Best SSD Web Hosting 2015

Best SSD Web Hosting 2015

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SSD Hosting

A Brief Introduction of SSD Hosting:

As the performance is becoming more and more important nowadays and Google also gives more authority on the faster websites. If your website’s loading speed is not that fast as you expect, you should pay more attention to improve your website performance now.

If your website is having speed issue, probably there’s something wrong with your website script or your web hosting server is having problems. If the issue is related with the script, you may employ some IT specialists to help you optimize the code. If you believe the script is having none issues, then you may consider looking for a high performance web server instead. Here I’d like to recommend the 2 of fastest SSD hosting providers to you, which are 300% faster than a regular web server.

Who’s the best SSD Hosting for web developers?

What’s SSD hosting? If you’re not familiar with this web hosting type, let’s bring you a short introduction first. SSD (Solid State Drive) is using the newest data storage technologies integrated with circuit assemblies as memory to store data continuously.

According to our website visitors’ feedbacks and rates, as well as our editors’ independent reviews about the best web hosts in the industry, A2Hosting is awarded as best SSD hosting provider based on its rock solid infrastructure, superior web hosting service, unmatched hosting features, responsive technical support and affordable hosting price.

SSD Hosting Rating:


A2Hosting – Best SSD Hosting Overall

  • Reputation
    rating 5 of 5
  • Features
    rating 5 of 5
  • Performance
    rating 5 of 5
  • Reliability
    rating 5 of 5
  • Support
    rating 5 of 5
  • Price
    rating 5 of 5
    $3.95/mo, 34% off $5.95/mo regularly

Best SSD Hosting Features:

A2Hosting offers everything you need for running a fast and secure website on their SSD hosting servers, such as you’ll get unlimited web space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited websites add-on, unlimited MySQL databases, free Cloudflare CDN and a free domain name, etc.

SSD Hosting Features

check All of the Linux-based web servers are fully optimized and equipped with SSDs (Solid State Drives)
check Solid State Drive Speed Boost – Up To 300% Faster Page Loads!
check Free CloudFlare Content Delivery Network (200% Faster Page Speed)
check Easy 1-Click WordPress, Joomla, Magento, PrestaShop.. Setup
check 300% Green Web Hosting (Save Future)
check 24/7 US-Based Qualified SSD Hosting Support
SSD Hosting

What’re the advantages of using SSD Hosting?

Compared with Hard Disk Drives (HDDs), the SSDs are always much more expensive. Most of the web hosts don’t want to spend much money to upgrade their web servers to the SSDs, then what’re the advantages in using SSDs web server?

1. 300% faster than regular HDDs web server – As the system performance is one of the biggest concerns for most of the webmasters, which is also SSDs just designed for. As we all know, the SSDs are much faster than HDDs and the latest SSDs can even reach as fast as 8.0 GB/s.
2. Enhanced security and reliability – If your website files are stored on a SSDs web server, there’s no need to worry about the website security any more. Once your data is stored on a HDD web server, you may face a higher risk of losing the data.
3. Less power – The SSD uses much less power than a regular HDD, which means a lower energy consumption, and it’s also the signal for becoming a green web hosting.

What’re the differences between SSD and HDD storage?

Both SSD and HDD are doing the same job such as boot your system, store your website files and run your applications. But each of them has its own special feature units. What’re the differences between the 2 popular storage? Why SSD is better than HDD for storing website files?

1. The SSD storage is always much more expensive than HDD storage.
2. The maximum capacity is different – The SSD storage’s maximum capacity is much larger than HDD storage.
3. For the speed, a SSD-equipped web server will boot in seconds, absolutely under a minute.
4. A SSD-equipped web server doesn’t generate noise at all, however, even the quietest HDD-equipped web server will emit a bit of noise when it is in use from the drive spinning.

SSD Hosting Resources:

In order to provide a closer and more accurate recommendation about the best web hosts for SSDs, our editors have checked many relevant review articles on the Internet and you can check some of those articles as below.

  • A2Hosting Review – You can visit this page to check customer reviews about A2Hosting web service.
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After reading this review article about the best SSD hosting, we believe you should have received a clear idea about which web host could be met with your needs. Yes, our editors always recommend A2Hosting as the first choice for SSD web hosting to every of our website readers and web developers.

In the end, if you’re still having difficulty in choosing a right web hosting service for SSDs, just feel free to contact us anytime as you wish and our editors will reply you back as soon as possible.


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