Justhost Coupon is Scam!

Justhost Coupon is Scam!

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Is Justhost a good web host?

Justhost had been a top web hosting company in the industry for many years and the company was acquired by EIG approximately 3 years ago. From the very beginning, Justhost only offered shared web hosting solutions to customers, now they also offer VPS and dedicated server hosting services to web developers.

If you ask me whether Justhost is worth for us to recommend or not? Honestly speaking, Justhost is an average recommended web host on our review site. If you’d like to look for a reliable web host with best prices, here we highly recommend you may check with Arvixe web solutions. Arvixe is awarded as number one web hosting choice on our site, the recommendation is coming from our site reader’s feedbacks and over rates.

Justhost Coupon is Scam!

You may have found there are so many coupon codes related Justhost on the internet, but none of them is worked when you use for purchasing new account. Uh.. There’s only one truth that is Justhost coupon is scam.

Is there any valid Justhost Coupon?

I’ve joined many web hosting companies’ affiliate program and I did have received many coupon codes from different web hosting companies, but unluckily I cannot receive any valid Coupon code delivered by Justhost. Yes, I did have contacted with Justhost affiliate manager to get one special coupon code, but they only provide several invalid coupon code out. When you sign up a new web hosting account with Justhost, you could find the coupon code is already activated there, but no coupon code is working:-)

Justhost Invalid Coupon:

Justhost Promotion, Click to Activate
justhost coupon

Why Justhost don’t deliver valid coupon code?

I think this is a very interested topic, as you see, Hostgator also offers many different coupon codes, but most of them are all valid coupon codes, but Justhost delivers a different kind of coupon code policy. They did announce to provide many different coupon codes to their affiliate partners, but no one is working. I’ve done special research with the issue and contacted with their affiliate manager, and I received a such response “We don’t offer any valid coupon code because we want to keep a fair policy to all of the affiliate partners!” Seems to be reasonable, if Justhost provide any special coupon codes to their affiliate partners and some of the others who don’t have coupon code, that seems to be not fair. And I think it also has another reason they can make more money with delivering invalid coupon code.

Is Justhost a good web hosting company?

From our visitors feedback, most of the webmasters are satisfied with Justhost web hosting service, so we could say Justhost is a real good web hosting who could be trusted. Justhost is a shared linux-based web hosting service provider and their web hosting price is already very cheap, there are very few web hosting companies could compare with their web hosting prices.

Is there any web hosting company better than Justhost?

Yes! I already said Justhost is a trusted web hosting company but I cannot say Justhost is the best web hosting I’ve reviewed. Is there any other web hosting companies who’re better than Justhost? Of course, it does have several web hosting companies and they can offer more powerful features than Justhost. The best Linux web hosting company is Hostgator, the best ASP.NET hosting company is Arvice. As you see, Hostgator is a leading Linux web hosting company in the industry and till present, it’s already serving more than 2,500,000 domain names on their servers. Arvixe is a featured ASP.NET web hosting service provider who allows you create unlimited mssql databases and unlimited mysql databases on their servers.

Justhost Coupon

Justhost.com Please click here to visit http://www.Justhost.com to check more details.


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