How to increase your website Traffic?

How to increase your website Traffic?

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You can find there are many tips on the internet to guide you how to increase your website visitors, is it real useful? I’ve been a web master for more than 5 years and here I’d like to share a bit of my personal experience with you what I have done to improve my website rank on the main search engine, I wish it could help you optimize with your own website. If you like this topic, thanks for sharing it with your friends and add it into your Goolge Plus. Thank you.

1. You can write a rock-solid website title – Most of the search engine (Google, Bing and Yahoo) would like to pick up the pages which has short and featured article title. A good homepage title or single page title are both important, the whole website title is the core of your website content and each single page title is the core of that page. Your article must be related with your website title, or Google could feel your website cannot be trusted.

2. Use more text on each article, but not too many images – If your website is a gallary website with Photos only, I think it’s not very friendly with SEO target. You’d better add illustration for each image and write more contents to make your website seems to be useful and good for reading.

3. Have a good list of keywords on your website – If you’re running a blog website, you can install many SEO plugins to help you optimize your website. Please note the keywords cannot be too density or too long, a good list of keywords should not be over 6 and each single page, the keyword density should not be more than 3.

4. Add links back to your website as more as possible – You can submit your website to mainly search engine and write articles in many other contents maker website, please note to leave your website back when you write article in the other websites. The backward links to your website as more as better for your ranking on the Google.

5. Always update the old website article and contents – You should check and modify the old contents on your website to make sure your article is the newest and Google likes those articles always updated regularly.

6. Add more internal links is also very important – Once you write a new article and published on your website, if you found there’s any article related with the new topic, you can add the internal links to the old article which can be helpful for the spider to catch more contents on your website.

The End:

You may find Google just launched a new algorithm called Google Panda which can filter those spam contents which is useless for the readers and lots of websites are affected with the new Panda algorithm. If you’d like to attract more visitors and improve your website traffic, you cannot write topics which is useless and helpless for the readers – That’s very important.

Once your website was punished by Google, that’ll be a very bad news and it could take lots of time for Google to release your website. If you like this article, please give me a hand in Google Plus.


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