TOP 10 Worst Web Hosting Companies | You must check before choosing...

TOP 10 Worst Web Hosting Companies | You must check before choosing a web host

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Worst Web Hosting

TOP 10 Worst Web Hosting – 2014

Who is the worst web hosting in the industry?

You may find there are so many top 10 web hosting reviews website on the internet, but that’s very hard to find a top 10 worst web hosting lists, since most of the web hosting reviews website just wanted to earn cash from their affiliate links, but at here you can find the most honest web hosting reviews about the web hosting companies in the industry, earning money is the 2nd, but providing the honest reviews is the first most important thing we have to consider, you can full trust with our honest reviews and if you’re looking for a best web hosting for your website, you can check with our top 10 web hosting lists.

Choosing a best web hosting seems to be easier than choosing a worst web hosting. Are you a victim of web hosting scam? Are you boring with the slow customer support? Are you planning to fuck those sucks web hosting companies? Ok, here I’d like to list the top 10 worst web hosting for you to check. If you’re interested in this topic, welcome to follow me on Twitter. Thank you!

1. WebHostingPad

WebHostingPad is definitely the No.1 famous worst web hosting in the industry. Why they’re so sucks? There are more than 95% people agreed they’re a sucks web hosting, you can imagine how sucks the company is. Yes, WebHostingPad is one of the cheapest web hosting in the industry, WebHostingPad only offers one single web hosting plan and if you order for 3 years, you just need to cost $1.99 per month to subscribe their web hosting service, but they’re a business web hosting company, if they want to make money, they have to put more customers on one web hosting server. Then their servers are all loading very slowly and their customer support seems to be not existed, if you want to receive a response from their ticket support, you have to wait more than 3 to 5 days, I think nobody would like to waste 3 days to get a reply. Stay away with WebHostingPad is your best choice!

2. Mochahost

Mochahost is another scam web hosting company who has opened a top 10 web hosting reviews website to recommend themselves. You can find “” has placed Mochahost as the NO.1 web hosting, if you’ve done a bit more research, you can find the owner of “” is, there are more than 85% people are hating the company. Mochahost is also very cheap for the first year, the cheapest Mochahost windows web hosting starts from $2.99 per month, most of web developers are scammed by their own web hosting reviews website. Keep distance off Mochahost is your best choice!

3. iPage

iPage is sucks? Yes, in our reviews, iPage is another sucks web hosting you’ve to pay attention. iPage launched business in 1996, but the web hosting company was already shut up in 2002, the domain “” was purchased by EIG Group in 2009 and iPage was relaunched since then. Are you familiar with EIG? EIG (Enduarance International Group) is a very rich international company, they’ve acquired more than 20 very famous web hosting companies and now they’re already hosting more than 1 million websites in the industry. If you’ve heard about EIG before, I think nobody would like to have business with them, since they just think about money, never caring about the benefits of their customers. You can try to search “EIG iPage” on the Google and you’ll find what I said is absolutely true.

4. iPower

iPower had been a very good web hosting company before they sold to EIG company. iPower started business since 1997 and they were acquired by EIG in 2007 year, since then, iPower dropped from the heaven to the hell. Compared from their customer feedbacks, there are more than 78% of their customers are not satisfied with their web hosting service.

5. EasyCGI

EasyCGI had been a very famous windows web hosting company before they sold out to EIG company. Most of the web developers should be familiar with the company, EasyCGI was acquired by EIG in 2007 year and there are thousands of websites are down during the server migration. The more worse they don’t have website backups and you can imagine, how sucks they are.

6. StartLogic

StartLogic is another brand owned by EIG company. Why EIG sucks? EIG is a privately offered fund group and when they spend large amounts of money to acquire one hosting company, they’ve to make money back as soon as possible. How to make money back? They’re only able to earn cash from their original customers. If you’re a customer of EIG company, you may find their renewal price is much higher than their initial web hosting price. If you don’t want to use their web hosting service, you still have to pay $35 cancellation fee. A good web hosting won’t force the customers to pay a cancellation fee.

7. VodaHost

VodaHost is another sucks web hosting company who’s not owned by EIG. At the beginning, Vodahost only offered one single web hosting plan, now they can provide shared hosting, VPS and dedicated server solutions to the web developers. Compared from the customer feedbacks about Vodahost, there are more than 70% of their customers are not happy with their hosting service. If you’re looking for a best web hosting, then Vodahost is not your good choice.


Avahost is a small web hosting company and I think they’re only a reseller of the other hosting company. Their support response is damn slowly and you can find there are lots of complaints about their web hosting service on the internet. You can try to search “Avahost sucks”,” Avahost complaints” and you’ll find there are numerous complaints about the hosting company.

9. Network Solutions

Network Solutions is a famous domain name registrar and now they also provide web hosting service. I admit they’re a very good domain name registrar and you can find there are many famous websites are choosing them as their domain registration service provider, but honestly speaking, their web hosting service is real sucks.

10. WebHost4Life

Webhost4life was acquired by EIG in the early of 2010 year. WebHost4Life had been a very famous web hosting company in the industry, I remembered the Alexa rank of Webhost4life was about 8000 before they sold out, now their Alexa rank was dropped to 20,000, you can imagine how many customers they’ve lost. You can try to search a bit more on the internet and you’ll find there are too many issues during Webhost4life transition.


After reading the topic, I think you should have a clear thought about these companies. Of course, no one company can receive 100% customer satisfaction, but a good web hosting company should have at least 85% customer satisfaction and they’ve to understand what’s the need of customers. A hosting company just want to make money from customers pockets doomed to be hard to become a great web hosting.

Who’re the best web hosting of 2011?

If you’ve checked with our top 10 web hosting lists, you can find I’m strongly recommended 2 web hosting companies – InMotion hosting and Arvixe web solutions. Why choose InMotion hosting and Arvixe web solutions? Since the 2 companies have received the highest customer satisfaction rating scores compared from their customer feedbacks and our independent research in the industry. You can try to use “Arvixe complaints” or “InMotion complaints” to search on the Google, you can find there are few negative comments about their web hosting service. You can 100% trust with our honest web hosting reviews and recommendations. If you’ve any doubts or further concerns, please feel free to contact with me anytime you like, I’ll do my best to give you a hand on the web hosting research.

InMotion is one of the most famous Linux web hosting company in the industry. InMotion cheapest business hosting plan starts from $5.95 per month and you can have unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and hosted multiple websites on one web hosting account. InMotion customer support team is also fantastic and their response is super fast, if you’ve contacted with their support team before, you can find what I said is true. InMotion offers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week non-stop customer support and they also have 90 days long time money back guarantee. If you’re looking for a business web hosting, then InMotion will be definitely your best choice.

InMotion Hosting

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Arvixe web solution is the other most reliable web hosting company who is worth for me to recommend to the new web masters. Arvixe launched business since 2003 and now they’ve become a leader web hosting service provider in the industry. Till present, Arvixe is already hosting more than 700,000 websites around the world. Arvixe offers Linux and Windows platform web hosting service, whatever you need, you can find Arvixe web solutions can be satisfied with your website requirements. Arvixe cheapest shared hosting starts $4.00 per month and they offer 24/7 live customer support, 60 days long time money back guarantee.. Even more, they can accept monthly payment web hosting service, you can feel no worry to host your websites with them.

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  1. They not only hide the fees, you don’t know about them until it’s too late to cancel within their miserly 3 day deadline. I had a 5 year plan, but I let them have the money rather than stay with them and wonder when the next hidden fee was going to show up on my credit card. BBB has thousands of complaints on them. Everyone wants to start a class action lawsuit because even the 5 year plan isn’t worth taking to court. What a bunch of rip – off artists.

  2. It´s been the worst experience in all my life work with

    My website had been out for 1 week they did a wrong configuration from there side and don´t fixed it for on week.

    I asked my money back, now it´s completed one month. they closed my ticket and don´t gave my money back.

    The billing support never reply the ticket about the money back, they changed the subject saying that they are solving the issue on the hosting and nothing else… I don´t know more what to do… if somebody have a suggestion please e-mail me.


  3. the F#*king mocha host company should b at number 1 in worst companies.
    cost our company millions in jst six months…..

  4. You forgot HOSTGATOR. They are now the worst hosting company of 2014。

    Yes, I agree with your opinion, because our website just moved out of HostGator last month.

  5. For a web page that addresses the quality of hosting companies, yours is the worst I’ve seen. You won’t go to the trouble of creating content that uses well-written sentences and paragraphs, which hurts your credibility. I am a technical writer, and I can’t stand to read content when it is poorly written. You will see more business drawn to your site once you bother to hire someone who can actually construct sentences in English.

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