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GreenGeeks FAQ

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A Brief Introduction of GreenGeeks FAQ:

GreenGeeks provides high performance and reliable green web hosting service to personal, individuals and small businesses. All of their web hosting servers are housed in their world level state-of-the-art data centers.

Can I install WordPress on GreenGeeks?

Yes you can. GreenGeeks offers WordPress through their Fantastico script library which is included for free with every GreenGeeks hosting account. If you’ve a WordPress site already, you can back up the site files and database with your previous hosting provider and restore in your new GreenGeeks account. GreenGeeks also offers free website migration service, if you’re not familiar how to start with a website migration, just feel free to open a ticket to their technicians to help you proceed the migration.

Can you customize a web hosting plan for special needs of some customers?

At GreenGeeks, they offer one of the world’s most popular web hosting plan with unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, hosting unlimited domain names, and unlimited email accounts with tons of value added services. Also please aware GreenGeeks is ranked as number one green web hosting company on the planet.

Can you provide some sample websites of your existing customers to me please?

The first and foremost policy of GreenGeeks is to protect the privacy of their existing customers, but it does have some happy and satisfied customers who’ve submitted their testimonials on the review page and they permit us to show their websites to public. You can check some examples of those sites as below:

– This is a site with large database driven which is working perfectly on GreenGeeks server for many years.
and more.

Do you have any free templates? Can you provide some examples to me please?

GreenGeeks offers a free site builder application – SohoLaunch PRO to their customers. This site builder includes hundreds of beautiful templates and you can check some templates and sample websites here.

GreenGeeks is using cPanel in their hosting account and you can install multiple web applications via the cPanel Fantastico.

If you’ve an idea of building a website with a special web application, but not sure whether GreenGeeks allows you to install on their web servers. Then you can easily contact with their sales team via email “” to get assistance, their support team’ll help you check whether the web application can run or not.

Can you provide ColdFusion on your web server?

Currently, GreenGeeks doesn’t support ColdFusion and there’s no plan to add ColdFusion to their web servers in near future.

Does GreenGeeks support Microsoft SQL server

Sorry, GreenGeeks is a Linux-based platform web hosting company and they don’t offer any services related with Microsoft, such as ASP, ASP.NET scripts cannot be run by their servers.

GreenGeeks is focusing on providing quality green Linux web hosting solution and for the majority of their existing customers, the MySQL and PHP are already fine for their requirements.

Can you support URL Mod_Rewrite feature?

Of course, the Mod_Rewrite function is supported on every GreenGeeks server and you can use it automatically when you use .htaccess file in hosting account.

Can you support SSI (Server Side Includes) on the server?

Yes, SSI is supported by GreenGeeks. What’s SSI? SSI can is a useful attachment on a web server which can improve the site loading performance greatly. It can dynamically shift content to an HTML page without having to serve the entire site.

The decision of when to use SSI is usually a matter of how much of the page is static, and how much needs to be recalculated every time the page is served.

SSI is a great way to build consistency into your website so all content uses the same fonts & styles. SSI can also be used to add small pieces of information, such as the current time or stock quotes.

Does GreenGeeks advertise on customer’s site?

Of course not, GreenGeeks won’t advertise on their customer’s sites in any forms forever. GreenGeeks offers a profitable affiliate program which allows anyone to join, if you’d like to become their affiliate partner, just sign up or activate the affiliate feature in your hosting account. GreenGeeks won’t force customers to join their affiliate program, it’s fully free for those who want to make money online.

Does GreenGeeks allow Anonymous FTP access at a same time?

Yes, anonymous FTP access is available on GreenGeeks web hosting servers.

Does GreenGeeks host adult or porn sites?

First, GreenGeeks is not a web hosting company for pornographic, however, those sites may have content or images seem erotic are allowed to be hosted on their servers. Any sites whose core is selling erotic images or videos will against with their “Terms of Service”, and GreenGeeks has the authority to close your websites without refund, and you’ll be alerted to change website content or move to another web host.

Is there any form builder or generator provided by GreenGeeks?

GreenGeeks does offer a form builder called PHPFormGenerator, you can login the cPanel and find it in your Fantastico script library. You can use this form builder to collect information or feedbacks from your site visitors, the form generator is total free to every customer of GreenGeeks.

If you’d like to know more information about this form script, you can visit “” to check further.

How to close or cancel a GreenGeeks account?

If you’re not satisfied with GreenGeeks web hosting service, you can choose to cancel the hosting account anytime you like. Please aware GreenGeeks offers 30 days money back guarantee only, if your hosting account is already out of the date, I’m afraid you won’t receive refund.

In order to close your hosting account, you need to write an email to their quality assurance department, their contact email is

Does GreenGeeks support streaming video & Audio?

Yes, GreenGeeks allows their clients to have streaming video files on their sites. But please aware a streaming video site should incur lots of bandwidth, if you’re planning to run a professional streaming video site, then a shared hosting service should not be your good choice.

How much disk space and bandwidth GreenGeeks provide?

GreenGeeks offers shared hosting, reseller and VPS hosting services, and there’s only 1 shared hosting plan provided by GreenGeeks. In this shared hosting package, GreenGeeks unlimited bandwidth in addition to unlimited disk space and unlimited amounts of websites and email accounts hosted.

Does GreenGeeks provide 24/7 customer support?

GreenGeeks support team is available for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week non-stopped service. Their primary support is focused for the issues related with their servers. They don’t offer free support for web designing, scripts or 3rd party applications. They supply 3rd party scripts for free through their Fantastico auto-installer, and any other scripts are not included in the Fantastico, an installation fee will be incurred.

Please aware all of the 3rd party scripts installed on GreenGeeks cannot affect the server performance or interrupt other client sites. Those scripts must pass through industry standard and maintain by their own staff.

What makes GreenGeeks better than the other competitors?

GreenGeeks launched business since 2006 and now they’ve become a leading green web hosting company in the industry. Why GreenGeeks can beat down other competitors and grow so fast in the past years? Those guys are dedicated to providing exceptional web hosting service at an affordable price, more and more customers are coming for its fame.

What shopping carts does GreenGeeks provide to customers?

GreenGeeks provides CubeCart, osCommerce and Zen-Cart in their hosting accounts by default, these 3 shopping carts are total free to use. Many payment gateways (such as Paypal, 2Checkout, Credit Cart, etc) can be supported by these 3 popular shopping carts on the internet.

What version of MySQL does GreenGeeks use?

GreenGeeks currently uses MySQL version 5.6.91-community and they always update their database server from time to time to the latest stable version.

Do you have any green banner which can be used for my site?

If you’ve joined their affiliate program, you can visit this page “” to find banners to advertise on your site.


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