How to check a Domain Name working properly or Not?

How to check a Domain Name working properly or Not?

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Domain Name

What’s a Domain Name?

What’s a domain name? Domain name refers to a web address which you can enter in a browser to visit their website on the internet. Sometimes you may encounter such issues, you already entered a correct domain name in your browser, but the website cannot be loaded, do you know what’s happened? Here I’d like to give you a brief guidance about how to check a domain name working properly or not.

How to check a Domain Name is working or not?

First, you can use local command order to Ping or Tracert the domain name, how to open local command? It’s very easy, you just need to click “Start” from your local computer and click “Run”, then enter “CMD”, that’s good, you’ll get a DOS command on your pc .

In the Dos command, you can enter : Ping
If the domain is working fine, it will list three columns of IP addresses, and the IP location is same. Once you cannot receive the 3 lines of IP address after Ping, you can try to use “Tracert” to check the whole route. Tracert is a very useful dos command to check the whole route of a domain name’s connectivity to web server.
Ping Domain Name

Who’s the most reliable domain name hosting in the industry?

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  1. I am having a problem setting up domain from netfirms to for their free hosting. I used this method to check if the domain is working.. it troubled me because I had errors and try again.

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