Microsoft Set up a Partnership with AT&T to Optimize Windows Azure

Microsoft Set up a Partnership with AT&T to Optimize Windows Azure

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Microsoft and AT&T announced they’ll release a reliable cloud web solution which allow enterprise clients to connect to their cloud platform using a private network.

How does this new solution work? This new solution will use AT&T’s Multi-Protocol Label Switching technology to connect applications from private networks to Microsoft Windows Azure. According to the statement of Microsoft, the new solution will be put into practical use in 2014. Till that time, customers can benefit from the enterprise-grade security of networks which can expedite at least 50 percent faster than the public Internet. Whatever you’re used for connecting the cloud resources, wired or wireless devices, both are okay.

AT&T CEO Andy Geisse said this cooperation is a game changer for businesses have been seeking for a higher secure way to reap the benefits of cloud web services, especially for those enterprise users. He also pointed out by using their solution to connect to Windows Azure which will bring the security and performance improved and they expect to energize enterprise demand for cloud solutions.

Microsoft executive vice president of Cloud and Enterprise Satya Nadella said, “Now it’s time for cloud computing, it’s important and serious we’ll help enterprises embrace the cloud on their terms. Through the partnership with AT&T, we can reduce the barriers to entry for cloud computing by providing a more secure and reliable connectivity choice for enterprise-level clients.”

Currently, most of Microsoft existing customers are enterprises and nearly 50% of Fortune 500 are using their Windows Azure platform. But there are still lots of enterprises worry about the security of Windows Azure. By using the new solution of AT&T can fully eliminate their worry about and help Azure to bring more enterprise-level customers.

Who’s AT&T?

AT&T Inc. (American Telephone & Telegraph) is a premier communications holding company who was founded in 1885. AT&T is the largest provider of mobile telephony and of fixed telephony services in the United States, and also provides TV subscription services. AT&T is a leading provider of wireless, Wi-Fi, cloud-based services and 4G LTE network.

Who’s Microsoft?

Microsoft was founded in 1975, headquartered in Redmond, Washington. Microsoft is an American multinational software corporation leading provider in software, services and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential. Microsoft is market dominant in both the PC operating system and office suite markets at present.

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