Does Google Panda Suck and How we Survive once Website Penalized?

Does Google Panda Suck and How we Survive once Website Penalized?

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Google Panda Sucks

Does the new Google Panda Algorithm sucks?

First, thanks for arriving this page and welcome to share your opinion about the new Google Panda with other web masters. Honestly speaking, my website is also being affected by the latest Google Panda updated on Oct 11th, 2011. My website has been working fine for more than 2 years already and this is the first time giving me a headache and I know there are many other websites are being affected by this update.

Nowadays, Google is already the monster in the search engine industry and I believe no one would like to be punished by Google. I always like Google very much, but this time they real made me feel very sadness and disappointment, my website contents are all organic and I did spend lots of time to optimize my whole website, I real don’t know why Google Panda dislike my website.

Does Google Panda sucks? I know I cannot make a conclusion too fast, but I’ve to say I real dislike this new Google algorithm very much, you can see the image below to check my website traffic was decreased a lot after this updated.
Google Search Query

How we survive once website penalized?

I’ve to say I’ve never paid attention to Google Panda since Oct 11th of this month, I’ve done lots of research on the internet to check the survival methods to make my website back to normal. And I found there’s one good quality article on Word Tracker posted by Mark Nunney (A professional SEO manager)

Mark Nunney has been a successful professional SEO since 2000. He is CEO of The Website Marketing Company and he publishes Leadership & Management Review from, the business management website.

This post is very long and I already read several times, however, I only focused on the methods he mentioned about what should we do if our websites were hit by Panda. I found he provided 17 methods to survive, I don’t know whether his methods can be helpful or not, but there’s no other choices, since there’s no any official documents to guide you how to make Google Panda happy.

Here are the methods to survive provided by Mark Nunney, if you’re also a victim of Google Panda, you’re also able to check.

How to survive in Google Panda?

Is old WordPress version affected by Google Panda?

Before this Google Panda updated, I did have received several notification emails from Google about my website WordPress version is too old, I don’t know whether this could be one of the reason leads Google Panda intrusted, so I’ve contacted with a professional WordPress designer company to help me upgrade my whole website and re-design the whole website, all of these done jobs are only for one purpose, that’s for Google Panda. We still need to rely on Google, since most of the online users are still choosing Google as their first website to search for more useful information.

Whatever you like Google or not, Google is always the King of Internet. We don’t have any other choices, but make the monster as happy as possible.

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