Codero Reviews & Codero Coupon

Codero Reviews & Codero Coupon

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Codero reviews

Codero Reviews & Codero Coupon


Have you heard about Codero premium hosting company? If you’ve never heard about Codero web hosting company before, here I’d like to deliver a most detailed introduction about this famous premium dedicated hosting company. If you’re interested in, welcome to join our Google plus circle to talk about Codero web solutions.

Who’s Codero?

Codera is the other brand of Aplus.Net and they’re focused on the premium dedicated server & managed hosting service. The Codero brand was launched on July 31, 2009 and quickly became a standalone company and resourceful leader within the dedicated hosting industry.

Codero Coupon – 2014:

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Codero Rating: Codero- Guaranteed Premium Web Hosting!Website:

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Support CoderoCoderoCoderoCoderoCodero
Pricing CoderoCoderoCoderoCoderoCodero
Reliability CoderoCoderoCoderoCoderoCodero
Server Cost : $60.00/Mo ~ $150.00/Mo*
Overall Rating : A+ *Highly Recommended!

Codero Hosting Features:

  • Unmetered Bandwidth Options Available
  • Helpful answers from Knowledge Base
  • Round the clock surveillance, security, network monitoring and power backup systems
  • Rewards point program
  • Experienced 24/7/365 Technical Support
  • 100% Powered Green Energy Hosting
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • Cheapest Managed Hosting Starts from $60.00/Mo
  • And More..
Codero Dedicated Server
Codero Dedicated Server

Customer Support:

Coderooffers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week customer support service and offers a variety of convenient ways to communicate with customers for support. You can contact with their support team via Live chat, Toll-free phone call and Ticket.

  • Agents are available 24/7/365 to answer your questions.
  • Toll Free: 877.999.2750
  • International: 913.890.8250


Would you like to host your websites on a reliable server? Okay, I think all of you will answer “yes”. How’s the reliability about Codero premium hosting servers? Are their web servers reliable? Though I don’t have a website hosted with their web hosting service, but compared from the customers feedback and my independent research on the web hosing reviews, I found Codero is also a reliable premium hosting solution who you can trust with.

Codero Uptime:

Codero Uptime
You can see the newest stats about the Codero dedicated hosting uptime is more than 99.95%, so you can feel no worry to host your websites with them.

Codero Vs The Planet – Who’s better?

As you see, the Planet is one of the most famous premium hosting solutions in the industry, here I’d like to deliver a simple comparison about the 2 famous premium hosting companies. As we all know, HostGator & midPhase are all using the data center of the Planet, you can imagine how large the Planet company is. But can you say the Planet is better than Codero? Okay, maybe the Planet company is too large and there are so many customers are hosted the websites with them, their customer response average time is always slower than the other companies. If you’re looking for a faster customer response premium hosting service provider, I think Codero can be the better choice for you.

Codero Customer Reviews:

Thanks those guys! Codero’re the Best! – By Christelle Greven

I just want to thank everyone at Codero for making my business a lot easier. I don’t have to ask more than once for anything! And since I moved to Codero, I have had no troubles with any of my services. Thanks Codero, you’re the best.

Codero has been nothing short of a revelation! – By Jae Barclay, Owner

Codero has been nothing short of a revelation. No more crowded servers, no dealings with a curt and less-than-friendly staff, and no downtime. Our clients depend on the reliability of the server as well, and it’s wonderful I never have to say, “Sorry, I’ll need to call the hosting company!

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  1. Our company had two corporate websites hosted through Codero’s dedicated servers and both sites were hacked last month. Codero’s lack of security allowed their site and all customers hosted through them to be hacked. Their poor customer service and poor technical support left us to deal with the issue without any support from Codero. Codero is an unprofessional webhosting company that charges for every service & support request. We paid for monthly backups of both our sites only to find out that our backups were useless when the sites were hacked. We requested assistance in becoming PCI Compliant and their technical support didn’t know where or how to start. Codero is not a webhost company that can be trusted and they are certainly not a reliable company you can count on when you need them most. Trying to cancel with Codero is another matter altogether….do not leave your credit card on auto-pay with these guys.

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