SingleHop real Sucks and SingleHop is an Affiliate Scam Web Hosting Company

SingleHop real Sucks and SingleHop is an Affiliate Scam Web Hosting Company

Does SingleHop Sucks?

I’ve to say SingleHop is a real sucks web hosting company in the industry nowadays. Why singlehop sucks? If you’ve read this article, you’ll find how bad those guys it is. I don’t know why those sucks guys can be ranked as INC. 5000 fastest growing private company and I don’t know why there are so many websites are still promoting their web hosting service at present.

I opened this web hosting reviews blog 2 and half years ago, I know SingleHop when I want to open a topic about the best dedicated server in the industry. I found SingleHop is growing so fast in the past years and I thought they should be able to trust with, but I was wrong, please continue to read as below and you could find what I said is truth.

SingleHop Affiliate Program is scam:

I promoted SingleHop dedicated server hosting service for more than 2 years already. At the beginning, I can receive 2 payments (about $260 in total) from their affiliate program in the first 2 months, but after that, I received nothing from those sucks guys. Whatever, I did receive many new sales notification emails from their company, but all of those sales were recognized as invalid sales. I opened many tickets and contacted with their billing department to dispute the issues, but no one can give me any assistance, they just said those sales are not valid. Wow, I believed those guys for more than 2 years and now I believed they’re scamming me. I’ve to say I was real disappointment and sadness, in order to expose their ugly face, I determined to write this topic to tell more people they’re a scamming web hosting.

In August 2011, I’ve received 5 sales notification emails, I contacted with their affiliate manager to notify them to send the money I should receive. I can see those sales in my account when I opened a ticket to their billing department, I know they’ve 60 days to approve the payments, so I opened the tickets after 60 days, but only a few days later, those sales were disappeared and I received a response from their affiliate manager, he said all of those sales are invalid or cancelled already. Wow.. can you believe with what they said? I’m not a child, indeed, I’ve generated more than 20 sales for their company in the past 2 years, but unluckily, all of those sales were canceled within 60 days. If you don’t believe with what I said, you can check the images as below, you can see there are 5 sales in August 2011.

I’ve put down all of their affiliate links on my website and if you’re looking for a web hosting company with reliable affiliate program, please stay away with SingleHop, they’re real sucks, even you’ve generated sales for them, but you cannot receive any penny from them.

Are you looking for a reliable affiliate web hosting company?

If you’d like to make money via web hosting affiliate program, then you’ve to look for a trusted web hosting company. Of course, most of the web hosts could be trusted, but it does have a few web hosts who’re cheating their affiliate partners, like SingleHop. I wrote this topic to expose their rubbish attitutes to their affiliate partners, I believe I’m not the only one victim, but it does have many others having the same situation with me.

With my experience, HostGator is a real good web hosting company with reliable affiliate service to their partners, of course, they have a very strict policy to qualify every sales. HostGator started business since 2002 year and now they’re already having more than 5 million websites are hosted on their servers, you can imagine how large a company they are. If you’d like to open a new web hosting account with HostGator, you can use the coupon code “Today25Off” to save up to 25% cost for the first billing order.


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