HostGator Vs Siteground

HostGator Vs Siteground

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hostgator vs siteground

An independent comparison of the 2
most famous Linux web hosts – HostGator Vs SiteGround:

Which company is better between HostGator and Siteground? Compared to our site reader’s rates and our independent research, HostGator is much better than Siteground. HostGator has been providing quality web hosting service to individuals, small businesses, medium and large-sized businesses over 11 years. HostGator offers many different web hosting packages include shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS and dedicated server solutions to different levels of customer’s needs.

HostGator launched business since 2002 and over 11 years fast growth and developing, the company has become a leader of web hosting service in the industry. HostGator always focused on providing quality Linux web hosting solution in the previous and they also offered Windows hosting service in the middle of 2012 year.

SiteGround was founded in 2004 and the company is already serving more than 250,000 websites around the world. Siteground provides shared hosting, cloud hosting and dedicated servers to web developers, site designers and bloggers. Currently, the company employs over 100 workers and their office is located at Panama.

Is there any other hosting company that could be better than HostGator and Siteground?

We’re a professional review site which has been running for over 4 years. We’ve reviewed hundreds of different web hosts in the industry. Honestly speaking, to choose a best web host is not that easy, you may have found the recommendations on different review sites are always different. On our site, we always recommend our site readers to choose Arvixe web solutions as their first web hosting choice, since the company has won a very good reputation from their existing customers, especially their web hosting price is always much cheaper than other competitors. You just need to cost $2.80 per month to subscribe their Linux web hosting service and it allows you to add multiple websites in 1 hosting account.

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HostGator Vs Siteground – Server Reliability:

Which web host has better server reliability between HostGator and Siteground? As you see, the server reliability is always one of the most important standards to evaluate a web host is worth to promote or not. Both of the 2 hosting companies guarantee to have 99.9% server uptime to their customers. Which one can reach the uptime as they promised?

In order to find out the answer, we’ve to make a test by ourselves. We opened 2 accounts with both of them and installed a blog site on the separated account. After 1 month’s test, we found HostGator’s server uptime was close to 99.5% and the server uptime of Siteground was near 96.5%. In our opinion, the server uptime of a web hosting company that can reach 99% is already very good for us to recommend. If you need a company that’s having better server reliability than HostGator and Siteground, you may try with Arvixe web solutions, since we also have made a test on their web servers and their uptime is close to 100%.

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HostGator Vs Siteground – Site Loading Speed:

We believe every web developer wishes their sites can be loaded like a fly. If your website was hosted on a web server which made your site loading slowly like a snail, we think you would be very angry and want to eat your web hosting provider. Which one can be loaded faster between the 2 hosts? “” is a very good site which can help us to make a test to find out which web host is running faster. After several tests on the GTMetrix, we found the average response time of HostGator is less than 60 ms and Siteground took approximately 180 ms, so we can receive such a conclusion, HostGator web servers are running more smoothly than Siteground and many other web hosts.

If you don’t trust with our test result, you may try to give it a test manually, the website’s testing service is total free to all of online users.

HostGator Vs Siteground – Customer Support:

Both of the 2 famous Linux web hosts offer 24/7 customer support via live chat, phone and email contact. Which one is the winner of customer support? Indeed, we’ve been using HostGator web hosting service for over 2 years and their performance is excellent which is worth for us to recommend. During the period of using their service, we did have met many troubles and contacted with their support team many times. I remembered there had been a time I deleted a root file by mistake, I felt very worry at that moment and I chose to contact their support on live chat immediately. However, the live chat operator didn’t have the authority to access the web server to restore the file for me, but he contacted with their server admin to proceed the restoration. I real appreciate with the assistance of that operator, which helped me save many troubles.

Though we don’t have a hosting account with Siteground, but we also can check their customer support service in another way. Siteground is smaller and their employees are also less than HostGator. We’ve tried to contact with their support team in the mid-night and asked several questions, from simple to trouble-shooting issues, those guys are all eligible to give us a satisfied answer. So we thought the 2 companies are equal on the customer support service.

HostGator Vs Siteground – Money Back Policy:

HostGator has a bit longer money back guarantee than Siteground, whatever, we thought their money back policy is basically the same. At present, HostGator offers 45 days money back which is a bit longer than Siteground’s 30 days. Once we choose a web host, we won’t plan to cancel our web hosting service within 1 or 2 months, since the website migration is always a boring business and always shifts web hosts can lead to distrust by search engines.

HostGator Vs Siteground – Hosting Price:

The price of a web host is another most of important standards for us to choose a good hosting in the industry. HostGator cheapest Linux hosting package starts with $4.95/mo and you can use the coupon code “Today25Off” to save 25% cost for the first billing order, it means you just need to spend $3.47/mo to have a reliable web host for your business.

Siteground cheapest shared hosting service starts from $9.95 per month and they’re offering 60% discount to new customers at present, it means you just need to spend $3.95/mo to have a hosting account with them.

Compared to the digits above, we can easily find HostGator web hosting price is much cheaper than Siteground.


After reading this article, we believe you should have a bright idea to choose the web host you like. We write every review article on our site by heart and you can full trust with our honest recommendations. In the end, if you’ve encountered any troubles or difficulties in choosing a right web host, please feel free to contact with us anytime you like, we’ll do our best to help you find out the best web solutions for your business.

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