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FatCow FAQ

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Is FatCow a Good Web Host?

Founded in 1998 and over 15 years developing, FatCow has become a world-famous web host focuses on providing quality web hosting service to personal, individuals and small businesses. FatCow has won good reviews and the web host is also ranked on our top 10 web hosting list.

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Here we’ve collected some of frequently ask questions (FAQ) of FatCow web hosting, I wish it could help you catch more information about this famous Linux shared hosting.

What kind of hosting service does FatCow offer?

FatCow offers only 1 single but powerful shared hosting plan. In this hosting package, everything is included, it comes with a free domain name with unlimited websites hosted, unlimited storage with unlimited bandwidth per month, $100 free marketing credits and more advanced features.

How much bandwidth and disk storage can I get from FatCow?

FatCow provides everything you need for your business and their bandwidth and disk space are both unlimited.

How long will it take to get my website online?

A new FatCow account will be setup automatically within half an hour once you successfully made a payment. Your detail hosting account information will be sent via e-mail once everything is ready.

What kind of support do I get from FatCow?

FatCow support covers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and never takes a rest in holiday. Please don’t feel shame to ask any simple or unexpected questions to their support, those guys are always able to help you resolve issues patiently. You can easily contact with their support team via live chat, toll-free phone call or email tickets. There’s an existing widely knowledge base available at FatCow Help Desk board, where you can get find many useful video tutorials, and you can download those videos to your local computer.

Can I add multiple websites in one FatCow hosting account?

Definitely yes, “unlimited” is the key feature to drive more customers to use FatCow web hosting service. You can have many unlimited features at FatCow, such as you can create unlimited sub domains with unlimited websites addon, unlimited FTP accounts with anonymous access, unlimited disk space with no restricted monthly traffic, etc.

What kind of control panel is FatCow using?

FatCow used cPanel control panel many years before, but they changed to use vDeck control panel since they were acquired by EIG.

What kind of ecommerce softwares are available at FatCow?

Almost all of popular PHP shopping carts can be supported by FatCow, but there are only 3 kinds of ecommerce applications supported in their hosting account by default. FatCow shopping carts are integrated with many different payment gateways include Paypal, PowerPay, 2Checkout and more. They also support BoomTime SSL certificates which can be installed on your business site.

Does FatCow provide script auto-installer like Fantastico?

FatCow doesn’t use cPanel Fantastico or SimpleScripts, however, they do provide script auto-installation in their vDeck control panel. There’s a feature called “Install Central” in the vDeck which allows you to install multiple web applications with 1-click. Those scripts include WordPress, Joomla, PhpBB, vBulletin, Drupal, Mambo and much more.

What kind of payment methods I can use for purchasing new FatCow account?

Both credit card and PayPal are accepted when you checkout. Unfortunately, FatCow doesn’t accept other payment methods, such as check or money order which is not permitted.

Can I get my money back if I plan to cancel the account?

Yes, FatCow has 30 days money back guarantee, if you’re planning to cancel your account during the period, you can get refund. If you’re already out of 30 days, I’m afraid they won’t refund you.

What’s the price of FatCow? Is there any discounted coupon for new customers?

The original hosting price of FatCow is $66 per year, but if you’ve used our promotional link, it just needs $44 per year (upto 50 percent discounted).

How long does FatCow’s trial period last?

FatCow doesn’t offer free trial account, but they have 30 days money back guarantee, you can get your full money back if you’d like to stop web hosting service with them in 30 days.

Can I host adult content websites at FatCow?

The sites may have content or photos seem erotic are allowed to be hosted on FatCow servers, but those websites are fully adult or porn contents will be refused.

Does FatCow provides reseller web hosting service?

FatCow is a provider of shared web hosting which doesn’t offer reseller hosting, VPS or dedicated server solutions at present. But FatCow offers a free affiliate program allows everyone to join, you can make upto $100 per sale if you refer a new customer to use their service.

What are the responsibilities of a reseller?

As a reseller of FatCow, you are responsible to manage the sales and billing accounts only, those terrific jobs and technical support will be handled by FatCow premium technicians.

What restrictions need to pay attention if I become a reseller?

If you’ve become a reseller of FatCow, you’ve to agree with FatCow’s Terms of Service, and your client’s websites cannot against with the Law of each country.

Is there any discounts for FatCow web hosting ?

FatCow’s web hosting price is always much cheaper compared to other companies in the industry. FatCow always provides special promotion and discounts to new customers during some festival time.

Does FatCow provide private DNS server?

Yes, you can set up your own DNS in the reseller hosting account.

Who is responsible for billing and support in a FatCow reseller account?

As a reseller, you are whole responsible for the billing of each of your clients, and the support will be handled by us.

What kind of payment gateway does FatCow accept?

FatCow accepts credit card and Paypal only.

Can I get a notice if my account  is going to due?

FatCow will send you a notification email 30 days prior of the renewal date which could remind customers to renew on time.

Do we recommend FatCow?

Absolutely yes, FatCow has been running business successfully for over 15 years and many web hosting review sites rank FatCow on their best web hosting list (read my FatCow review here). FatCow hosting service is affordable, reliable and remarkable. Especially, their support team is knowledgeable and patient. Currently, we’re also one of FatCow users and have several websites hosted on their server. We had placed several calls to their support center and remembered there was a representative named “Jessie” picked up our call. We asked a variety of questions, from simple to complex and found she was very patient, helpful and very knowledgeable.

Please click here to visit http://www.Fatcow.com for more information.


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