uptime & 60 days money back guarantee.

The performance of Arvixe forum hosting:

How is the web performance of Arvixe forum hosting service? To be honest, the performance of a web host is always the most important factor that we’ve to consider before choosing a best hosting provider on our review website.

As a real customer of Arvixe web solutions, we haven’t met any big issues in the past 3 years. Although we may encounter the routing issues sometime, but their technicians are always able to detect and fix those issues in the shortest time. As for our real experience, their web hosting performance is worth for your trust. Please aware our website is also hosted on a web server under $4.00 a month. The customer service of Arvixe forum hosting:

The customer service of Arvixe forum hosting:

The web hosting market is changing rapidly. A web host wants to become great, only depending on the reliable web hosting service is further not enough; they’ve to offer professional and efficient customer service too.

How is Arvixe customer service? At present, there are over 70 employees located in their Los Angeles headquarter office. All of their support team is available for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No matter when you need a help, just feel free to contact those guys anytime as you wish. Those guys are real diligent, kindly and knowledgeable. Our editors did have contacted their support team many times, every time our issues can be handled and fixed very smoothly.


After reading this review article about the best forum web hosting, we believe you should have found about which web host could be your best choice for your forum websites. Yes, Arvixe is a trustable web host that is worth for us to recommend to everyone. If you don’t want to choose Arvixe web solutions, then you may consider with another award-winning forum hosting provider – “WebHostingHub”.

In the end, if you’re still not sure which company could be your best choice for your forum website or forum application, just feel free to let us know and our editors will reply you back as soon as possible.


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