Justhost Vs HostMonster, An Independent Comparison about 2 Small Business Hosting Companies

Justhost Vs HostMonster, An Independent Comparison about 2 Small Business Hosting Companies

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An Independent Comparison
Between Justhost and HostMonster:

In the previous articles, we’ve compared many famous web hosts in the industry and today we’d like to compare another 2 famous hosting companies – Justhost and HostMonster. Which web host is better for your business? After reading this comparison article, we believe you’ll receive a bright choice.

We think you should have checked many review or comparison articles related with the 2 web hosts, but at our site, we’ll compare the 2 famous hosting companies in a unique view point and deliver an honest recommendation to all of our site readers. If you like this post, welcome to share this article with your friends.

An introduction of HostMonster:

The domain “HostMonster.com” was registered in 1999, but the company was founded much earlier than that time. The company was founded by Matt Heaton in 1996, since then the company walked on a path of fast growing and over 17 years high developing, it’s already serving over 350,000 customers with over 1.2 million websites world wide. Their customers are coming from every corner of the planet, covering four continents with five oceans, and Covering more than 120 countries and regions. You can say HostMonster is already one of the most popular web hosting service provider in the industry.

An introduction of Justhost:

The history of Justhost is not that longer as HostMonster, the company was first launched business in 2002 and had received a fast growth period until 2010. The company was acquired by EIG in the middle of 2010 and there was an serious issue happened during the server migration and lost many existing customers. We always recommended Justhost to our site readers in the past, but not for now.

A Comparison of Web Hosting Performance:

Which web host can receive a better server performance and a faster site loading speed? In order to provide a more accurate and practical comparison about Justhost and HostMonster, our editors opened 2 hosting accounts to install several popular script applications on their web servers to test personally.

Both Justhost and HostMonster offer WHM/cPanel control panel in their hosting account. As we all know, cPanel is a leading control panel in the web hosting industry and those major hosts (such as HostGator, Arvixe, Bluehost, etc) are all offering cPanel to their customers to manage their website files and SQL databases.

Our editors had tried to install WordPress, Magento Commerce, osCommerce, Zen Cart and several other popular applications on the 2 web hosts to make a practical test. Finally, we found HostMonster is the winner in server reliability and site loading speed, the Magento and WordPress applications were running much faster on HostMonster, and you can check the 2 hosting companies’ average server response time as below.

server response time comparison

As you see, the average server response time of HostMonster is 275ms which is 705 faster than Justhost (480ms). If compared from the server performance and reliability only, then HostMonster is absolutely the winner.

A Comparison of Web Hosting Features:

HostMonster offers 1 single shared hosting plan with powerful features to customers only, and Justhost offers shared hosting, reseller hosting and dedicated server hosting services to different levels of customers. Which web host is more cost-effective? You can check a comparison table of their web hosting features as below.

FEATURES justhost hostmonster arvixe
Hosting Plan(s) 2 1 2
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Data Transfer Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Free Domain Free Domain Free Domain Free Domain
CGI / Perl Perl Perl Perl
Ruby on Rails (ROR) Ruby on Rails Ruby on Rails Ruby on Rails
PostgreSQL PostgreSQL PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
Cron Tasks Cron Jobs Cron Jobs Cron Jobs
Marketing Credits $75 $100 $150
Script Auto-Installer Script Auto-Installer Script Auto-Installer Script Auto-Installer
Control Panel cPanel cPanel cPanel / dotnetPanel
Available OS Linux Linux Linux &
Windows Server
24×7 Live Chat 24x7 live chat Support 24x7 live chat Support 24x7 live chat Support
24×7 Email Support 24x7 Email Support 24x7 Email Support 24x7 Email Support
24×7 Phone Support 24x7 Phone Support 24x7 Phone Support 24x7 Phone Support
Pricing $6.95/Mo $4.95/Mo $2.80/Mo
$4.00/Mo Regular
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According to the table above, we can easily find Arvixe web solution is much better than both Justhost and HostMonster. Why we add Arvixe into this comparison table? Since Arvixe is ranked as number 1 web host on our review site and we think we’ve the commitment to deliver a best web hosting service to our site readers. If you’re in looking for a top web host with a budget cost in mind, here we highly recommend you can check with Arvixe web solutions first.

If you don’t want to choose Arvixe as your hosting choice and just planning to select a better web host between Justhost and HostMonster. Obviously, HostMonster is 10 times better than Justhost. HostMonster has been providing quality web hosting service to bloggers and small business owners for over 17 years and compared to the customers’ feedbacks and rates about their web hosting service, most of them have given HostMonster a very good review and rating scores.

Is there a web host who’s better than both Justhost and HostMonster?

Yes, we already mentioned in the above, Arvixe web service is much better than Justhost and HostMonster. You may have a such doubt, why we always recommend Arvixe web solutions to our site readers? The reason is real simple, Arvixe can provide quality web hosting service at a much better price. The regular web hosting price of Arvixe Linux hosting plan starts with $4.00 per month, and if you’ve used the coupon code we provide to sign up a new hosting account, it just needs to cost as low as $2.80 per month to have a high performance web hosting account.

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To choose a right web host is important to every site owners and we’re commitment to provide a most honest review and web hosting recommendation to web developers and every readers arrived to our site. We may receive a penny from some of those web hosts we’re promoting, but our reviews have never been affected by those.

To be honest, HostMonster is 10 times better than Justhost, and Arvixe is 100 times better than both HostMonster and Justhost. If you don’t believe with what we said here, just give it a test by yourself and we believe you’ll love those guys as us.

In the end, if you’ve encountered any troubles or difficulties in choosing a best web host for your site or a script application, please feel free to contact us anytime you like, we’ll help you find a right web host with best price.


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