HostGator has been becoming Unbeatable Hosting?

HostGator has been becoming Unbeatable Hosting?

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HostGator is one of the most successful web hosting company in the industry. HostGator is not the oldest web hosting company, but you can say HostGator is the No.1 fastest growing web hosting company. HostGator was founded since 2002 and till present, it’s already serving over 2,500,000 domain names and the total website stats are still growing in every minute.

Maybe you’ve the doubt – Is HostGator a good web hosting?

Okay! You may have searched many web hosting reviews website and have the doubt is HostGator reliable and how’s their web hosting service? That’s normal when you’re having difficulty to search for a reliable web hosting company. Thanks for arriving our find best web hosting reviews website and here we’ll talk more about HostGator – Why HostGator has been becoming unbeatable web hosting?

Reasons for HostGator’s Success:

  • 1. Super Fantasitic Customer Support – HostGator’s support team is much more professional than any of the other web hosting companies, when you contact with their support, you’ll be able to find what’s the professional. They’ve a large group of the support team, since they’re a super large web hosting company who is having millions of websites hosted with them. I don’t have an account with HostGator, but I did have contact with their support team several times. As you see, one web hosting can host more than 1 million websites must have something difference with the others and I think the biggest difference between HostGator and the other web hosting companies is they can offer super excellent client service. You can easily contact with their support team via live chat, phone call or ticket support team – All of the support team are available for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The support team is friendly and caring about with the customers.
  • 2. Affordable Web Hosting Price – Hey, HostGator has become one of the cheapest web hosting for unlimited series. Starting from $4.95/mo, I don’t think there’s any other web hosting companies can compete with them with the features offered.
  • 3. Green Power Energy – HostGator is a wind-energy web hosting leader. They offsetting all of electricity use with wind-generated Renewable Energy Certificates, which prevent the release of 2,660 metric tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere each year. At least they care about earth.
  • 4. Hot Hosting Coupons – Okay. You can find there are many web hosting coupon codes offered by HostGator, you can receive 20% coupon with using the coupon code they provide. The coupon code is available for their shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated servers. The newest HostGator coupon code is “TWITTER” & “SPRING”.
  • 5. Best Affiliate Marketing Policy – You may find there are so many web hosting companies can provide the free affiliate program, you’re also able to join HostGator affiliate program freely. HostGator is one of the most generous web hosting companies to the affiliates. You can check the affiliate payments details as below.
    Yes, if you’ve the ability to take more than 21 new customers to HostGator in one month, you’ll be able to receive $125 x 21 = $2,625. HostGator’s affiliate program cab be 100% trusted. As you see, I also joined their affiliate program and they’re doing very well in the affiliate parts. I did always recommend HostGator web hosting service to the visitors, since they’ve a very high rating satisfaction and very good for the customer support service.

HostGator Affiliates

HostGator Alexa Rank – 391:

HostGator Alexa Traffic

As you see, HostGator web hosting’s Alexa traffic is much higher than the other web hosting companies, since they’ve a super large group of customers. Their traffic rank in United States is 233 and the Alexa traffic rank is 391.


You may ask do we recommend HostGator web hosting service? Yes, of course, since I opened the web hosting reviews website, I’ve been recommending HostGator for numerous web masters, you can see there are few negative comments about HostGator company, since they’re professional, reliable and caring about with the customers. If you’re still not sure which web hosting will be your best choice, please feel free to contact with me anytime you like, you can email to “”. Thank you!

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