Is WebHostingGeeks a Good web hosting reviews website?

Is WebHostingGeeks a Good web hosting reviews website?

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Are you looking for a Good web hosting provider?

We believe most of the web masters have used the keyword “web hosting” or “web host” to search on the Google or other search engines, and then you’ll find the website “WebHostingGeeks”. We admit those guys are real good at SEO knowledge or we can call them as “SEO Engineer”. Those guys are doing a real good things to win the Google Robot’s trust. If you’re looking for a best web host, we recommend you may check with more site reviews and here we’d like to give you some useful suggestions in searching for a reliable web host. If you’re interested in this article, welcome to follow us on Twitter, thank you!

Can you believe the web hosting reviews from WebHostingGeeks?

1st, we admit WebHostingGeeks is a top web hosting review website on the internet, since their website always wins a very good position on the Google search engine. Of course, we also believe there are many web masters have found a satisfied web host through their site, but can you full trust with their web hosting reviews? Now let’s expose some secrets which you don’t know and we wish it could help you make a decision to choose a right web host.

You may have found “InMotion hosting” is ranked as No.1 web host on WebHostingGeeks currently and we admit InMotion is a real good web host compared from their customers’ feedbacks and rating scores on our website. But the 2nd web hosting company is iPage, we do have the doubt “Is iPage good enough to rank at a such high position?” If you’ve done a bit more research on the Google, you can find iPage is nothing good – bad customer support and when you renew in the next year, their price will be increased a lot. And if you want to cancel your web hosting account, you’ve to pay $35 cancellation fee. It does have so many complaints about iPage web hosting and they’re still placing iPage on their top 10 web hosting list, we’re just able to say that iPage has paid lots of money to advertise on their website.

And the 4th web host listed on their website is WebHostingPad. We think that’s the most irresponsible recommendation to new web masters, since WebHostingPad is the one of the worst web hosting company in the industry. If you’ve done a bit more works to search on the internet, you’ll find what we said are absolutely true, you can try to use “WebHostingPad sucks”, “WebHostingPad Problems” or “WebHostingPad Complaints” to search on the Google, you’ll find there are so many complaints about their web hosting service. Of course, we also have received many complaints about their web hosting service on our website. WebHostingGeeks also places WebHostingPad on their top 10 web hosting list, I’m only able to say that’s a real bad choice.

The 6th is FatCow and the 7th is Justhost – If you’re a fresh man to search for a best web host, we believe you don’t know they’re all the same company with iPage. Yes, iPage, fatcow and Justhost are all belonged to the same owner EIG. Have you heard of EIG before? If you’re familiar with EIG company, we think nobody would like to have business with those guys. EIG is a very rich international group and they’ve acquired more than 30 famous web hosting companies in the industry. EIG acquired one and destroy one, such as iPower, EasyCGI, Webhost4life, etc. All of these companies are very famous before they sold to EIG, but everything was changed since their owner shifted.

Who’s the best web hosting?

As we all know, to choose a good web host is very important to web masters, no one would like to see their website is loading slowly or always happening downtime issues. Who can be the best web hosting company and how to define a best web host? In our opinion, a good web host must be able to provide cost-effective web hosting service, efficient customer support and attractive web hosting price.

Compared from our site visitors’ feedbacks and our independent review about the best web host in the industry, here we recommend InMotion hosting and Arvixe web solutions as your best web hosting choices. Why we choose the 2 web hosting companies? You may have the doubts “Did they pay you to promote their web hosting services? Honestly speaking, they’ve never paid a penny to us, and we think we’ve the commitment to deliver the best web hosting solutions to web masters and our site readers. If you’re still in looking for a best web host for your website, then please just give it a try with Arvixe web solutions or InMotion, we believe you’ll be satisfied with their web hosting service.

InMotion is a leader of Linux-based platform web hosting service provider in the industry. InMotion started business since 2001 and now they’re already hosting more than 700,000 websites on their web servers. InMotion Hosting is mainly focus on business web hosting instead of personal hosting and they provide the entire choice of web hosting options from basic shared hosted offers, to VPS and dedicated hosting servers. InMotion offers unlimited disk space, unlimited monthly bandwidth and you can host multiple websites on their shared hosting service.. 24/7 fantastic customer support and 90 days long time money back guarantee.

InMotion Hosting

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Arvixe is one of the top windows web hosting service provider in the industry. Arvixe web solutions launched business since 2003 and now they’re already hosting more than 500,000 websites around the world, whatever you need for your websites, you can find Arvixe web hosting can be satisfied with your website requirements. Arvixe is also the No.1 web hosting on our top 10 web hosting lists and they’ve received the highest customer satisfaction compared from the visitors feedback and score ratings. Arvixe cheapest web hosting starts from $4.00 per month and you can use the coupon code I provide to save 20% cost, it means you just need to pay $3.20 per month to subscribe their web hosting service. Arvixe offers 24/7 professional customer support and 60 days long time money back guarantee, even more, Arvixe can accept monthly payment billing order, you can feel no worry to host your websites with those guys.

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