Who is the best unlimited bandwidth hosting?

Who is the best unlimited bandwidth hosting?

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Unlimited Bandwidth Hosting

A Brief Introduction of Unlimited Bandwidth Hosting:

If you’re looking for a best web host with unlimited bandwidth features, then here is the right place you’ve found on the Internet and our editors would like to recommend several best web hosts with best prices to you. If you like this post, welcome to follow us on Twitter or share this article with your friends.

Is “Unlimited” a real true business?

An “Unlimited” web host refers to there’s no restriction for the customers to use web space and bandwidth in the hosting accounts.

To be honest, the “Unlimited” is always too good to be true. Why? Nowadays, you’re easily to find a web host says that they’re offering unlimited disk space or unlimited bandwidth at a very cheap price. Why there are so many web hosts have the confidence to provide unlimited disk space or bandwidth to customers? Obviously, most of the users don’t need much web space or bandwidth to run their websites. When a company finds other competitors are offering unlimited features, they’ve to provide the same features to maintain competition. That’s why more and more companies join the camp of unlimited web hosts.

How to choose a best web host with unlimited features?

A cheap web host should be affordable and the price should be under $10 a month (normally less than $5.00/mo.). The cheap web hosting service is a perfect solution for everybody to set up their own personal websites or business websites. Our editors have spent much time on the Internet to find and investigate the most reliable web hosts with best price. And here you can find a list of affordable web hosts selected by our editors. These 3 web hosts are all offering unlimited features in their shared hosting services and Arvixe is honored to be the best one based on its top-notch performance, cutting-edge technology, rock solid facility, efficient customer support and excellent reputation among online communities and forum websites.

Who’s the best unlimited bandwidth web hosting provider?

To choose a best web host is not an easy task, since there are thousands of different companies world-wide. If you’re a new beginner, it’s real easy to drop into a trap made by those fraud websites. All of our editors are having at least 5 years of reviewing web hosts and we understand how to choose a right web host for web developers and designers.

Arvixe is selected to be the best unlimited bandwidth hosting company, one of the most important reasons is that the company always concerns what customer needs and continuously updates their web servers regularly to maintain competitive advantages.

Our review website has been running fairly good in the past five years. As a real user of Arvixe, we do have the confidence to recommend this company to every other. No matter what you need for your websites, Arvixe is always able to meet your requirements. Furthermore, we did have received many feedbacks and comments from their existing customers, almost all of those reviews delivered by their customers have given Arvixe very good reviews.

Arvixe Unlimited Bandwidth
1. Arvixe Inc. – Best Unlimited Bandwidth Hosting Overall

As a leading web hosting service provider, Arvixe Inc. has been offering superior service to hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers over 11 years. All of their shared hosting packages include unlimited disk space, unlimited monthly bandwidth, unlimited MySQL databases and unlimited Email accounts. Arvixe is such a company that offers both Linux and Windows operation systems. No matter you need for running a PHP or .Net website, Arvixe is always able to meet your demands. At present, Arvixe operates 2 world-class level data centers located in Europe and United States; you can choose any one of them to host your websites. All of their technical support is located in California, USA and you can easily contact their support team via online live chat, toll-free telephone and Email. Arvixe also has a guarantee of 99.9% uptime and 60-Day money back. If you find their web hosting service is not that good as you expect, just feel free to submit a ticket to their billing department to get refund during the free trial period (Read review).

InMotion Unlimited Bandwidth
2. InMotion – Best Business Hosting With Unlimited Bandwidth!

Best Business Hosting With Unlimited Bandwidth! InMotion is the other most reliable unlimited bandwidth hosting provider with affordable price. As an industrial leader of web hosting service, InMotion has been providing quality web hosting solutions to over 1 million domain names and websites since 2001. You can easily find their logo on the Internet, because the company does have a very good reputation world-wide. Their most popular shared hosting package starts from as low as $5.95 a month featuring unlimited web space, unlimited monthly data transfer and multiple MySQL databases. All of their hosting packages include 99.9% uptime and 90 days long time money back guarantee (Read review).

HostGator Unlimited Bandwidth
3. HostGator – 25% Off Unlimited Hosting Coupon “Today25Off”

As one of the largest Linux-based web hosting company in the industry, HostGator has been offering superior web hosting service to over 9 million websites with over 2 million separated customers world-wide. HostGator is also a green-power web host that always cares about the living environment around. Currently, HostGator offers 3 levels of shared hosting packages and its cheapest hosting package starts from as low as $4.95 a month featuring many unlimited features, 4,500+ free website templates, free CDN, Attracta SEO, etc. All of their technicians are based in United States and you can easily contact their technicians through live chat, toll-free phone and ticket system (Read review).

Bluehost Unlimited Bandwidth
4. Bluehost – Unbiased Unlimited Bandwidth Cheap Hosting

Bluehost is another reliable unlimited bandwidth hosting with reliable service. Founded in 1996 by Matt Heaton, Bluehost has been serving over 2 million websites in the industry. Their customers are coming from every corner of the planet, covering four continents and over 180+ different countries and regions. Bluehost always offered only 1 single but powerful Linux shared hosting package to customers in the past, now they’re also offering reseller hosting, VPS and dedicated servers to meet the needs of advanced clients (Read review).

HostMonster Unlimited Bandwidth 5. HostMonster – Same Web Hosting With Bluehost!HostMonster is a sister web hosting company with Bluehost and you may have found most of their web hosting features are similar the same. In the mid of 2012, both HostMonster and Bluehost were acquired by Endurance International Group (EIG). Because EIG has a very notorious reputation among online communities and forum websites, our editors don’t recommend the 2 web hosts as your first hosting choice. If you’re looking for a reliable unlimited bandwidth hosting with budget cost, we do recommend that you may check with Arvixe web solutions or InMotion hosting first (Read review).

Is unlimited bandwidth hosting service real?

You may find there are so many web hosting companies offer unlimited bandwidth in the shared hosting, is it true? Okay, I don’t think so. The cheap web hosting is only available for the web masters whose website doesn’t need too much server resources, if your websites are having lots of visitors, and then the cheap web hosting should not be your choice. Since the web hosting companies understand most of the web masters don’t need too much bandwidth and they have the courage to offer unlimited bandwidth for the shared hosting.

Are there any coupon codes available for these unlimited bandwidth web hosts?

Yes, if you’d like to select Arvixe web solutions, you can use the coupon code “WH4L” to get up to 30% discount for the first unlimited hosting account. If you’d like to choose HostGator INC web hosting, you can use the coupon code “Today25Off” to sign up for the first month order, there’s no coupon code for Bluehost and HostMonster web hosting.

Do you have any other recommendations?

If you’ve encountered any other reliable cheap web hosting with unlimited bandwidth, welcome to share your opinions and I’ll add it to the post.

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