Lunarpages Coupon, Newest Lunarpages Coupon 2015

Lunarpages Coupon, Newest Lunarpages Coupon 2015

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Lunarpages Coupon 2015

Is there any coupon available for Lunarpages?

If you’ve determined to open a new hosting account with Lunarpages, then you’ve to read this article, since we can help you save lots of your budget cost for subscribing their web hosting services. Before opening a new hosting account, we always suggest the webmasters check whether the company offers special promotion or not first.

As our review website has been promoting Lunarpages web hosting service for many years and we’re lucky to get a special promotional code offered by their management. If you like this coupon article, welcome to share this information with your friends.

15% Off Lunarpages Coupon (100% Working Promise) – 2015:

  • Lunarpages Basic Hosting Coupon: WH4L
  • Lunarpages Windows Hosting Coupon: WH4L
  • Lunarpages Business Hosting Coupon: WH4L
  • Lunarpages VPS Hosting Coupon: WH4L
  • Lunarpages Dedicated Hosting Coupon: WH4L

Attention: There is no coupon code available for Lunarpages Starter shared web hosting package.

Lunarpages special promotional link:

This is a special promotional link provided by Lunarpages corporation. Once you’ve visited this promotional page, just feel free to follow the steps to subscribe their web hosting services.

How to use Lunarpages coupon code?

Before writing this article, we did have received some feedbacks from our website visitors about they were not sure how to apply for the Lunarpages coupon. Actually, to redeem the Lunarpages coupon is super easy.

1st, just feel free to visit Lunarpages homepage website through our promotional link.

Lunarpages coupon code

2nd, you can click the order tab and you’ll find there’s a total discount 15% off for the whole billing when you make a checkout.

Lunarpages $50 off coupon

A brief introduction of Lunarpages:

Lunarpages is one of the oldest and most famous web hosting companies in the industry. The company was first started business in 1998 and soon became the leading providing of web hosting services worldwide. At present, Lunarpages is offering many levels of web hosting packages including shared hosting, reseller hosting, managed VPS, cloud hosting and dedicated server solutions to all sorts of clients, and its most valuable shared hosting service starts from as low as $4.95/mo, which is always much lower than other competitors.

To be honest, Lunarpages is an ideal web hosting service provider which is suited for personal sites, small-to medium-sized businesses and enterprise level clients.

Lunarpages has tailored its web hosting solutions to fit the special demands of colorful clients, ensuring every of their customers can build, design, optimize and launch their businesses in a fastest way.

Lunarpages is one of the few web hosts that offers both Linux and Windows web hosting services to customers. No matter what you need for building a fast, secure and stable website, Lunarpages is always staying there to meet with your requirements.

The features of Lunarpages Windows Hosting:

Lunarpages is a world-famous provider that has been offering quality Windows hosting solutions to millions of website owners since 1998. Here our editors have picked some of the noticeable features of their most popular Windows shared hosting package for you to check further.

Lunarpages Windows Hosting

check Plenty of disk space and bandwidth to handle Your ASP.NET websites
check 400 GB monthly traffic / Hosted unlimited websites
check Each Windows shared hosting account includes unlimited MsSQL / MySQL databases
check ASP.NET MVC Framework & Microsoft Frontpage Extension supported
check Robust Hardware – 100% Dell servers with Dual processors, 16GB+ RAM, RAID 5 with SSD.
check 24×7 US-based technical support with years of experience
check 99.9% uptime and 30 days money back on all Windows hosting
Lunarpages Windows

The features of Lunarpages Linux Shared Hosting:

As a leading provider in the industry, Lunarpages always stricts itself by offering the fastest Linux web hosting service with best prices to customers world-wide. Here is some of noticeable features of its hottest sales Linux shared hosting package.

Lunarpages Linux Hosting

check A free domain name is included in all Lunarpages Linux shared hosting services
check Unlimited monthly bandwidth / Unlimited websites add-on
check Each Linux shared hosting account contains unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited FTP accounts and unlimited Email service
check Parallels® Plesk Panel / Parallels Virtuozzo Container
check Robust Facilities – 100% Dell servers with Dual processors, 16GB+ RAM, RAID 5 with SSD.
check 9 World-class data centers located in United States
check All of the Linux hosting accounts are guaranteed by a 30-Day money back and 99.9% uptime
Lunarpages Linux

Lunarpages Customer Reviews:

Much lower cost, super excellent customer service!
– By Michelle

I’ve been with Lunarpages for some time now. Prices were great and support were great also. It used to be that their prices were always the most competitive that you wouldn’t think twice about signing with other hosting company. Now the great price and great offers are mainly for the new accounts while accounts like mine are getting hit with increased prices each year. I asked on their forum page as to why the price increase while others are much lower, I get a response of “Times are changing”.
Super Host, I’m very pleased!
– By Dancy

My previous host was not so good. Lunarpages had great special for two-year plan. I must say I’ve saved good money and the hosting has been rock solid, fast, and as I’ve had no issues with service can only say when I caused a .htaccess error due to some sloppy ftp handling and brought down all sites – they got back to me in no time and politely informed me of cause of issue and quick fix. I fixed the file and voila, all better. I’ve begun implementing all sorts of PHP etc. and have five sites now, still rock solid! Super Host, am very pleased!
Lunarpages is worth to be the best web hosting!
– By Michael

I’ve been using Lunarpages for over 5 years. I’ve only had minor issues with them. Although they are a tad bit more expensive for their VPS and Dedicated servers, they are sure worth it. I recommend them to anyone.
A pleasant customer!
– By Jimmy

I have been very pleased with the reliability and speed of Lunarpages. Support helped me to upgrade easily to SSH access when I needed it which required putting me on a new server, but the transfer went smoothly. There $1.50/month backup service is a great deal. I run osCommerce sites and the speed on Lunarpages is ideal.

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