HostColor Reviews, Is HostColor a Good Web Hosting?

HostColor Reviews, Is HostColor a Good Web Hosting?

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HostColor reviews

HostColor Reviews – Is HostColor a Good Linux Hosting?

Is HostColor Good for You?

HostColor is an average recommended web hosting company compared from our website readers’ feedbacks and comments. If you’re not familiar with HostColor, here I’d like to bring you some brief introduction about this web hosting company. HostColor launched business since 2000 and now there are more than 50,000 websites are hosted on their server platform. HostColor cheapest shared hosting starts from $4.95/mo and you can have multiple features, includes unlimited monthly bandwidth, plenty of website space, unlimited websites hosted allowed, etc..

Who’s better than HostColor?

At, we only recommend the most reliable and budget web hosts for our readers. If you ask me who’s better than HostColor, here I’d like to recommend the 2 of world famous web hosts for to check – InMotion hosting and HostGator. Why choose the 2 web hosting companies? The reason is real simple, since they’re all well-done in the industry and they’ve received higher customer satisfaction than other web hosts.

InMotion is a famous business web hosting and HostGator is one of the world largest web hosting company. You can click the link above to visit their website to check more information! If you’d like to open a new web hosting account with HostGator, you can use the latest HostGator coupon “Today25Off” to save 25% cost immediately for the first payment.

HostColor Web Hosting Overview:

HostColor is a Quality Web Hosting provider since 2000. Host Color started our business in Europe and moved to United States in August 2003. Since then Host Color LLC is a Delaware incorporated, profitable company which now owns a number of successful web hosting and website service brands.

HostColor Features:

  • UNLIMITED Bandwidth
  • 10,000 MB Disk Space
  • Anti-Spam Email
  • Anti-virus Dell Power Server
  • cPanel / WHM or NextColor control panel
  • Fantastico or PowerTools software library
  • pZone (Customer Center) account management
  • 10 minutes response time on support tickets
  • Famous 24×7 Toll-Free phone support
  • And more..

HostColor Hosting Service:

Blog Web Hosting

Choise between 10 blogging platforms, MODX CMS and get all tools you need to create and manage popular authoring website. It is only $3.99/mo.

CMS Hosting Plan

Features MODx CMS, Drupal CMS, Joomla hosting, Moodle course management and many other content management systems. Costs only $4.99/mo.

Social Web Hosting

Web hosting service which gives you everything you need to build an advanced social networking website. You can use Dolphin, MediaWiki, Pligg, WordPress MU, and many other social tools.

E-Commerce Hosting

“Web Mall” hosting plan offers a large choice of shopping carts and e-commerce applications such as Zen Cart, CubeCart, PayPal cart, Joomla CMS shopping cart, and etc.

Multi Domain Hosting

This is powerful, multi-site web hosting plan. It offers the full list of applications and solutions Host Color offers with other shared hosting plans. Multi Domain plan saves you money on web hosting and makes website management very easy.

VPS Start

Low cost ($19.95/mo) VPS Hosting solution that comes with 192 MB RAM, 10 GB HDD, and 50 GB Data transfer. Powered by Virtuozzo and Famous24x7 tech support.

VPS Advance

Advanced VPS Hosting plan for only $49.95/mo. A Virtuozzo technology plus 512 MB RAM, 25 GB HDD and 200 GB Data transfer. It is works better than any low-end dedicated server.

VPS Power

$69.95/month Virtual Private Server you wouldn’t leave even for powerful Dedicated machine. Powered by Virtuozzo Container, 1,022 MB RAM, 50 GB HDD and 350 GB Data transfer.

Dedicated Start

Core 2 Duo based server with 2.6 GHz processor, 320 GB HDD and 1 MB RAM. It fits to your budget because it costs only $99/month.

Dedicated Advance

Quad-Core Intel Xeon server with 2.33 GHz processor, 12M cache, 2 x 320 HDD and 4 GB RAM. It is a high performance server at fair price – $249/month.

Euro 2 Dedicated

Quad-Core Xeon X3210 server with 2.13 GHz processor, 320 GB HDD and 4 GB RAM. It costs only €169/month.

Why Choose HostColor?

Customization, Fair Play, No Overselling!

HostColor offer highest possible level of customization available with shared class hosting services. While many web hosts cheat on customers by heavily overselling and litimig their resources, Host Color provides exactly what it promises and never limits the usage of your hosting services. This makes us honnest web host!

Famous 24×7 customer care!

You never wait on the line. HostColor always answer your calls and respond to your messages, and support tickets within less than 15 minutes.

Responsible Business!

Host Color is responsible web hosting provider and profitable business that operates on a global market. Our customer support center is located in European Union (Bulgaria). We pay taxes in United States and EU and support local communities is five countires – United States, United Kingdom, Canada, The Netherlands and Bulgaria. We also support the development of CentOS Linux OS, MODx CMS and partner with Drupal content management platform.

Always in Touch!

You can call HostColor anytime at U.S. toll-free line 1-888-222-1495; UK phone line: +44 871 731 1002 or directly in our Bulgarian call center at +359 2 489 10 70 without conforming with business hours or time zones. If you prefer to talk on Skype, dial “HostColor”. If you like ICQ, our number is 295-989-860.

HostColor Support:

  • Phone Support
  • U.S. customers can call HostColor at
  • 1-888-222-1495 – Shared web hosting customes
  • 1-866-375-HOST (4678) – VPS & Dedicated hosting customers
  • Local phone support in U.S. and Canada (New York & Toronto GTA)
  • 718-878-3070 – New York City
  • 416-548-4736 – Toronto GTA
  • Live Message
  • Skype: HostColor
  • ICQ: 295-989-860
  • 24/7 Ticket Support

HostColor Corporate Address:

222 Delaware Avenue
Wilmington, 19801
United States

If you want to send regular mail, please address it to:

Host Color LLC
244 Fifth Avenue # 2058
New York, 10001

>> Please click here to visit for more information!

HostColor Reviews


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