Vodahost Coupon, Vodahost Coupon Code 2015

Vodahost Coupon, Vodahost Coupon Code 2015

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Vodahost Coupon Code

Vodahost Coupon, Vodahost Coupon Code, Best
Vodahost Coupon – 2015

Is Vodahost a Good web hosting?

Hi there, before you opening a new web hosting account with Vodahost, it’s lucky you’ve found this page. Compared from the Vodahost customers feedback and ratings, only about 58.9% customers are satisfied with their web hosting service. Any web hosts who’re having less than 70% satisfaction are not worth for me to recommend to new web developers. You can try to use “Vodahost complaints”, “Vodahost sucks” or “Vodahost problems” to search on the Google and you’ll find what we said is true here.

If you don’t recommend Vodahost web hosting service, can you please recommend an affordable and reliable web hosting service provider?

Honestly speaking, there are 2 web hosts who’re worth for me to recommend to the new web masters – InMotion hosting and Arvixe web solutions! Compared from the feedbacks of my website visitors, the 2 web hosts can receive the highest ratings of customer satisfaction, there are more than 95% customers are satisfied with their web hosting service. Choosing a best web hosting is very important, no one would like to host their websites with an unreliable web hosting service provider, you can full trust with my honest reviews. If you’ve any doubts or further concern, you can easily contact with me via my email “webhost4lifereview@Gmail.com” and I’ll reply you back as soon as possible.

InMotion hosting is a leader Linux platform web hosting service provider in the industry. InMotion started business since 2001 and Till present, they’re already serving more than 700,000 websites and the new customers are still increasing everyday. InMotion cheapest business hosting starts from $5.95 per month and you can have unlimited web space, unlimited monthly bandwidth and they have 90 days long time money back guarantee. If you’re looking for a best Linux web hosting, then InMotion is definitely your first web hosting choice.


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Arvixe web solutions is another best web hosting in the industry, if you’ve checked with my top 10 web hosting list, you can find Arvixe web solutions is the No.1 web hosting who’s worth for me to recommend to the new web developers. Arvixe offers Linux and Windows platform web hosting service, whatever you need for your website, you can find Arvixe can be satisfied with your website requirements. Arvixe cheapest Linux hosting starts from $4.00 per month and you can use the coupon code I provide to save 20% cost. Arvixe offers 60 days long time money back guarantee and they can accept monthly payment web hosting, so you don’t need to feel worry to host your website with them.


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Who’s Vodahost?

VodaHost is an average recommended company offers Linux web hosting service to the web developers. At the beginning, Vodahost only offered one single web hosting plan, now they provide shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS and dedicated server to the different levels of customers.

Vodahost Coupon – 2015:

Vodahost Coupon – 20% off any Vodahost hosting plan
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vodahost coupon

Vodahost Website: http://www.Vodahost.com

Vodahost Features:

  • Unlimited Disk Space – Dell PowerEdge Servers!
  • Unlimited Monthly Data Transfer – Go Crazy!
  • Free Domain Name Registration & Transfers
  • Unlimited Matching Email Accounts
  • Unlimited Domain Names and Websites Per Account
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Dreamweaver Compatible
  • FrontPage Extensions & Dreamweaver Compatible
  • Affiliate Program Software included
  • CGI, PHP, MySQL with Unlimited Databases
  • Third Party Carts Allowed
  • Multiple Shopping Carts & Merchant Accounts
  • E-book and Digital Delivery System – Very Cool!
  • 24x7x365 Fanatical Customer Service
  • 27/7 Support Ticket System
  • 100% All Inclusive
  • No Hidden Fees!

Vodahost Reviews:

Couldn’t be happier! – By Rom (iraimages.com)

We run a small accounting business company in the United States. We had a pell-mell relationship with our past web hosting companies. One of the biggest which I’ve planned to be diplomatic and make their names removed in the industry. During the tax time of each year in the country, it seemed to be that a routing issue always occurred with our web host. The site loading speed real made us crazy. We always have new stats and new info that needs to be updated on our site, especially near the tax time. The poor customer support service and no end downtime are simply unacceptable to anyone. Vodahost has built our trust in the past 2 years. Their server uptime is over 97%, especially in the crucial time for our business, our website is still able to load smoothly. Maybe there are many other good web hosts, but we don’t plan to move, I know we can rely on them and I can honestly recommend them to anyone.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the best of them all – Norman (www.moneycreations.com)

Obviously, Vodahost is just the web host we need. I’ll tell you why choose Vodahost for your business. As a programmer, I have a lot of experience in many technical platforms such as ASP.NET, PHP and other scripts. With over 150+ websites under my belt, it is a fact that I have tried a lot of web hosts for varied commands of my customers. For the fist three years, I have been through hell, trying out web hosting companies and a lot of clients calling me in the middle of the night to tell me that their website was down. WOW, what a heaven in the midnight! Most of those hosting companies didn’t have 24/7 live support and even if they could provide, their response time needs 2 weeks or longer. But I’ve never encountered such bad nightmare with Vodahost, their servers are super fast and customer support service real made me impressed, and I bet you’ll never regret of choosing them.


From our visitors’ feedback and our investigation, Vodahost is a real excellent web hosting service provider! You may find their website looks too simple, but simple is much easier for the users to understand with their web hosting ideals. Vodahost is so good and you can feel no worry about your websites any more.

>> Please click here to visit http://www.Vodahost.com for more details!

vodahost coupon


  1. First off, I’ve been a vodahost client for six years and usually have some kind of problem, usually with email or publishing once every month. At the time of this writing they have decided to “upgrade” the server and I’ve been unable to modify my site for three days now. I’ve sent countless emails by way of their contact page and the last response from them was 36 hours ago and it was useless. I get confilcting advice from different tech helpers and they don’t respond !!! They didn’t warn me about upgrading to a “better & faster server” and I was in the middle of re-doing my site. Now I’m looking for another host provider. As mentioned, I’ve been a loyal client for six years even with the constant problems and would have left sooner if it was that easy. If you build your site using their software, “BlueVoda” and you sign up with another host you have to completely re-do you site from scratch….I’m very frustrated with them and even after just paying another year a few months ago I’m going to leave them in the dust as soon as I can get my site re-done and find another host…..their tech help is really crap. Everytime I have an email problem their first reply is always with a link to instructions on how to set up email accounts…..Do Not Use This company….

  2. I forgot to mention above, all the ‘good reviews’ above are non-existent sites. go ahead and try to open any of them, they’re fake, everyone of them. Vodahost can’t get “real, honest reviews” that are positive.
    I wish I had done more research about them before. As I write, I tried to log on to their forum and can’t so it seems they’re having some major problems right now (monday 16 May 2011)

  3. I forgot to mention above, all the ‘good reviews’ above are non-existent sites. go ahead and try to open any of them, they’re fake, everyone of them. Vodahost can’t get “real, honest reviews” that are positive.
    I wish I had done more research about them before. As I write, I tried to log on to their forum and can’t so it seems they’re having some major problems right now (monday 16 May 2011)

    Thanks for the reviews!

  4. Vodahost’s customer service leaves everything to be desired. They don’t answer the phone, they love emailing threats about their own billing errors, and when this is pointed out to them they are unapologetic.

    Their integrity leaves much to be desired as well. In particular, I put a link on my website to Google.com with search terms “Honest Vodahost Support Review” and they modified the link to instead point to a customer testimonal on their own support site. Because of this. I have changed that to plain text, but I think people will still get the message.

    Vodahost seems to think the whole world is as dumb as I was when I bought into their illusions, but Alexa clearly shows their customer base dwindling, down about 30% from 2009 now. Maybe it’s the competition, maybe it’s their customer service, but I am happy to know that people are finding better solutions.

    If you don’t care about customer service, and don’t mind having your site taken down due to billing mistakes, and if you don’t mind knowing that they may silently modify your content, then by all means, their actual webservers do a great job.

  5. They have bad customers help..i think they don’t know what they are doing ..i almost lost my customers because of lack of help to server problems…who wants to start hosting sites ..relax and go find another one..

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