How to find feeling source to write Quality content?

How to find feeling source to write Quality content?

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Google Panda just updated on last Friday and most of small websites are affected by their new algorithm, in order to write quality content, you’ve to find the good feeling to write helpful and quality contents to attract your readers and here I’d like to introduce several ways to find the feeling sources of writing.

1. Find the feeling source from Daily life

Most of writers are always staying in front of computer and they’re nearly cut from the outside world. Except the eating and sleeping time, most of their time should be living with computer, then I think  what’s your writing will be always those old topics and your reader will be boring with those repeated contents.

In order to write a quality and interested article, I recommend you can walk out your room to touch more with the outside world to find the write feeling. Most of the wonderful and attractive articles are all from the real life, everything you see and you find can be writing into your website. Once you can think about everything you live around, I think your feeling of writing will be bump out and never stopped.

2. Find the feeling source from Daily Talking

This is the one of best way I strongly recommended, one old maxim said “Many heads are better than one”, different person having different thoughts about one thing. During the talking, you can find the other people’s thinking and their thoughts, you can catch it into your heart and it could become the feeling source of your writing.

For example, when you want to write a reviews about one web hosting, you said this web host is good but your friend may find the other is better, you can ask your friend why he think that web host is better than your thought and it will become a good source of your writing.

3. Find the feeling source from the Marketing

You may find that’s a joke to find feeling from the marketing place, the marketing place is always noisy and you cannot even put your heart quiet down, how I can find the feeling from a noisy place? What you see, what you hear are all the sources of your writing feeling, because the marketing place is having lots of colorful people, such as peddler, walker, mendicant musician, etc. If you’re always sitting in front of computer, you’re impossible to touch those colorful people, so I recommend you can walk out as more as possible to find your feeling source and then you can write out the quality contents which can be attractive for your readers.

In the end, you may find the article is useful or having too much verbally words, that’s up to how you thinking about. Whatever, I wish every occupational writer can have more time to touch the people around and touch the outside colorful world. Our life should not be only having computer, but also having family, friends and love. If you like this article, thanks for adding it into your Google Plus and share it with your friends.


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