Best Budget Web Hosting for WordPress and Small Businesses

Best Budget Web Hosting for WordPress and Small Businesses

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Budget Web Hosting

Who’s the most reliable budget web hosting provider?

A budget web host also can be named as cheap web host. The price should be under $5.00 a month and includes enough features for individuals or small businesses to run a simple website.

If you’re looking for a reliable web host with budget cost, then this is the right page you’ve found on the Internet. We’ve reviewed over 200 different web hosting companies on our website, and here we’d like to recommend several most reliable web hosts to you.

Then which web host can be named as the best budget hosting company? After reviewed hundreds of different web hosting companies, WebHostingHub is honored to be the winner of best budget web hosting solution based on its high-level web performance, cutting-edge technology, rock solid infrastructure, lightning website speed, top-notch technical support and unmatched prices, as well as excellent reputation world-wide.

As a sister company of InMotionhosting, WebHostingHub uses a complete different marketing strategy to beat down many other competitors. WebHostingHub offers only one single shared hosting package that includes everything needed to run a fast, secure and stable blog or business website.

Best Budget Web Hosts – 2014:

1. WebHostingHub – Best business web hosting with budget cost

Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Virginia, United States, WebHostingHub has been providing superior Linux-based web hosting service to over 1 million websites over 10 years. As a leading provider of Linux-based web service, WebHostingHub offers maximum hosting features to customers at an affordable price. With WebHostingHub, you can get a free domain name, unlimited disk space, unlimited monthly bandwidth and add unlimited websites in 1 hosting account. All of their technical support team is located in United States and you can easily contact them via live chat, toll-free telephone and Email. Those guys are friendly, patient and knowledgeable; whenever you need assistance, just feel free to contact them anytime as you like. Furthermore, WebHostingHub has a guarantee of 99.9% uptime and 90 days long time money back. If you’ve found their service is not that good as expected, you can easily get your full money back within the 90 days (Read review).

arvixeArvixe Inc.
2. Arvixe Inc. – Best budget web hosting for bloggers

Arvixe is the other most reliable web hosting company that offers quality web hosting service at budget cost. The company has won numerous web hosting awards in the industry, e.g., Inc. Magazine awarded Arvixe as 157th fastest growing privately held company in the United States in 2012 year. At present, only a few web hosts have the ability to offer both Windows and Linux-based web services and Arvixe is the one that has been providing Windows and Linux hosting solutions to customers since founded (Read review).

Best Budget Hosting (WebHostingHub) Features:

Budget Hosting Features

check Unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth for every account
check A free domain name for our website visitors only
check cPanel control panel – 310+ free applications with just one click auto installation
check Flexible and secure Email service – You can login your Email account at anywhere and compatible with Mobile device
check Free website builders with hundreds of free website templates – You can create a new website in several minutes
check Free domain name transfer and free website migration
check 99.9% uptime & 90 days free trial budget web hosting service.

Best Budget Hosting With High-level Performance:

There are hundreds of thousands of big or small web hosts world-wide, which company is better, faster and more reliable and suited for your demands? Every year, there are numerous fresh people begin to walk into this industry and most of them have never been touched with this business previously. To choose a right web host just like a little boy walking into a dark room, if there is someone can light a candle and point a way, I believe the little boy will follow his guidance probably.

A review website just likes the guide that can help fresh people find a reliable provider from a sea of web hosts. Then how to choose a right web host? One of the most important factors is the web performance. Many review websites just want to make cash, make dollars from their affiliate links, never caring about the quality of web hosting companies, but such things will never happen at our review website.

All of our editors already have many years of experience in reviewing hosting businesses, and most of us had been worked for some famous web hosts, we understand what customer needs and we see more clearly about those old tricks used by web hosts to cheat customers.

For example, when you enter the keyword “budget web hosting” into the search engine, a long list of web hosts and relevant review websites will be displayed. In order to cheat customers, many web hosts have opened their own review websites such as “Mochahost” and “EIG Corporation”.

1. Mochahost opened its own review website “top11hosting#com” many years ago. When you visit this review website, you’ll find all of their reviews are fraud.
2. EIG is not a real hosting company, but it’s a parent company for many famous web hosts such as iPage, HostGator, Bluehost, HostMonster, FatCow, Justhost, ASmallOrange, Webhost4life and 40+ brands in total. EIG has sorts of ways to cheat customers, e.g., when you enter a keyword “web hosting” on the search engine, you’ll find there are many review websites listed below. Please note that all of those review websites are made by EIG Corporation, and all of those top 10 web hosts listed are also owned by themselves, so no matter which company you choose to sign up, the result has never been changed: You’ll never escape from their palm.

However, WebHostingHub is an independent company that has never been sold to anyone. Nowadays, it’s a usual thing for the big fish to eat little fish. To survive in the jungle world, it’s already not easy for a small web host. One of the most important factors for WebHostingHub to survive and succeed is that their performance is always much more reliable than other competitors. Our editors did have done many tests on their web servers personally, e.g., one of our premium editors “Helen Selina”, who had installed many script applications such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento, PrestaShop, OpenCart, osCommerce and Drupal on WebHostingHub, finally we found their web hosting performance is always much faster than many other competitors such as Bluehost, iPage and HostGator.


After reading this budget hosting article, we believe you should have found the answer about which web host could be your best choice. Honestly speaking, we do leave some affiliate links on some of our review articles, but our recommendations and reviews have never been affected by this. We’re only having one purpose is to help you save your time on looking for a reliable web hosting solution with budget cost.

WebHostingHub is awarded as the best budget web hosting provider, which is selected by our editors but also selected by millions of satisfied customers.


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