How to install Private SSL Certificates on Arvixe?

How to install Private SSL Certificates on Arvixe?

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Arvixe SSL installation

How to purchase and install Private SSL Certificates on Your Ecommerce Website?

If you’re running a business website, that’s important to install your private SSL certs on your shopping cart website. Here I’d like to guide you how to purchase and install private SSL certificate on the Arvixe web hosting.

If you are already is an existing customer with Arvixe web solutions, you can now purchase the Arvixe private SSL certificate at a discount price and Arvixe support team will help you with free installation. Arvixe business private SSL certificate is using 124 bits encryption, and offering the highest security for your ecommerce site with https webpage to accept credit card payment information.

Arvixe is using cPanel control panel and you can login your control panel to purchase the new SSL Cert, their price is $40.00 per year, their price is much cheaper than most of the other web hosts. In order to install SSL certs, you’ve to get a dedicated IP address, if you don’t have a dedicated IP in your hosting account, you can contact with Arvixe web hosting support team to get one and the price is $2.00 per month, this is also cheaper than most of the other web hosts. Once you’ve purchased the SSL certs and having a dedicated IP address, you can open a ticket to Arvixe technical support team to help you install the SSL on your business website.

Arvixe SSL certificates features:
  • Single root certificate – issued and installed quickly.
  • Lower cost single root install SSL certificate
  • Immediately SSL certificate Issuance
  • Multi-year savings are available, you can choose to subscribe for 1, 2 or more Years
  • Automated Online Validation
  • The SSL Cert provided by Arvixe is recognized by 99% of main browsers, includes Google Chrome, IE 6.0 and above, Firefox, Safari, etc.
  • Fully supported whole day – Phone, web, Email
  • Strong 128 bit Encryption – Industry Standard SSL
  • After installed the SSL Certs, you can find there’s a signal “Secured by Starter SSL” on your website
  • RapidSSL has to login the root to issue your certificate
Here are 3 steps to install the Arvixe SSL Certs:
  • 1. Login Your cPanel control panel -> Click “SSL/TLS Manager”
  • 2. You’ll find there are 4 options for you to choose – Please click “Activate SSL for Your Website (SSL)”
  • 3. You can choose the domain name which you want to be installed the SSL and you can check the forms below.

Arvixe SSL


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