The largest domain registrar GoDaddy web hosting Sold for $2.5 Billion

The largest domain registrar GoDaddy web hosting Sold for $2.5 Billion

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GoDaddy Sold

Is GoDaddy sold out already?

Yes, the world largest domain name registrar and web hosting provider GoDaddy is already solt out, this is offical News and the total procurement price is $2.25 billion. The transaction was happened on the Tuesday of last week.

Though GoDaddy is already a super large domain name registrar and web hosting company, but nothing is impossible to happen. When I first heard about the news, I thought this could be another joke, but this time I was wrong, it’s the offical news and the transaction is already happened.

This can be the biggest transaction event in the web hosting industry and another biggest transaction happened several months ago, it was Bluehost who was acquired by Enduarance International Group (EIG).

Who purchase GoDaddy web hosting?

The new owner of GoDaddy will be KKR, Silver Lake and Technology Crossover Ventures (TCV).

KKR actually stands for three of their founders’ names, Kholberg, Kravis and Roberts. Silver Lake is a US-based private equity firm focused on leveraged buyout and growth capital investments in technology, technology-enabled and related industries.

Technology Crossover Ventures is a Venture Capital Firm based in the United States who was founded in and has a general preference towards Early stage investments in the following industries: Internet, Software & Services, Financial Technology, Infrastructure & Communications.

GoDaddy Future:

I think this is the most concerned issue to all of GoDaddy’s clients. If you’re a current user of GoDaddy web hosting company, you’ll worry about your domain name and your website contents. Indeed, I think you don’t need to worry about with these, since Bob sold out GoDaddy, but he’s still working for the new GoDaddy, but his role is already changed. Bob was the CEO of GoDaddy and now his role will be executive chairman of Go Daddy. As you see, Bob is still working for GoDaddy and I think he still plays an important role in hosting business.

Are you planning to move out from GoDaddy web hosting?

The web hosting industry always gives us amazing and I think no one would like to host their websites with an unstable web hosting company. If you’re a current customer of GoDaddy web hosting company and planning to move to another hosting provider, here I’d like to recommend the 2 of best web hosts for you to check – Arvixe web solutions and InMotion hosting.

Arvixe is an independent web hosting company who’re growing fastly in the past years and I’ve contacted with their CEO – Arvand Sabetian and he promised not sold out his hosting company in recent years. Arvixe offers windows and linux web hosting service, whatever you need for your website, you can find they can be satisfied with your website requirements. If you’d like to search for a new web hosting provider for your website, then Arvixe will be definitely one of your best choice.

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InMotion is the other most reliable wen hosting company in the industry. InMotion launched business since 2001 and they’re also growing fast in recent years. Please note InMotion is a Linux-based web hosting company, if you’re looking for a windows web hosting provider, then they’re not your choice.

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