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Magento Dedicated Server

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Magento Dedicated Server

An Independent Review
of Magento Dedicated Server:

If you’re not sure which web host can be the best choice for Magento Dedicated Server, then this is the right page you’ve found on the Internet and our editors would like to recommend the 2 of most reliable Dedicated server hosts for you to check further.

Looking for fast and budget cost dedicated server is not that easy because there are only a few web hosts are offering optimized web servers for Magento Commerce. Fortunately, A2Hosting is a cost-effective advanced web hosting provider offering great scalability for Magento developers and online businesses.

Who’s the best Dedicated Server solution for Magento Commerce?

A2Hosting is awarded as best Magento dedicated server due to its rock solid infrastructure/hardware, high performance web server, and responsive website loading speed, superior Magento technical support and customer service, as well as excellent reputation world-wide.

As you see, Magento is a leading shopping cart application which is being widely used in any sorts of business websites. If you’re having a Magento website or planning to open an ecommerce website with Magento, our editors always don’t recommend you to choose a shared web hosting service, because Magento has a higher demand for server RAM and CPU resources. If you want to run your Magento website smoothly and rapidly, then a reliable VPS or dedicated server will be needed.

Best Magento Dedicated Server:

When you use the keyword “Dedicated Server” or “Magento Dedicated Server” to search related information on the major search engines, you’ll find there has a long list of web hosts displayed, who’s your first choice? Our editors have spent lots of time to investigate the best web hosts for Magento and we’ll recommend the 4 of best dedicated server hosts to you as below.

A2Hosting – Best Dedicated Server for Magento #1

A2Hosting ( outperforms the competitors on hosting features, reliability, page speed and customer support, and the company is honored to be the most reliable and greatest solution for large-sized and high-traffic websites, complex web applications, or those websites need a higher degree of server uptime and the whole control of web hosting environment.

To be honest, A2Hosting is a real five-star dedicated server solution for advanced customers and they’re the first web host to launch high performance SwiftServer in the market. As a product of over 10 years of expertise, SwiftServer performs superior fast web hosting and unmatched server reliability to help you succeed and you can enable the Solid State Drive (SSD) for you Magento dedicated server which can be 300% faster than a regular dedicated hosting solution.

InMotion Hosting – Best Business for Magento Dedicated Server

Founded in 2001 by Todd Robinson, InMotion has become one of the world largest premium dedicated web hosting solutions for high traffic websites and enterprise-level clients. As for the newest statistics, over 800,000 websites with over 300,000 independent customers are choosing InMotion as their first web hosting service providers. No matter what you need for your Magento website, they’re always able to provide an available web hosting solution to you. InMotion cheapest shared web hosting for Magento starts with $5.95 a month and their cheapest dedicated server for Magento starts with $119.99 a month.

Arvixe Inc. – Awesome Magento Hosting Support

Arvixe has been offering cost-effective dedicated server solutions with extreme reliability and unmatched high performance over 10 years. The company was founded in 2003 by Arvand Sabetian and with 10+ years of fast growing and rapid developing, has become a leading provider of Magento hosting service in the industry. Arvixe cheapest shared hosting product for Magento is $4.00 a month and you can use the coupon code we provide to save up to 30% discount in the first year. Arvixe cheapest dedicated server starts with as low as $105.00 a month and you can get 250 GB Hard Disk, 2 GB Dedicated RAM, Dual-Core Intel® Xeon® Processor 3050, and you can customize your dedicated server completely with higher demands.

Bluehost – Best Small Business Hosting for Magento Dedicated Server

Bluehost always offered only one single, but powerful shared web hosting product for Magento in the previous time, now the company is also offering dedicated server service to advanced clients and high bandwidth websites. Bluehost is also an ideal web hosting choice for blogs, individuals, and small business websites. Bluehost’s most popular dedicated server package starts with $74.99 a month and you can receive 500 GB storage, 5 TB monthly bandwidth, 4 GB RAM and 2.3 GHz Dual-Core Intel® Xeon Processor.

Magento Dedicated Server Features:

MAGENTO Dedicated Server

2x250 GB RAID 1 Standard HDD Storage 2×250 GB RAID 1 Standard HDD Storage
4 GB Dedicated Memory 4 GB Dedicated Memory
4 Dual-Core Intel® 3.1+ GHz Xeon® Processor 4 Dual-Core Intel® 3.1+ GHz Xeon® Processor
SwiftServer Hosting Platform Enterprise Grade Hard Drives / High-Performance Hardware
check SwiftServer Hosting Platform
check SSD Speed Boost – Up To 300% Faster Page Loads!
check 24/7/365 Server Monitoring and Hardware Maintenance
check Root Access & Choice of Linux OS
check Check more..


To choose a best dedicated server for a Magento website is always much more difficult than a shared web hosting, since we’re impossible to test each dedicated server hosts personally, we’re only able to check and compare each user reviews from the online forum websites, as well as each web hosting company’s reputation in the industry to select a reliable one for you.

In the end, if you’re still having a problem with choosing a reliable dedicated server host for your Magento website, please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime as you like and our editors will reply you back as soon as possible.

About Dedicated Server: A dedicated server refers to a premium type of web hosting service in which users can rent an entire web server which is not shared with other customers. Since the price of a dedicated server is always much higher than a regular shared web hosting service, so this web hosting type is only suited for advanced clients or large-sized businesses. With a dedicated server, users have the full control and it allows you to install anything as you need on the web server.


  1. It is the most important decision for your online business is what kind of hosting service to choose. Dedicated server is a best option to you, if you do not want to share your server with others, or cannot afford to purchase and maintain your own server equipment.

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