TOP 10 Translation Plugins for WordPress

TOP 10 Translation Plugins for WordPress

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Wordpress Translation Plugin

An Introduction of WordPress Translation:

WordPress is definitely the No.1 blog website application on the internet and no matter who you are, you can choose to use WordPress as your website designing program. Here I’d like to list some of the most popular translation plugins of WordPress for you to check further. If you’re interested in this topic, welcome to add this article into your Google Plus. Thank you!

1. Global Translator

Global Translator is the No.1 WordPress translation plugin on the internet and it’s a free open source WordPress plugin which can translate your blog website into more than 50 different languages automatically. This plugin has been downloaded over 483,916 times until today.

Global Translator


  • Four different translation engines
  • Search Engine Optimized Already
  • Fast Caching System from translation engines
  • Fully configurable layout allows you configure easily in the backend control panel
  • No database modifications needed
2. Google AJAX Translation

Google AJAX Translation plugin allows your readers to translate your blog posts, pages, or comments into 52 languages and it provides a quick, simple, and light way to add translation to your blog.

Google Ajax Translate


3. Transposh – Translation filter for WordPress

Transposh allows your blog to combine automatic translation with human translation aided by your users with an easy to use in-context interface.




  • Support for any language and including RTL/LTR layouts
  • Unique drag/drop interface for choosing viewable/translatable languages
  • Multiple selection for widget appearances – with pluggable widgets
  • Use either Google Translate,MS Translate or Apertium backends – more than 65 languages supported!
  • Automatic translation can be triggered on demand by the readers or on the server-side
  • Takes care of hidden elements, link tags, meta contents and titles
  • Translation of external plugins
  • Automatic Translation mode for all content posts, comments and RSS feeds
  • Translated languages are searchable
  • Buddypress integration
  • SEO Optimized – Search engines exposure increase
  • Using APC cache with Fast Performance
4. WP Translate

WP Translate plugin allows your users to quickly translate your webpages, through a widget on your blog and you have the option to select the title of the Widget, which will be displayed above the language translation form.

WP Translate


5. Translate This Button

This WordPress plugin provides more than 50 different languages of translation with many customizable options. The widget can be included either using template tags or the widgetized sidebar and it can be customized by Google API.

Translate This Button


6. Google Translate for Sociable

This WordPress plugin allows your readers to post your article to Google Translate. The plugin needs WordPress 2.6 or above and if you’re using the older WordPress version, then you need to upgrade to the newer.


7. Hello Translation

Hello Translate is a valid WordPress plugin that displays the translation of “Hello” in over 150 languages in your administrator panel. This WordPress extension needs WordPress 3.0 or above.

Hello Translation


8. Debugging Translation

This plugin is used for debug and please don’t use it for a live website. This Debugging Translation plugin enables to see the source and the target of each translation word, phrase and sentence.

Wordpress Debugging Translation plugin


9. Google Translator

You can install this WordPress translation plugin on the sidebar of your blog website and it allows your readers to translate your blog to their language from sidebar instantly by selecting language.

Google Translator


10. WP-GoogleTranslate-Box

This WordPress plugin that displays a box in the “Add New Post” page that allows you to quickly translate any text from and to different languages. This WordPress plugin requires WordPress 3.0 or above and if you’re using older WordPress version, then you need to upgrade to the newer version.

Wordpress Google Translate Box



  1. Nice post. But I think you should have added the GTS Translation WP plugin which provides human post-editing and crowdsourcing of translated content for human quality translations. You can find out more about this plugin and download it from

    Furthermore, I would like to point out two things:

    1. As Google has depracted its Translate API, many of the free translation plugins may not work in the near future. Our plugin is based on a self-owned translation server and we will contiinue to provide free service in the future.

    2. The plugin you ranked as number 1, the Global Translator, is no longer supported and has not been updated in over a year. Please see for more information.

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