Best Windows Web hosting 2015

Best Windows Web hosting 2015

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Who’s the most reliable Windows hosting?

Windows hosting refers to a web server that will be run on Windows operating system. At present, there are 3 main Windows operation systems – Windows 2003, Windows 2008 and Windows 2012. Because the Windows 2000 is too old and not compatible with today’s requirements, we don’t recommend this platform to developers. Windows 2008 should be the most popular Windows hosting operation system for web developers nowadays; Windows 2012 is still very new to many developers, so it is not widely used by hosting companies yet.

Many beginners may not be familiar with what Windows hosting is. Microsoft Windows is the general name for a number of families of software operating systems provided by Microsoft company. The Windows operating system was created in 1985 and is now maintained by Microsoft.

When you enter “Windows hosting” on the three big search engines, you’ll see there are hundreds of thousands of web hosts listed below. You may have such doubts: which web host is suited for my website? How to choose a reliable and affordable Windows-based web hosting provider?

If you’re a new beginner or a fresh .Net developer, I believe you’re not sure to choose a right web host among the sea of hosting companies. In order to help you save your time on looking for a trustable Windows hosting service provider, here we’d like to list several of the best Windows web hosts which have been tested by our editors personally, you can full trust with our honest reviews and recommendations here. All of these Windows hosts are affordable and have won a good reputation among online communities and forum websites.

As we all know, there are many different types and levels of web hosting services in the market, including Windows shared hosting, Windows VPS, Windows reseller hosting and Windows dedicated servers. And here we’d like to provide a separated review and recommendation about different levels of Windows hosting services.

Windows Shared Hosting:

Shared hosting is the most popular web hosting type for web developers, since most of the users don’t need too much website space and server resources. And I think more than 90% of ASP.NET developers just need Windows shared hosting plan, then who can be the most reliable Windows shared hosting provider?

In order to choose a best Windows-based shared hosting provider, we must check their user reviews and their history. A good Windows shared hosting must include highest server uptime guarantee, highest user satisfaction, fastest web hosting performance and competitive web hosting prices. We’ve reviewed hundreds of Windows shared hosting companies and here are the 3 of best web hosts who’re worth for us to highly recommended to you. And you check independent reviews of each web hosting company to check further.

Rank Windows Hosting Windows Hosting Features
1. Arvixe Inc.
Arvixe Inc. – Best Windows Hosting Overall

Arvixe is proudly to be the best Windows shared hosting provider in the industry. Arvixe started to offer Windows hosting service when they were just founded in 2003. Over 11 years of fast growth and rapid development, Arvixe has become the largest Windows hosting company worldwide. The company provides many levels of Windows hosting services to .Net developers, including Windows shared hosting, Windows VPS and Windows dedicated servers. And their cheapest Windows shared hosting package starts from as low as $5.00 a month featuring unlimited disk space, unlimited monthly data transfer, unlimited MsSQL databases, a free domain name, crystal reports, SQL reporting service and much more. All of their hosting services are guaranteed by a 99.9% uptime and a 30-Day money back (Read review).

2. DiscountASP.NET
DiscountASP.NET – Award-Winning Windows Hosting Provider

DiscountASP.NET was one of the first hosting companies to launch Windows 2008 with IIS 7.0 hosting. Get FREE IIS 7 Modules too along with IIS Smooth Streaming and IIS Manager UI Extensions . They offer Windows 2008 Hosting at both locations – USA and Europe (London, UK). Get the BEST VALUE in Windows 2008 Hosting for $5.00/month with NO SETUP FEES from DiscountASP.NET as they’ve been Servicing Windows Developers since 2003 (Read review).

3. HostGator Inc.
HostGator – Affordable Windows hosting from $4.95/mo

HostGator started to provide Windows hosting services in the middle of 2012. As a leading provider in the industry, HostGator has been providing superior
superior web hosting service to over 9.5 million website owners over 12 years. The company started business in 2002 by Brent Oxley, and sold to Endurance International Group a couple of years before. We always highly recommended HostGator to our website visitors previously, but not for now. If you’re looking for a reliable Windows hosting company, we do recommend you may check with Arvixe web solutions first (Read Review).

4. IX Web Hosting
IX Web Hosting – Multiple free dedicated IP hosting provider

iXWebhosting offers affordable Windows hosting solutions start from $7.95 a month featuring 750GB disk space, 1500GB monthly bandwidth, 8 free dedicated IP addresses, a free domain name, unlimited MsSQL databases, 99.9% server uptime and 30 days money back guarantee (Read review).

Windows VPS Hosting:

VPS web hosting is available for the medium level of users requirements, the VPS is the web hosting type between shared hosting and dedicated server. If you’re not satisfied with shared hosting performance or your website cannot be run on the shared hosting server, then VPS is a very good option for you, since you don’t need to spend too much money and you’ll receive a premium Windows VPS hosting from our lists.

Rank Windows VPS Features
1. Arvixe Inc.
Arvixe Inc. – Best Windows VPS Hosting

Arvixe is also a Premium web hosting company who can offer VPS and Dedicated server solutions. Whatever you need for your website, you can find Arvixe web solutions can be met with your website needs. Arvixe offers Windows VPS and Linux VPS server, Arvixe’s cheapest VPS hosting plan starts from $40.00 per month and you can have 40GB disk space, 1024MB RAM and Unlimited monthly bandwidth.. Root Administrative Access, WHM Control Panel, Unlimited MySQL databases, DDoS Attack Response and 24/7 Network Monitoring, etc (Arvixe VPS Review).


VPS.NET – Professional Windows VPS Hosting

VPS.NET is the other most reliable VPS web hosting provider in the industry. VPS.NET is focused on the VPS web hosting service only, you can choose to use Linux or Windows operating system when you order their VPS plan. VPS.NET was acquired by UK2.NET Group 2 years before and now they’re growing much faster than previous. Their cheapest VPS plan starts from $20.00 per month and you can have 10GB disk space and 1000GB monthly traffic (VPS.NET Coupon).

Windows Reseller Hosting:

There are only a few Windows hosting companies who can offer reseller hosting to their users. If you’re web designing company or planning to open a web hosting company with your own, then reseller hosting plan could be met with your needs. Reseller hosting is similar with VPS hosting type but they’re also having differences, since reseller hosting allows you to create independent hosting account for your clients, each hosting account is separated and they won’t affect mutual.

Windows Dedicated Server:

Dedicated server solutions will be suit for those who need large disk space and large bandwidth, if you’re looking for a Windows dedicated hosting provider, I think you’re running a very good website in your hands.

A dedicated hosting service or managed hosting service is a premium web hosting type in which the client can control the entire server not shared with anyone else. This is more flexible and attractive than shared hosting or VPS, you can fully control with the server and just like your own, including choice of operating system, hardware, etc.

Rank Dedicated Server Features
1. Codero
Codero – Best Windows Dedicated Server

Codero is the first Windows Dedicated server choice in the world. Codero is only focused on the Dedicated or Managed hosting solutions only. Codera is the other brand of Aplus.Net and they’re focused on the premium dedicated server & managed hosting service. The Codero brand was launched on July 31, 2009 and quickly became a standalone company and resourceful leader in the dedicated hosting industry (Read review).

2. HostGator
25% Off Windows Dedicated Hosting Coupon “Today25Off”

HostGator is one of the largest Premium dedicated server solutions company. HostGator launched business in late 2002 but growing with amazing speed in the hosting market, Currently they’re serving more than 5 million website owners in their data center. HostGator is one of the leader in the Dedicated hosting Market (Read review).

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