SingleHop Review

SingleHop Review

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SingleHop Sucks:

SingleHop real sucks and it’s definitely world’s worst web hosting company. Why? The company is always cheating and scamming to their customers, even their affiliate partners.

If you’re looking for a reliable dedicated server solution, please stay away with SingleHop; If you’re looking for a stable premium hosting solution, please keep distance with SingleHop. If you like this post, please feel free to follow us on Twitter or share this post with your friends, thanks.

SingleHop Reviews by Editor:

SingleHop is headerquatered at Chicago and we don’t know why such a rubbish web host can stay on the earth, FBI or American government should go to arrest or close their office and remove their brand off the planet.

Who’s SingleHop?

SingleHop operates a network pushing several giga-bits per second and supports more than 1,000 dedicated servers. SingleHop is a Chicago based web hosting company with an aim to provide top solutions for people wanting flexible managed hosting, as well as unmanaged hosting of course if so wanted. Simply take your pick between unmanaged, semi-managed and fully managed hosting – all depending on your needs and experience level. If you’re looking for a best dedicated hosting service provider, then SingleHop could become your first choice.

Is SingleHop a good web hosting service provider?

Dedinitely not, compared to the feedbacks and rates of their customers, almost all of them are super crazy and unhappy with using their web hosting service, so please don’t have any relation with such a damn web host.

  • 1. SingleHop internal structure gives our clients direct access to our top talent and a personal account executive guarantees communication whenever you have any questions or concerns regarding your dedicated hosting service.
  • 2. SingleHop flexible managed web hosting service allows clients to select, and pay for only the web hosting services that they need and pay for nothing that they do not need.

SingleHop Vs The Planet – Who’s the best dedicated server hosting?

As you see, the Planet is the largest dedicated server hosting in the world, yes, I must admit the Planet is a real good dedicated server company, since HostGator & midPhase are still renting their data center. Can you say the Planet dedicated service is better than SingleHop? Okay, let me try to give you a brief comparison about the 2 dedicated server hosts.

If you are considering both SingleHop and The Planet for a dedicated hosting plan you should know about the dedicated server and managed hosting differences between the two premium hosting companies.

  • First, a comparison of SingleHop Vs. The Planet shows that both hosting companies have significant differences in terms of what is included with their lowest-level dedicated server offerings. When you look at the pricing for SingleHop and ThePlanet, you can sometimes find a difference in your review depending upon whether any new SingleHop or ThePlanet promos are running.
  • The Planet usually has less expensive dedicated servers than SingleHop. Due in part to The Planet’s bargain bin dedicated servers which are odd-lot servers that are much cheaper than SingleHop. Unlike SingleHop, with ThePlanet you can buy a dedicated server for less than one hundred dollars a month. On balance, when you are comparing The Planet versus SingleHop on a pricing basis, The Planet offers lower cost dedicated servers but they are often basic, single processor machines. If you compare the pricing for high-end dedicated servers at The Planet and SingleHop they are closer in monthly price.

At the beginning, we already said SingleHop is a scam web host and real sucks, so we won’t recommend SingleHop to any others. The planet is world largest premium web hosting service provider which is 100 times better than SingleHop.

SingleHop Customer Reviews:

SingleHop is worth for me to Recommend to the others!
– By Jarred

I just signed up with site hop yesterday. They had my server up and running within the hour. As well, today I made a bad mistake on the server, and had to enter a support ticket. They responded very quickly, and just as quickly took care of the problem for me. Overall, I cant speak to the long term value in this company, but so far i’m very impressed.

A happy user!
– By R.L. Robert

FWIW, I’d like to say that SingleHop has provided me with excellent service for over three years. I began with their smallest dedicated server package and have upgraded/migrated several times – I currently have an ‘enterprise’ level solution and I couldn’t be happier. The SH tech support staff is available 365/24/7, and I have had nothing but first -rate service any time I’ve needed or requested their help.

SingleHop Certifications:

  • SW Soft/Parallels Gold Partner
  • CPanel Gold Partner
  • BBB Accredited Business
  • Microsoft SPLA Partner
  • CCO – SAS 70 Type I (report available on request)

SingleHop Contact Information:

  • Local Office Number: (312) 447-2580
  • International Toll-Free Office Number: (866) 817-2811
  • General Fax Number: (312) 602-3870

SingleHop Location:

The detail address of SingleHop as below:

215 W. Ohio St.
5th Floor Chicago, IL 60654

SingleHop Location


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