Free Dedicated IP Hosting

Free Dedicated IP Hosting

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Dedicated IP

Who’s the best dedicated IP hosting service provider?

A free dedicated IP host refers to a hosting company that offers independent dedicated IP address to customers with no charge. If you’re not sure which company can be the best choice for free dedicated IP hosting service, then this is the right website you’ve found on the Internet. Here we’d like to talk about one of the most famous dedicated IP hosting companies that you may be interested in. If you like this post, thanks for subscribing our website to get the email notification of latest articles.

Before writing this review article, our editors did have spent much time on the Internet to investigate and collect the feedbacks and comments from online communities and forum websites, finally we found iXWebhosting is honored to be the best choice for free dedicated IP hosting service provider.

Why we choose iXWebhosting as the first choice for dedicated IP hosting service?

If this is your first time to hear of iXWebhosting, then let me bring you a short description about this world-famous hosting company. As one of the oldest web hosting companies in the industry, iXWebhosting has been providing high performance web servers with superior customer services over 16 years. The company was founded by Fathi Said in 1999, over 16 years of fast growing and rapid development, there are approximately over 600,000 domain names and websites are currently under their management.

Unlike many other hosting companies always charge a lot from their basic hosting services, the cheapest shared web hosting package of iXWebhosting starts from as low as $3.95/mo which is much cheaper than other competitors worldwide. And in this hosting package, customers can get many attractive features such as 3 free dedicated IP addresses, plenty of disk space / bandwidth, hosted unlimited websites, unlimited MySQL databases, 100+ free script auto-installer, and much more. If you found the 3 dedicated IP addresses are not enough for your needs, then you may check with their advanced shared hosting plan which provides 15 free dedicated IP addresses. Of course, the price of their advanced hosting plan is also a bit more expensive, it’ll cost you $7.96/mo to get an advanced hosting account.

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Is iXWebhosting a good company?

As for the experience of many years of hosting reviews, IX is a reliable web host that is good enough for us to recommend to other web masters. If you’ve visited their homepage, you can easily find there are many satisfied customers displaying their own video on IX website.

To be honest, we’ve never used any hosting services with iXWebhosting before, but compared to the customer feedbacks and comments, almost all of them are super satisfied with their hosting services and customer support services, so we do have the confidence to recommend this company as the first hosting choice of dedicated IP hosting solution.

Why you need a Dedicated IP?

Maybe you’ve found there are many websites that are being blocked by your countries (especially in China). Once your website is being blocked by your country, what do you need to do? Okay, in order to bypass your country’s restriction, then you’ve to add a dedicated IP address for your website to bypass your country’s firewall.

Besides of bypassing the country’s firewall, the dedicated IP is also widely used for e-commerce websites. If you’re running a simple shopping cart website, then you may ignore of using dedicated IP address. However, once your business is growing, then you’ve to add a SSL Certificate for your website to declare your website is safe for shopping. To install a SSL Certificate on an e-commerce website, it requires to have a dedicated IP address to proceed.

Indeed, a dedicated IP allows people to access your website directly with using that IP address. To use a dedicated IP address for your website is also very good for search engine, and it’s also very helpful to increase your website loading speed. Almost all of the main websites are using dedicated IP addresses, because they don’t want to share the server IP with any others.

The price of dedicated IP address is also very cheap, most of the web hosts are offering free dedicated IP hosting solutions on their higher hosting services. However, at iXWebhosting, customers can get 3 free dedicated IP addresses with using their cheapest shared web hosting service.

Recently, the China government has blocked many famous websites such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Mashable.. and lots of IPs from many famous hosting companies such as HostGator, Bluehost, HostMonster, etc. If your website is being blocked by your ISP or your country, then it’s the time for you to get a reliable dedicated IP hosting service provider. iXWebhosting is just the one that can help you resolve your trouble issues.

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