SmarterASP.NET Launches beta support for Node.js on their Windows Hosting server

SmarterASP.NET Launches beta support for Node.js on their Windows Hosting server

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SmarterASP.NET is a leading Windows hosting service provider announced on last week that it’ll beta support for Node.js on their web hosting servers. We believe this will be a good news to their existing or potential clients.

What’s Node.js? It’s a server-side javascript accesory which allows web developers to write client side and server mode code.

This announcement comes four months later after SmarterASP.NET delivered a free hosting program for the ASP.NET 4.5 framework.

Do you need Node.js? Microsoft first launched Node.js in November, 2011 according to SmarterASP.NET on its blog. In the mid of 2012, Microsoft said the Windows Azure Web solution support ASP.NET, PHP and Node.js which can meet the premium developers need.

SmarterASP.NET is a new but also old Windows hosting company. If you’ve checked their domain name’s registration date, you can find the company is running in business just over 1 year, but why we also call them as an old hosting company? If you’ve checked their history, you’ll find they have been a very famous Windows hosting company for a long time ago. Their precursor (Webhost4life) was acquired by EIG in early 2010, but their management and support team are reserved.

Who’s the CEO of SmarterASP.NET? We’ve got a chance to interview their CEO and he said “We offered Node.js in our recent WebMatrix 2.0 sandbox that’s because we’ve received many requests from our existing clients, we’re always there to hear the sound back to keep our mission to empower developers.”

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