Mistakes in Choosing a Best Web Hosting

Mistakes in Choosing a Best Web Hosting

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To choose a right web host is real important for your business and it does have many webmasters are not sure which web host could be trusted. All of our editors are having at least 5 years of experience in reviewing web hosting companies on the Internet, and here we’d like to list several mistakes you probably have made in choosing a best web host.

1. Should I go to choose a free web host?

If you’re preparing to build a professional blog or business website, please stay away with those free web hosts. Why? As you see, almost all of the free web hosts don’t offer backups on their web servers and some of them always force you to implant advertisements on your websites. In our opinion, the free web hosts are only available for the users to build websites in test purpose.

Our editors have never recommended our site readers to choose a free web host to store their website files, since it’s real insecure and unstable.

2. Cheap web hosts under $2.00 a month

We believe every of webmasters are all pursuing a web hosting service that is as cheap as possible, however, we don’t recommend you to choose a web host that’s under $2.00 a month. Why?

If a company offers web hosting service under $2.00 a month, it probably means they’re over sales and placing much more users on one web server that leads to your website is always running slowly like a snail. We’re all boring and hating web hosts with poor performance such as WebHostingPad, the company is offering web hosting service at a super cheap price and it has a very notorious reputation in the industry.

3. Web hosts with limited features

You should find a web host that can provide plenty of disk space and bandwidth to run your websites. Now the “unlimited” features are easily to be found on majority of web hosts, though the “unlimited” is not real, it’s still very good for most of personal sites and individuals.

And you also need to check whether the web host offers multiple Email accounts, website traffic statistics, URL Rewrite, dedicated IP address and other functions you may need to run your websites.

4. Web hosts with poor support

The customer support service of a web host is also very important to webmasters, since we always need to seize assistance from hosting companies. You’ve to check whether the company offers 24×7 customer support service and their support team must be responsive, efficient and knowledgeable.

5. Reputation in the industry.

A good web host also needs to have a good reputation in the industry. If someone recommend you to choose a web host you’d probably have never heard before, you’d better do a bit more search on the internet to check their user reviews first. If the company has a good reputation, thus you’re hard to find a negative review or bad comment about their web hosting service.


It does have many aspects we’ve to consider before choosing a best web host on our review website, and above are the 5 mistakes you probably might have missed in choosing a right hosting company to store your website files.

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