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FatCow Reviews

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FatCow Reviews – Is FatCow a Good Web Hosting?

If you ask me whether FatCow is a good web hosting who’s worth for us to recommend or not, now I can tell you, FatCow is a real good web hosting who’s worth for us to highly recommended to the other website owners.

Who’s FatCow?

FatCow was founded on 1998 and you can say they’re one of the oldest web hosting company in the industry. FatCow is a shared Linux web hosting company, since they only offer one single web hosting plan to their users, it means FatCow is only available for the small to medium-sized business owner. If you’re looking for a large-sized premium web hosting solutions, then FatCow won’t be your choice and you can visit our dedicated server to choose the right web hosting.

FatCow can be called as the most cuted web hosting company, if you’ve checked their website design and their logo, you can find they’re suck lovely and funny. FatCow is located at Burlington, Massachuesetts and they’re a very successful web hosting company on the internet. Till present, there are more than 2 million website owners are choosing FatCow web hosting service and their new users are still increasing in every minutes.

FatCow Rating:

FatCow Reviews
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FatCow – Small Business Web Host!FatCow web hosting has been long in web hosting business since decade ago. FatCow is a solid and featured web hosting suit for blog website or small business website owners. Due to their strong hosting security and reasonable hosting prices, FatCow has emerged as one of the most famous and top hosting company in the industry! The SiteLock Security Suite which comes FREE along the hosting package is definitely a feature that you shouldn’t miss.

Highest Security Hosting – Come with SiteLock Security
FREE Domain Name for Life, Unlimited Disk Space, Bandwidth & Add-on Domains
$75 Google Ad Credits / $25 Yahoo!/Bing Ad Credits
Best For Blogs, Forums, e-Commerce & Small to Medium-Sized Websites

Visit http://www.FatCow.com for more details.

FatCow Reliability:

Is FatCow a reliable web hosting company? How’s FatCow web hosting reliability? If you’re planning to open a new web hosting account with FatCow, I think this is one of the most important concerned factor which you want to receive answer. FatCow is monitoring their web servers all whole day and night, and once there’s any issue happened on their web server, they can response super fast and resolve any issues related on their servers quickly. FatCow promises to offer 99.9% uptime guarantee and is that real statistics? If you’ve checked their server uptime on Host-Tracker, you can find FatCow’s server uptime is nearly 99.98% in the past 24 months. If you’re running a business website, the web hosting server uptime is super important, since one minute downtime could cause you lose one customer.

FatCow Value:

Is FatCow a Valuable Web Hosting? If you’ve checked the prices of the other web hosting companies, you can find FatCow is a real cheap web hosting company in the planet. Why FatCow is so cheap? Does they have hidden charges or over loading on the server? I’ve to say FatCow is a real good web hosting for personal business or online ecommerce websites. Their web server can run multiple business shopping cart applications and their price is only $44 one year. Only $44 and you can have a professional web hosting solutions backed with an experienced and award-winning customer support. You can have a free domain name if you need during the sign up new hosting account, you can have unlimited web space, unlimited bandwidth, hosted unlimited websites, create unlimited email accounts, $125 Google credits in marketing purpose, etc.. So Fatcow is real valuable and worth for you to trust with .

FatCow Support:

Does FatCow offer efficient customer support? The customer support is another most important factor we have to consider before choosing a best web hosting. How’s FatCow support? Can you trust with their support team? If you’ve read their user reviews, you can find almost all of their current users are very satisfied with their server performance, especially their support team. Whenever you need assistance, even in the mid-night, you can find FatCow support team is always there waiting for you to call them. You can contact with FatCow support team via toll free phone call, email support or live chat, and their support team is available for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, none-stopped during 365 days. For the simple inquiries or straightforward issues, you can contact with their live chat support team to resolve for you immediately and for the complicated or terrible issues, you’d better contact with their phone or ticket support team to get assistance.

FatCow Control Panel:

What kind of control panel is fatcow using? If you’re new to FatCow, I think this is also a concerned question you want to know the answer. FatCow is using vDeck – One of the most popular control panel on the internet, you can find there are so many famous web hosts are choosing vDeck at present, such as iPage, Justhost, Globat, etc. If you’ve used vDeck control panel before, you could find vDeck is very easier to get start with, you can manage your website files, domain names, DNS, email accounts, Mysql databases, script applications, SEO optimized easily in your hosting account. You don’t need script or technical knowledge to handle the control panel, almost anyone can easily add your domain name and upload your website files into the hosting server with the first touch. vDeck also includes multiple free applications with one click installation, the free script includes wordpress, joomla, drupal, phpbb, mambo, moodle, etc.

FatCow Money Back Guarantee:

Fatcow has 30 days long time money back guarantee, you can get your money back once you found FatCow is not so good or reliable as you imagine. FatCow also has 99.9% server uptime guarantee, once you found there’s any period when FatCow cannot achieve the uptime, you can easily contact with accounting department to get your money back. In order to get your money back, you cannot contact with their support team on the live chat or phone calling, you’ve to open a ticket to their accounting department to handle the money back business for you. Regularly, their accounting department will reply you back within 24 years after you submitted the ticket. Their accounting department always ask you the reason of cancellation which could help them improve their service for the future clients.

FatCow is Green:

Is FatCow a green web hosting company? Definitely yes, FatCow is a certified green web hosting powered by 100% wind energy. Once you using their web hosting service, you’re also a member of protecting the global enviroment. Our living earth is becoming more and more worsen daily, it needs you pick up hands and action to protect our world.

FatCow Advantages – Fast Server and Fantastic Customer Support!

FatCow is already running in business for more than 10 years and now they’re still in high growing, you’ve to say this is a real amazing web hosting company who always give you surprising. We do have a very strict level to define a best web hosting in the market and here we recommend FatCow web hosting to you, since they do meet with our strictest level of choosing a best web hosting. One web hosting company can be called as good must include highest customer satisfaction, fastest web server, irresistible prices, highest server uptime and efficient customer support.

Compared from our website visitors feedbacks and rates, FatCow is an unbeatable web hosting company who has received 98% customer satifactions.

FatCow vs Justhost vs WebHostingHub – Who’s the best web hosting?

You can find the all of the three web hosts are world famous and who can be your best web hosting choice? If you’ve compared with their web hosting features, you can find their web hosting features are similarly the same, only one difference is WebHostingHub is using cPanel control panel, FatCow and Justhost are using vDeck control panel.

Then how to choose a best web hosting between the 3 world famous web hosting companies? If you’ve checked with our top 10 web hosting lists, you can find WebHostingHub is proudly to be ranked as No.2 web hosting choice. Is WebHostingHub better than FatCow and Justhost?
I’ve to say choosing a best web hosting from the 3 web hosts are real a difficult job, since all of them are so fantastic in their own business.

WebHostingHub is a sister web hosting company of InMotion Hosting. If you’re not familiar with WebHostingHub, you should be familiar with InMotion, yes, they’re belonged to the same owner, but they still have many differences. WebHostingHub is focused on the small business web hosting solutions, so they only have one single web hosting plan, but InMotion offeres shared hosting, vps and dedicated server solutions to different levels of clients need, so if you’re running a small business website, the better choice between WebHostingHub or InMotion will be WebHostingHub and if you’re running a medium or large sized business website, you’ve to check with InMotion hosting.

In our reviews, we recommend you can choose WebHostingHub as your first web hosting choice, since they’re focused on Linux web hosting service for many years and they’re also an unbeatable web hosting company. Whatever, FatCow and Justhost are also excellent web hosting choices, whoever you choose as your website hosting provider, I think you’ll be happy with their service.

Do you recommend FatCow web hosting?

Is fatcow good for your business? Overall, FatCow is a valuable web hosting company with highest server uptime, and you can have plenty of web space and bandwidth for your website. You can have what your needs for your business with FatCow web hosting, they’re recommended for the new beginners even the experienced web developers may also find their web hosting is real attractive.

At present, we’ve a test hosting account provided by FatCow and we’ve several blog and ecommerce websites hosted on their platform, everything is running fine in the past months, we’re super satisfied with their server performance and impressive customer support service.

FatCow recommended or not? Definitely yes, we highly recommend FatCow to anyone who’s looking for valuable and reliable business web hosting.

>>Please click here to visit http://www.FatCow.com for more information!



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