GoDaddy Vs SmarterASP.NET Vs Mochahost

GoDaddy Vs SmarterASP.NET Vs Mochahost

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GoDaddy Vs SmarterASP Vs Mochahost

Who’s the best ASP.NET hosting among GoDaddy Vs SmarterASP.NET Vs Mochahost?

Everyone should be familiar with GoDaddy, since GoDaddy is the world largest domain registrar and also one of the world largest web hosting provider. How about SmarterASP.NET and Mochahost?

Compared to our site visitors’ reviews and our independent research about the 3 famous web hosts, Mochahost is a real bad web host who’s not worth for us to recommend to you, but SmarterASP.NET has won a very good reputation from their customer feedbacks. Who’s SmarterASP.NET? SmarterASP.NET has been providing quality ASP.NET hosting service since 1999 and they’re having a genius management team. SmarterASP.NET operates at three different World-Class Data Centers that meet with strictest criteria which can ensure your site running smoothly.

Web Hositng Properties Comparison:

Web Host SmarterASP.NET GoDaddy Mochahost
Reputation rating 5 rating 4.5 rating 3.0
Performance rating 5 rating 4.5 rating 2,5
Server Uptime rating 5 rating 3 rating 3
Tech Support rating 5 rating 4.5 rating 2.5
Price rating 5 rating 4.5 rating 4.5
Visit Visit Not Recommeded

From the table above, we can easily find SmarterASP.NET is much better than the other 2 web hosts. If you use the keyword “SmarterASP.NET sucks“, “GoDaddy sucks” and “Mochahost sucks” to search on the Google, you can find what we recommend is real true here.

SmarterASP.NET Reliability:

A good web server should be able to guarantee in providing highest quality products and top security which can ensure your website won’t be attacked by DDoS or other viruses affected. SmarterASP.NET is always choosing highest quality servers, most secure virtual networking partners and infrastructure equipments to ensure the utmost reliability.

SmarterASP.NET is also a Solid Company:

If you’ve checked the domain (SmarterASP.NET) on whois, you can find the domain was just registered in last year, but that’s not the real history of the company. The precursor of this ASP.NET hosting company was Webhost4life which was acquired by EIG 3 years ago. If you’re not familiar with SmarterASP.NET, then you should have heard about Webhost4life. Before Webhost4life was acquired by EIG, they were also a very famous Windows hosting company in the industry.

After 1 year’s swift growth, SmarterASP.NET has become a leading Windows hosting provider and please note they’re a debt-free company in the industry. Currently, SmarterASP.NET is serving more than 200,000 websites world-wide and new customers are still joining them every day.


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