iWeb Hosting Reviews, An In-Depth Review of Managed and Cloud Hosting Provider

iWeb Hosting Reviews, An In-Depth Review of Managed and Cloud Hosting Provider

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An Independent Review of iWeb Hosting Service:

This review article of iWeb hosting service based on its hosting performance, page speed, feature, customer service and price, as well as its reputation among online communities and forum websites.

We always advise web developers to check the user reviews of a web host before making a decision, since it does have many disgustful web hosts which are totally worthless. Unlike many other review websites just want to earn cash from their affiliate links but not caring about the quality of web hosts, we did have opened and tested each web hosts before recommending them to our visitors.

Is iWeb.com a Good Web Host for Web Developers?

To be honest, iWeb.com is an average recommended web host according to our website visitors’ feedbacks and rates, as well as our editors’ independent research and investigation about the hosting company on the Internet.

If this is your first time to hear of iWeb.com, let’s take you a short introduction about this hosting company first. iWeb.com is one of the oldest web hosts which was founded in October 1996 in Boisbriand, on the North Shore of Montreal under the name “Formation et Technologies Formatek ” and later moved to Montreal in 1998 until present.

iWeb.com is a company that focuses on managed dedicated hosting and cloud hosting services, meaning their web hosting services are only suited for the medium-sized businesses or enterprise-level clients. If you’re running a personal site or a small business site, then iWeb.com should not be your ideal choice.

iWeb Hosting Rating:

According to our website visitors’ feedbacks and rates, approximately 75% of their customers have given iWeb.com positive reviews. Most of the complaints are related to their prices are too expensive and the support response is not that fast as expected.


iWeb.com – Managed Cloud Hosting

Website: http://www.iWeb.com
  • Reputation
    rating 4.0 of 5
  • Features
    rating 5 of 5
  • Performance
    rating 4.0 of 5
  • Reliability
    rating 4.0 of 5
  • Support
    rating 4.0 of 5
  • Price
    rating 3.0 of 5
    $89.00/mo, 30% off $119.00/mo regularly

iWeb Hosting Features:

iWeb.com most popular managed dedicated hosting service starts from $89.00 a month featuring Core2 Quad Q6700 3.06GHz, 8GB RAM DDR2 800MHz, 1000GB Storage and 12TB monthly traffic. And you can check more features about their hottest managed hosting service as below.

iWeb Hosting Features

check All managed dedicated servers and cloud hosting servers are powered by Smart Layer management
check Core2 Quad Q6700 3.06GHz / 8GB RAM DDR2 800MHz
check 1000GB Hard Disk / 12TB Monthly Data Transfer
check Advanced hosting infrastructures made-to-measure
check iWeb Custom Control Interface – Manage network connectivity, server setting and tickets
check 24/7 telephone support for hardware and managed services
check One month free with any 12-month commitment

iWeb Hosting Performance:

All of iWeb.com managed dedicated hosting and cloud hosting services have been installed with Smart Layer system. What is Smart Layer? In brief, Smart Layer is a layer of extra functionality added to Linux or Windows operation system which can help you simplify the complicated management. With Smart Layer, you can migrate your website from a server to another easily in a few minutes: configuration, static IPs, DNS and all.

How is the web performance of iWeb.com? To be honest, we haven’t got a chance to open a test account with iWeb.com due to its higher price, but our editors did have spent much time on the Internet for collecting the related information about their web hosting performance. When we enter “iWeb.com problems” or “iWeb.com issues” on the search engines, it does come out many complaints which are sent by their existing customers.

However, iWeb.com is a company that only focuses on the premium managed dedicated hosting and cloud hosting services. Due to its much higher prices, their performance should not be too bad.

iWeb Customer Support:

iWeb.com offers 24/7 technical support and customer service via online live chat, toll-free telephone and Email. Most of their employees are based in Montreal, Canada, and the others are located in Los Angeles Branch.

Our editors did have tried to call their support team in the mid-night several times, always hanging on and cutting off after waiting several minutes, so we guess their phone support is not real available for 24 hours. However, their online live chat operators always pick up our chats very quickly whenever we try to contact them. And about the Email support, normally, we can receive a reply from their technicians within 24 hours.


After reading this review article about iWeb.com web service, we believe you should have got an idea about whether choosing their web hosting service or not. If you’re looking for a reliable web hosting provider with budget cost, then iWeb.com is obviously not your good choice. However, for the large-sized businesses or enterprise-level clients, we can say their services are acceptable.

In the end, if you’re still not sure to choose which web host for your website or your web application, just feel free to contact us anytime as you want and our editors will definitely reply you back as soon as possible.


  1. After using the dedicated hosting services of IWEBB, I would definitely recommend not using their services. My business used their level 5 server plan and discovered a number of ongoing issues from the get go. Our server was slow and often went down. We made several requests to IWEBB, to correct them. The service was about a three week turn around. Then in April, I discovered our server had crashed once again, not unusual. We began the routine of calling, emailing, and their tech support. I was finally, after two days of being completely down, told that a drive had failed and it would be replaced. Another day went by no server, no answer. I waited 3 hours on the phone to be told that our data was lost and they had to put us on a new server. There was no recent backup which was a part of my service plan. I was outraged that my business programs and database were lost. I asked to speak to customer service and the response I was given was even more outrageous. I was told that because I was a small company, I needed to relax and they would get to it when they had time. The rep then passed me back and forth through various departments. I was told that the drives would be sent out to have the data recovered. I then followed up 2 days later to discover this had not been completed. Once again, I was sent through various channels. I have still not recovered the data and I have had to send home 37 employees. Also, lost revenues are well over $ 850,000. I hope no one has to live this nightmare again. This is also a good example of buyer beware. Just to add salt to the wound I was given an estimate of $5300 dollars to recover data from their damaged hardware a week and a half after they said they would take care of it. I cancelled my services and they refused to return the data.

  2. iweb.com Dedicated Servers Hosting is a company with very bad reputation and service.

    Yes, from the visitors feedback, iWeb.com is not a good web hosting, thanks for the comments!

  3. I currently have 2 shared sites with them. There is an administrative mixup and at first I just wanted a credit but this became to complicated and so ask for the 30 day money back promise only to discover they are trying everthing to not give me a refund and saying they are looking into and will get back to me and they do not.
    I would not recomend them. Their share server is also slow too.

  4. I would not recomend I web. Poor service, server slow and do not keep promise of 30 money back

  5. I do not recommend iWeb.com. Initial setup mistakes caused emails to bounce for several days. They kept saying it was a Plesk issue and passed the buck to then. When given suggestions on what to look for and finally how to fix it, again…passed the buck to Plesk. Finally had to spend $400 to hire a sub-contractor to fix a stupid configuration issue that they could have fixed easily, if they just bothered to look. I requested a free month because my deployment was delayed and would overlap with my old server. Have not received it yet and they just sent me a new bill (so two billing cycles went by).

    Little to no support. Varying levels of competencies for support, contradictory advice, awful ticketing service. They have no issues with not giving a response on a ticket for 24 hours. Any response to a ticket (be it the solution or answering a question) will put it to the back of the queue, possibly adding another 24 hours to resolution.

    Buyer beware!

  6. I have personally used iWeb for 2-3 years on a dedicated box. I got this because iWeb offer a lot of traffic usage (10TB per month) and we were transmitting online radio.

    I have always found the hardware reliable, and running Webmin rather than Cpanel or Plesk means you can do automated backup and recovery easily, although I’ve only needed a back up once due to overwriting a file.

    Great value for money, fast and patient support means I still recommend their services.

    I have read many bad comments but these are usually shared hosting accounts rather than dedicated.

  7. iweb.com is a nightmare and terrible service! They are the sorriest example of a dedicated server source that I have found. Poor management and poor followup. Also their chatline is a joke. Never nay one there. Please do your self a favor and go else where for sure.

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