Best Reseller Hosting 2015

Best Reseller Hosting 2015

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Who’s best reseller hosting?

Arvixe Inc. is honored to be the best reseller hosting provider compared to our site readers’ rates and feedbacks, almost all of the feedbacks gave Arvixe a good review and high score about their web hosting service. It does have lots of different reseller web hosts in the industry, when you use “reseller hosting” to search on the Google, you can find there are so many different hosting companies listed in the search results. If you’re new to look for a reseller host, it’s real easy to drop into trouble for searching a right one, since you don’t know how’s their server reliability or how’s their technical support for reseller hosting service.

If you’ve arrived this page, we can say your search is already finished and we believe you’ll be happy with our honest recommendations. If you like this post, welcome to follow us on Twitter or share the content with your friends, thank you!

Best Reseller Hosting – 2015:

What’s reseller hosting? Reseller hosting is a form of web hosting type who allows the account owner have the ability to manage and sell web hosts to their clients in independent brand for profit. Actually the reseller hosting is the web hosting type which you don’t need many workers to open a web hosting company yourself.

1. Arvixe Inc. – Best Reseller Hosting Overall!

Arvixe Inc. ( is definitely the best reseller hosting provider overall. Arvixe Inc, founded in 2003 by Arvand Sabetian who’s the Windows / Linux development expert, designed for individual, small / medium-sized business owners and enterprise level users. Arvixe offers Windows and Linux reseller hosting plans in the past 10 years consistently. By now, Arvixe has been a leading web hosting company in shared hosting, business hosting, reseller hosting, VPS and managed dedicated server, taking nearly 1% of this segment competitive market.

At Arvixe, you can easily setup your own hosting company without any server administration knowledge. Arvixe has been offering reseller web hosting service to site designers and programmers all around the world over 10 years. Arvixe offers Linux and Windows reseller hosting services to different customers’ need, with Arvixe reseller hosting plans, you can leave the server management and technical support to them and start building, managing and promoting your own web hosting company within very several minutes.

2. GreenGeeks – Affordable Green Reseller Hosting!

GreenGeeks ( is the best green web hosting provider in the world. GreenGeeks was founded in 2006 in Santa Monica, California, USA. If you’re not familiar with GreenGeeks, here let’s bring you a brief introduction about this famous green web hosting company.

Over 6 years’ development and fast growth, GreenGeeks has 2 colocated data centers in both USA and Canada, serving more than 250,000 site owners from every corner of the planet. GreenGeeks cheapest reseller hosting starts from $19.95 per month and you can have unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, but you’re only able to resell 10 accounts at most in this reseller plan. If you want to sell more accounts, you’ve to upgrade to their higher reseller hosting packages, and you can sell up to 250 accounts in their best reseller plan.

3. HostGator – 25% Off Reseller Hosting Coupon “Today25Off”!

HostGator ( is a flexible and feature-rich web hosting company who has been offering reseller hosting service for more than 10 years. HostGator is a privately held web hosting company launched business since 2002 and according to their own claims, they’re currently providing hosting service for more than 8.5 million site owners and with over 22,000 resellers around the world.

HostGator is definitely the leading web hosting service provider in the industry and they’re also proudly to be the world largest reseller web hosting company at present. If you don’t want to choose Arvixe or GreenGeeks for your reseller purpose, then HostGator will be definitely your 3rd best choice.

Reseller Hosting Features:

Arvixe Reseller Hosting is extremely reliable, flexible and fully feature packed! They provide you with everything you need to start a web hosting company! And here we’d like to list some of noticeable features about their reseller web hosting plans for you to check more details.

  • 24×7 live and professional Reseller Hosting customer support
  • 60 days money back guarantee
  • Unlimited resold accounts within 1 account
  • cPanel & WHM control panel
  • Free account / data migration
  • 40GB disk space / 500GB monthly bandwidth
  • 80GB disk space / 2000GB monthly bandwidth
  • Unlimited MySQL 5 databases
  • Unlimited FTP accounts
  • Free domain name for life
  • Dedicated IP included
  • Starts from $20.00/month
  • And more..
To learn more about reseller hosting features, visit

How we choose the best reseller web hosting?

In order to choose a right reseller web host, 1st, you’ve to define what’re your needs. The one who wants to start a small business web hosting company will have a total differences from the person who wants to set up a reseller hosting account. You’ve to specify what will you be using your web space for?

Arvixe is good since they can help you make the complex simple and they can handle all of those terrific jobs in their end, you don’t need to have any knowledge in the server administration or script writing, you just need to learn how to use cPanel/WHM control panel which will be able to help you setup your hosting company successfully.

Arvixe reseller hosting is always much cheaper and richer features than other web hosts, and they’ve 60 days long time money back guarantee, please give it a try and we bet you’ll find those guys are real much more different from other reseller hosting companies.

Reseller Hosting Resources:

Who we are?

Choosing a right reseller web host is not that easy, we believe you may have spent lots of time on searching for a best web hosting company for reseller purpose, why you should trust with our reviews and recommendation? Because we’re much more different from other review sites, our team were all having many years working experience in the hosting industry and we do understand better than others.

Since 2007, we strive to become one of the most popular and independent review site helping you find the best web hosting deals at the most affordable hosting price. We admit we do receive compensation from the referrals of some of our advertisements, but it doesn’t affect our honest web hosting reviews and insights. We’ve never allowed those payments to influence our recommendation.

Why you should trust with us?

Before we list these web hosts above for best reseller hosting, we’ve done lots of works for judgement. We signed, tested and reviewed all of these hosting providers by ourselves. After reviewed hundreds of different web hosting companies, Arvixe web solution is proudly to be the No.1 reseller web hosting choice based on their web hosting reliability, reputation, technology, support, features, hosting speed and price.

If you’ve determined to open a reseller hosting account with Arvixe, then congratulation – you’ve made a bright decision, since they’ll be your best partner for your success and you can use the Arvixe coupon to save up to 30% discount for the first payment of reseller hosting plan.


  1. Beware of the “small prints” at Arvixe. One of the additional restrictions of Reseller accounts compared to their regular accounts is that websites are allocated far less memory for Reseller accounts. If you open a reseller account ot Arvixe, your customer’s sites are limited to 300MB memory, while regular Arvixe customers get 600MB to 800MB.

    300 MB might seem large, but with a modern ASP.NET MVC application using bundling, your app may soon come in a state where it constantly needs to restart…

    Arvixe does not allow an upgrade. It’s to take or leave.

    More info:

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