SEOHost Promotional Code, Coupon Code, Best Google SEO Web Hosting

SEOHost Promotional Code, Coupon Code, Best Google SEO Web Hosting

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SEO Hosting, SEO Web Hosting, Google
SEO Web Hosting

Who’s the best Google SEO Hosting?

Are you looking for a web hosting who can be *best suit for Google search engine? Yeah, I’ve searched for a long time on the internet and here I’d like to recommend one of the best web hosting who could be suit for the requirements.

Compared from the visitors feedback and our independent reviews in the web hosting industry, there are several reliable web hosting companies who’re worth for me to recommend to the new web masters – choise) & choice) & choice)!

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Why Choose SEO Hosting?

Maybe you’re not familiar with what’s SEO, SEO is the abbreviation of “search engine optimization”, what’s SEO Hosting? SEO Hosting refers to the web hosting company who can provide better SEO solutions for your websites on their hosting servers.

Each C Class With It’s Own RDNS:

Most may have never heard of it, but it is one of the most overlooked aspect of SEO hosting. RDNS is pretty simple to understand. If you ping an ip you will see that a domain will also appear. Well in short terms that’s it. So how does that affect SEO?

Well it’s simple to understand. When your sites are on different C class IPs, but have the same domain as RDNS it’s like being on the same server and making the SEO backlink value zero (just like having the same nameservers on multiple C classes). Other SEO hosts don’t do this because nobody knows about it, so “what you don’t know can’t hurt”. but this is very important.

They want your SEO hosting be what it pretends to be, so they have different RDNS domains for each C class (same used for the nameservers).

Site Builder & Fantastico Script Installer:

Once you purchase a SEO hosting account and want to start creating your sites you find out that it ain’t that easy and trouble free as you thought. Actually you need to deal with code, databases and other things that take time and require experience.

Now you know that time is money and creating accounts on multiple C class IPs should be a breeze, so they have installed Fantastico (a simple script installer that installs and configures popular scripts and Content Management Systems like WordPress, PhpBB or Joomla) and a site builder which comes with over 500 easy to use site templates.

Truly 24/7 Customer Service Support:

SEO Hosting (specialised multiple C class IP hosting) isn’t as straight forward as regular hosting. We also know that hosting without a proper support team is like a car with no mechanic.

They offer competent support 24 hour per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year (occasionaly 366), holidays, middle of the night or after sleeping on the couch. No Excuses.

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