iPage Vs Webhostforlife

iPage Vs Webhostforlife

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iPage Vs Webhostforlife

www.iPage.com Vs www.Webhost4life.com

An Independent Comparison of iPad Vs Webhostforlife

Which company is better between iPage and Webhostforlife? Compared to our site visitor’s feedbacks and our editor’s review, iPage is much better than Webhostforlife. iPage has been providing web hosting service for personal, social group, business and non-profit websites over 10 years. iPage offers only 1 single but powerful web hosting package and it includes everything you need to run a blog, forum or business site.

Webhostforlife started business since 1999 and it has been a very good web host before it was acquired by EIG company. We always recommended Webhostforlife to our site readers in the previous time, but not for now. If you ask me which web host is better between them? Here we recommend you may try with iPage web host first.

Is there any other web hosts who’re better than iPage and Webhostforlife?

We’ve reviewed hundreds of different web hosts in the industry and it does have several web hosts who’re better than iPage and Webhostforlife in server reliability and price, such as Arvixe offers Linux hosting service as low as $2.80 per month which is much cheaper and its web hosting performance is also much better than iPage & Webhostforlife.

iPage Vs Webhostforlife – Server Reliability:

The server reliability is always one of the most important standards to evaluate a web host is good or bad forever. Which web host has better server reliability? Both of the 2 companies have 99.9% uptime guarantee, but the guarantee just comes from the mouth of themselves, we’ve to make a test by ourselves to find out which web host is lying to customers.

In order to find out the result, one of our editors had tried to install a blog site on the 2 hosting companies and finally we found that iPage’s server uptime is much higher than Webhostforlife. The real server uptime of iPage is approximately 98.5% and the real server uptime of Webhostforlife is less than 80%. Honestly speaking, a web host’s server uptime can reach 98% is already very great in the industry. If you need a web host which is having better server uptime, here we also recommend you may try with Arvixe web solutions and their web hosting uptime is real close to 100% which has been proved by our test.

iPage Vs Webhostforlife – Website Loading Speed:

If your site’s loading speed likes a snail on the internet, we believe you would be crazy with your web host. Which web host is running faster? In order to find out which web host is better on the server speed, we’ve to rely on the 3rd party to make a test. “GTMetrix.com” is a very good website which can be used for testing your site loading speed and it can help you find out the factors which could affect your site loading performance.

Finally, we found iPage (98ms) is loading much faster and smoothly than Webhostforlife (278ms). If you don’t believe with this result, you’re also able to make a test by yourself, the website offers free testing service to all of users on the internet.

iPage Vs Webhostforlife – Customer Support:

iPage is a Linux-based web host and Webhostforlife’s main business is always focusing on Windows hosting service. Both of the 2 companies promised to offer 24/7 customer support service to their clients, is that real? One of our editors named Helen Seli did have made a test, she tried to call the 2 hosting companies in the mid-night, iPage live operator picked up her phone very quickly, the total waiting time was less than 20 seconds. But the call situation was complete different with Webhostforlife, there was a machine sound always told you to wait for another second, since the line was busy now, and about 5 minutes later, the phone call was hang up and there was nobody call you back.

According to the test of ourselves, it’s been a very good proof to show that not every web host can offer real 24 hours customer support.

iPage Vs Webhostforlife – Money back Guarantee:

It seems to be that almost all of web hosts have at least 30 days money back guarantee in the industry, and the 2 companies iPage Vs Webhostforlife also have their own money back policy.
iPage’s money back policy is much longer than others since they offer anytime money back guarantee to their customers. What does it mean? Indeed, it’s easily to understand, if you’re not satisfied with their web hosting service or just want to cancel your account, you can get your money back at anytime you like.

Webhostforlife has a regular 30 days money back guarantee. Obviously, iPage’s money back policy is much better and flexible to customers.


After reading this comparison article, we believe you should have a clear idea about which web host is better. Yes, iPage is better than Webhostforlife, but the company is not the best one on our review site. At here, we only promote and recommend the best web hosting solution to web developers, web designers and our site readers.

If you’ve any further concerns or any doubts, please feel free to leave a comment and we’ll reply you back as soon as possible.

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