Lunarpages Review

Lunarpages Review

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Is Lunarpages a Good web hosting company?

If you ask me whether Lunarpages is a good web hosting company or not, now I can give you my answer ‘yes’ – Lunarpages is a real good and affordable web hosting service provider nowadays.

Lunarpages launched business since 1998, now they’ve become one of the largest and most famous web hosting provider in the world. Till present, Lunarpages is already hosting more than 700,000 websites world-wide.

Lunarpages offers Linux and Windows platform web service, and they offer shared hosting, eCommerce hosting, VPS and dedicated server solutions to different levels of clients from small to medium or large-sized business owners. Whatever you need for your website, you can find Lunarpages can be met with your website requirements.

Since 1998, Lunarpages has tailored each web hosting solution to fit the unique needs of their clients, ensuring that every level webmaster can build, design, and launch their businesses and projects with our help every step of the way.

Lunarpages Coupon – 2014:

If you’ve used Lunarpages coupon to search on the internet, you can find there are many different coupon codes delivered by Lunarpages and here you can use the coupon code we provide to save up to $50 for the first billing order. The Lunarpages coupon we provide is 100% working and it’s very easier to use when you purchase new hosting account with them.

Lunarpages Rating:

Lunarpages Review Lunarpages Inc. – Best Business Hosting!

60 months : $4.95/mo Highest Rating Web Hosting Price*
24 months : $6.95/mo Get $50 Off Discount!
12 months : $7.95/mo Using Coupon (100% Working):
6 months : $8.95/mo WH4L
3 months : $9.95/mo
Rating : Lunarpages Review

Lunarpages vs HostGator – Who’s better for your website hosting?

Choosing a best web hosting between Lunarpages and HostGator is not very easy, most of the website masters are not sure to choose the right web hosting between the 2 famous web hosts. Who can be better for your website choice?

HostGator started business since 2002 and now they’re already hosting more than 5 million websites in the planet, you can say HostGator is already one of the top and largest web hosting company in the world. HostGator just launched their windows platform web server half a year ago, so you can say HostGator is still a Linux-based web hosting company. One company can host more than 1 million websites on their platform must have something different from the others. HostGator is real good, since their server is fast and their server uptime is real fantastic, especially they’ve a professional and responsive customer support team. If you’ve any friends or colleague have websites hosted on HostGator, I think most of them would recommend you choosing their web hosting service. If you’d like to open a new web hosting account with HostGator, you can use the coupon code “Today25Off” to save up to 25% cost for the first billing.

Is HostGator better than Lunarpages? If you’re looking for a Linux web hosting service provider, then I think the answer is ‘yes’ and if you’re looking for a windows hosting provider, then I think the better choice would be Lunarpages, since Lunarpages offers Windows web hosting service many years ago and they’ve a professional team on the Windows platform. If you don’t want to choose Lunarpages windows web hosting service, then you’re also able to check our top 10 windows hosting lists, I believe you can choose the right web hosting provider on our website.

Lunarpages Hosting Features:

Lunarpages is an affordable web hosting company with powerful features on their web hosting service, whatever you need for your business, you can find Lunarpages can deliver the right web hosting plan for your needs. Here I’d like to list some of noticeable features for you to check further.

  • Lunarpages has a fantastic customer support team service. They provide customer focused web hosting service with the fastest and friendly customer support. Besides the regular support staff there are advanced system administrators and programmers to help with more complex issues.
  • You can have a free domain name when you open new web hosting account with Lunarpages and $9.95/year for the additional domain registrations for their clients.
  • Lunarpages offers credit for the existing pre-paid hosting package when you transfer your web site to Lunarpages from some other web hosting company.
  • Lunarpages shared hosting offers Unlimited add-on domains so that you can host unlimited web sites on one single Lunar Pages web hosting account!
  • Lunarpages shared hosting offers Unlimited website storage and Unlimited bandwidth per month so that you can host as much content at each web site as you wish!
  • Lunarpages accept multiple payment gateways online, includes credit card, PayPal, Check, Money Order, Pay By Cash (through the mail), e-Gold, Western Union, or WebMoney Transfer.

Lunarpages Coupon – $50 off any Lunarpages hosting plan
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Lunarpages Reliability:

How’s Lunarpages server reliability? If you\re new to Lunarpages, I think that’s hard to find the answer. For more than 2 years, I’ve run several websites on Lunarpages and honestly speaking, I’ve never encountered a server downtime issue, I’m personally very satisfied with their server performance. Lunarpages web hosting uptime is real trusted and that’s why I always recommend their web service to my friends and our website visitors.

Lunarpages Server Uptime:

You can check the image to see Lunarpages uptime in the past 1600 days and I’ve to say, Lunarpages server uptime is real amazing and fantastic. You can feel no worry to host your websites on their server platform. Choosing a reliable web hosting company will be definitely a great help for your business. Lunarpages Uptime

Lunarpages Hosting Prices:

The most popular Lunarpages hosting plan should be their basic hosting plan, the basic plan starts from $4.95/mo if you order for 60 months, if you don’t want to purchase for 5 years, you’re also able to order for 1 or 2 years, but the price will be a bit higher. In Lunarpages Basic plan, you can have unlimited website space, unlimited monthly traffic, one free domain name, unlimited websites hosted in one account, multiple scripts auto installation, etc. You can find Lunarpages is very affordable and their hosting features are also very attractive.

Lunarpages User Reviews:

Happy with Performance and Support!
– By Dave

As a web developer, I have been with lunarpages for years with many clients hosted there. For years they were the absolute best in service with quick knowledgable staff. Overall, I was happy with the service provided, both server performance and client support.

Real impressive with Lunarpages!
– By LaVita

I’ve used many web hosts for dedicated server solutions. And so far Lunarpages was the only one who can make me satisfied, they could have a real system admin speaking to me on phone, that was really impressive.. I was very disappointment with the several previous web hosting companies, when I need someone to help me install some applications or restart the dedicated server, I cannot find a real person there, but Lunarpages can do that.

I love those guys! I love Lunarpages!

Do you recommend Lunarpages?

Definitely yes, Lunarpages is one of my favourite web hosting company in the industry, I’m impressed with their excellent customer support service and their reliable web hosting platform. Are you planning to open a new web hosting account with Lunarpages? Then please go ahead and I believe you’ll love those guys as me.

And in all, Lunarpages is highly recommended and you can use the coupon code “WH4L” to save up to $50 for the first payment. Good luck for you and anyone who sign up new hosting account via our website.

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