Canada Web Hosting, Best Canadian Hosting 2015

Canada Web Hosting, Best Canadian Hosting 2015

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A Brief Introduction of Canada Web Hosting:

Many website owners and developers would like to host their websites at local places and in the previous article, we’ve reviewed the best 10 web hosts in the United Kingdom. Today we’d like to introduce the several best web hosting companies located in Canada. If you like this post, welcome to share this article with your friends or follow us on Twitter, thank you!

After reviewed dozens of best web hosts in Canada, finally we’d like to recommend as your first Canadian web hosting choice, this review article and recommendation based on their superior web hosting performance, lightning page speed, unmatched prices, awesome technical support and efficient customer service, as well as fairly good reputation in the industry.

Best Canadian Web Hosting – #1

If you’re unfamiliar with web service, let’s bring you a short introduction about this world-famous Canadian web hosting company first. Founded in January 1997, has become a leading provider of affordable, reliable and superior web hosting services around the world. As for the latest statistics, over 60,000 consumers in over 150 countries are choosing web service as their first web hosting solutions.

No matter what you need for running a successful blog or business website, is always able to deliver an available web hosting solution to all sizes of business owners. The company is committed to providing superior and incomparable web hosting services by utilizing the newest web technologies and rock solid infrastructure from companies such as Microsoft Corporation, Google Inc., Dell, Intel Corporation, Parallels, Tucows, Cisco Systems, Level 3 and RIM, etc.

Best Canadian Web Hosting – GreenGeeks #2

GreenGeeks is awarded as the 2nd best Canadian web hosting provider according to their rock solid infrastructure, high performance, responsive customer support and affordable web hosting price, as well as excellent reputation among online communities and forum websites, also including our editors’ independent review about best Canadian web hosts world-wide.

If you’re not familiar with this best Green web hosting company, let’s bring you a brief introduction first. Founded in 2006 by Trey Gardner, GreenGeeks has become a leading Green web hosting service provider world-wide. GreenGeeks is the first web host to launch green web hosting service in the industry and the company has been ranked on top 10 web hosting lists by many review websites for many years. At present, GreenGeeks is operating 3 world-class level data centers – 2 of them are located in United States and the 3rd one is located in Canada. If you don’t want to select as your first Canadian web hosting choice, then we highly recommend GreenGeeks as your best option.

Why we choose as best Canadian web hosting provider?

The web hosting business is changing a lot in the past years, many small web hosts have been eaten by big fish. However, succeeds to survive relying on its cutting-edge industrial technologies, rock solid infrastructure & facilities, advanced networking systems, accurate marketing forecast and robust market strategy.

To be honest, does grow so fast in the past years and till present, there are tens and thousands of website owners are choosing as their reliable business partners and web hosting service providers.

Our editors did have made a performance test on web servers, finally we found the website loading speed is much faster than many other competitors. If you don’t believe with our test, just feel free to take a test yourself and you’ll find web service is real awesome.

Another, Google Robots also grasp the ranking of websites by regional searches, meaning if your website is hosted in Canada, when someone do a search in the location of Canada, your website will be having a higher rank than websites hosted in other countries, so if you’re targeting the clients in Canada, then a Canadian web host will be your best choice. Coupon – 2015:

If you’ve determined to open a new hosting account with, you can use the promotional link to receive 20% discount in the first billing order (Please note this promotional link is only available for our website readers). coupon Coupon – 20% Off’s Promotional Link
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#1 $4.95 Unlimited Unlimited Read Review
#2 GreenGeeks $4.95 Unlimited Unlimited Read Review
#3 HostPapa $5.95 Unlimited Unlimited Read Review
#4 Netfirms $8.50 10GB 500GB Read Review

Canada web hosting providers are growing in numbers and strength. Some Canadian web hosts are even making a name for themselves on the international Internet stage. Supporting web hosting Canada is great, but patriotism only brings you so far. When you’re looking for a Canada web hosting, you still expect great value for your money, fantastic uptime, reliable web hosting service, friendly and accessible customer support and, of course, cutting edge technology.

How we choose a best web hosting?

You can check the article 10 Tips before choosing a web hosting company


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