EIG acquired Netfirms, Is Netfirms sold out already?

EIG acquired Netfirms, Is Netfirms sold out already?

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Is Netfirms sold out already?

Netfirms says that there are more than 1,200,000 websites hosted on their web hosting servers – A company can serve more than 1 million websites proved they are already a great web host in the industry.

If you ask me whether Netfirms company is already sold out or not, I believe the answer it’s “yes”. If you’ve done a bit more research on the search engines, you can find there are only few topics related with “Netfirms sold” or “EIG Netfirms”, since there’s no any positive report about the whole acquisition, but the fact is real – Netfirms is already sold to EIG.

Who purchased Netfirms?

I think this is the most concerned question about Netfirms current users. As you see, Netfirms is already a very large web hosting company in the industry and they’re ICANN authorized domain name registrar, if anyone wants to acquire Netfirms, they company must be rich enough. If I told you the new owner is EIG company, I think you could feel worry about with your website security.

EIG (Enduarance International Group) is not a web hosting company, but EIG is the owner of many famous web hosting companies, such as iPage, FatCow, Justhost, HostClear, EasyCGI, iPower, Powweb, Dot5Hosting, Webhost4life.. There are more than 30 brands are owned by EIG at present. In recent months, EIG has acquired another 2 world-famous web hosts – Bluehost and HostMonster.

Who’s Netfirms?

Netfirms has been a top web hosting company in the industry for more than 10 years. Netfirms provides web hosting solutions for all levels of expertise as well. The rock bottom price of their Plus web hosting plan, the least expensive monthly cost among the hosts we reviewed, definitely caught our eye. This no-frills plan includes all the necessities for building and posting a site, including both a good uptime and a fine customer service reputation.

EIG Introduction:

If you’ve never heard about EIG company before, it’s common, since they’re not a web hosting company and when they acquire one hosting company, always no public news reported. All of the transaction are processed secretly. I had been a victim user for EIG acquisition. In the early 2010, EIG acquired Webhost4life and at that time, I was using Webhost4life hosting service and during the website transfer, all of my websites are down line. Please aware I’m not the only victim for the web hosting acquisition, there are thousands of website owners having the same experience with me.

If you’ve done a bit more research onthe Google about EIG hosting, you’ll find there are so many negative reviews about their service, so I don’t want to recommend any hosts related with EIG company.

Netfirms Sold Resources:

Enduarance International Group Enduarance International Group
Endurance International Group is one of the world’s largest website hosting companies It achieved its size by acquiring a large number of large or smaller hosts, including NetFirms, FatCow, IPowerWeb, Bluehost, FastDomain, DomainHost, eHost, PureHost, and dozens of others, which it continues to operate under the original names. Endurance International Group was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts
Netfirms Sold Is Netfirms sold out already?
Recently Endurance International Group (EIG) announced the acquisition of Netfirms. It appears they will assimilate Netfirms into the existing EIG website hosting company.
Netfirms Twitter Follow Netfirms on Twitter
You can follow Netfirms on Twitter to check their latest company news and promotion offers.
Netfirms Company Netfirms Company Information
Founded in 1998, Netfirms is one of the world’s largest web hosting companies, trusted to power over 1.2 million websites. Netfirms helps customers get their ideas online with simple, reliable and easy to use solutions. Netfirms has democratized website and domain name ownership with affordable hosting plans starting at just $4.95/month.

If you’re a current Netfirms user, what should you to avoid the losses?

Ok, if you’re a current user of Netfirms web hosting, here I have to notify you’d better make your own website backups and download it to your local computer. Once EIG acquired one web hosting, they always make the website transfer to their own servers and during the website transfer, there are many unpredictable things would happen. If your website files lost during the transfer, you’re still able to restore from your own backups.

If I don’t want to continue to host my website with Netfirms, is there any other reliable web hosts who you can recommend?

Choosing a reliable web hosting is so important for us, after having the sucks experience with Webhost4life, I already moved all of my websites to HostGator and till present everything is working perfectly. Indeed, EIG also wants to acquire HostGator, but HostGator CEO has refused with their generous quoted price, so if you’d like to move your website to HostGator, you don’t need to feel worry about with the acquisition any more and you can use the coupon code “25Promotion” to save 25% cost with HostGator immediately for the first billing order.

Besides HostGator, there are 2 other reliable web hosts who’re worth for me to recommend to you – Arvixe web solutions and InMotion Hosting!

Arvixe LLC. is proudly to be the best web hosting provider compared from our visitors feedbacks and rating score. If you’ve checked my top 10 web hosting lists, you could find Arvixe is proudly to be the No.1 web hosting recommended. Arvixe has been a top web hosting company in the industry since 2003 and now they’ve become one of the largest and most famous web hosting company in the world. Arvixe’s cheapest shared hosting starts from $4.00 per month and they also offer reseller hosting, business hosting, VPS and dedicated server to different levels of clients requirement. If you’d like to open a new web hosting account with them, you can use the coupon code I provide to save 20% cost immediately for the first payment. Arvixe customer support team is available for 24/7 hours and they’ve 60 days long time money back guarantee, especially they accept monthly payment web hosting, so you don’t need to feel worry to host your websites with those guys.


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InMotion is another best web hosting in the industry I’ve encountered. InMotion launched business since 2001 and till present, they’re already hosting more than 700,000 websites around the planet. InMotion is a famous Linux-based platform web hosting company and they also offer shared hosting, reseller, vps and dedicated server solutions to different levels of customers requirement. InMotion only accept yearly payment web hosting, but they’ve 90 days long time money back guarantee. If you’d like to open a new web hosting account with InMotion hosting company today, you can visit their homepage via my website and you can save $12 immediately for the yearly contract.

InMotion Hosting

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